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We have been fostering a dogWe have been fostering a dog for over a year now. She is not that old maybe 3 to 4. She was found starved living in filth... I agreed to bring her home to get out of shelter to gain weight. Early vet check said she had no peripheral vision. Se has been here right at a year. Thriving.... the last several months she started running more and more into things. Finally she is not 100% blind. I had her scheduled to see Dr. Miller an eye specialist for animals. My husband got laid off the same week. Ive had a dog years ago same situation. After awhile another vet I worked for then she and I decided the only way to alleviate her pain was to remove both eyes... best decision ever. She was a new dog afterward. I need to get Roxy who is now my dog due to foster failure... I need to find out first can anything at all be done to save her eyes. If not and pain cannot be controlled I will have the same vet before remove her eyes. A last resort. It immediately takes the pain away. Roxy is not very old at all. Starvation is most likely the cause. As she is a mixed breed at 80 lbs. I no longer work for a vet. Roxy is spayed... extremely loved. The vet that preformed the eye surgery before on our other dog is willing to do it again for Roxy. I do not qualify for care credit. My husband and I can pay very little now but once his job starts back can pay more. He is a welder in a union. We have 2 children one in college one planning to go. We pay all his bills and some of hers. We own several other pets. All spayed and neutered. Even our rabbit. All rescues or I agreed to take my elderly friends 3 to be exact their beloved pets... they passed within one year all three. I kept my promise. They see a vet when needed but Roxy's situation is more urgent... any kind of guidance would be sush an answered prayer. I cannot nor will not let her be in pain. The other dog that went thru the exact same procedure... was a completely new dog after.

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