Hi I want to be Onion Famer.
Hi I want to be Onion Famer. I've 1/2 Hectare land. I want to farm in 1 Hectare land. Land is near to river and there is no lack of irrigation. But I'm little bit afraid of temperature. I've heard that temperature should be 13-25 degree Celsius. But in my area Jan(2-21) Feb (3-24) Mar(1-31) Apr (9-34) May(14-33) June (16-32) July (17-31) Aug (12-31) Sep (16-31) Oct (11-31) Nov (5-24) Dec (0-22). Can I start Onion farming in this temperature range? and If I started onion farming in 1 Hectare how much ton it can produce? I'm new in farming. I'm expecting Your opinion, suggestions and experiences. Thanks and Regards