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Sometimes leggy seedlings areSometimes leggy seedlings are caused by too rich a soil (too much nitrogen), or too warm a soil (seedlings like it cooler than seeds). But more often, it is not enough light. If you are using sunlight, choose a south-facing window, and rotate the seedlings every so often so that they do not grow toward the window but keep upright; if the light is still not enough, supplement it with artificial light (fluorescent bulbs or grow-lights). If you are using artificial light, adjust the height of the bulbs so that they are a bit closer to your seedings (the distance will depend on the bulbs you use, but usually they are positioned about 2 to 6 inches above the plants). In general, try to provide about 12 to 16 hours of artificial light.   In addition, you can have an oscillating table fan on the gentlest setting blow air on the seedlings for a few hours each day, which will help them to grow sturdy stems (make sure the air is not too strong for them).

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