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Where did you read in theWhere did you read in the Koran that females are not allowed in the mosque? This is totally untrue. There are separate sides for men and women and the only time they are not allowed in the mosque is during menstruation - which makes total sense if you think about the time period/sanitation of the people when the Holy Koran was originally written. I wouldn't want to be in the mosque with a menstruating woman in front of me at that time either! It's not sexist (like that guy was trying to be), it's just plain common sense. That being said, I understand EXACTLY what you mean. I wasn't born into a Muslim family (I don't think, I was adopted) but I always felt I was Muslim inside so I converted as an adult. My conversion was by myself, in a town with no mosque, like yours. I had no Muslim acquaintances because Arabs and Indians were pretty racist against black people in general at that time. (After 911 they became our best friends! haha!) Anyway so I did what others said: #1 don't make it so complicated #2 buy a Holy Koran in English and a prayer book with wadu instructions and learn the main prayer - its only one, it's not difficult or long #3 Make a padded prayer rug out of natural cotton material with no images of any animal, plant or place. Or if you aren't the type, buy a prayer rug, preferably not one made in China... just my personal thing. Why buy a rug produced by people who's official stance is that don't believe in Islam? #4 follow the directions using your books to guide you and pray every morning before you go to work. When you come home in the evening you can make up the prayers you missed. Use your books, and don't be embarrassed. It's better to pray in private however to reduce distractions. Allah will bless you no matter how you do it, as long as your heart is sincere. Also fast during Ramadam, that is obligatory and simple. Don't eat after sunrise and keep your fast until dark. Many people break it at 'sunset' while it's still daylight, the birds are singing and they are still sweating from the heat... I don't. The Holy Koran says 'from the threads of the day until the threads of the night' and that's not 7:30pm!

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