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It could be that the littleIt could be that the little pumpkins aborted because they were not adequately pollinated. Cool or rainy weather will slow pollinators (was it cool during the day, too?), which can lead to inadequately pollinated flowers, and small, sometimes misshapen fruit that might drop off before they mature. Some more flowers might develop, in which case, you might try hand pollinating them (transferring pollen from the male flower to the female flower, which has a tiny bulge at its base). Also check the health of the plant--stress, insects, disease, extreme temperatures, not enough nutrients, too much or too little water, etc may cause developing fruit to drop off. The plant should recover from a brief burst of cold in the 50s/60s. When it dips to 40s and 30s, it will affect the plant, slowing it down and stunting growth. When you expect cold weather overnight, provide row covers or blankets during the evening to help keep their environment a little warmer.

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