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I have a green house firstI have a green house first time this year. In our excitement for the garden we have over crowded the zuchinni and yellow squash I'm pretty sure. the raised beds in the green house are well stocked with organic soil, well watered, plenty of light, and I fertilize about once a month. The plants have overgrown greenery, and I did prune them once. They continue to produce big leaves, but the produce I'm getting is very limited, despite my hand pollination every morning. The squash have quit producing any female flowers, and the zuchinni is very limited also. The are so crowded that you can't help but step on some of the leaves and the roots(deep purple) have gone to the far edges of the beds on each side. I'm assuming this is due to crowding. Is it too late, middle of July in Albq NM, to pull them and start over?

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