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1) Run the report for the1) Run the report for the date range you want (1/1/2009 thru today) 2) Go the "Temperature" section of the results and look for the "Download Raw Data" link under the Average Daily subsection. 3) Download the text file. Open it in Excel as a comma deliminated file. It will show you the temperature for each day. Your report would have about 2,015 dates (rows) in it. The average daily temperature is the temperature for the day. It is not a blending of days to get the average. Each day has a high and low temperature. There is no rule that says temperature recorded at exactly noon for instance is the official temperature for the entire day. Temperatures tend to rise throughout the day and then drop at night. Consquently, there is an average for the day that best represents the temperature for that day.  If you look at our report online it will tell you the average daily temperature for the entire range you selected, which is not what you want. However if you download the raw data you'll see what the temps were for specific days.

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