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We love peas off the vine!We love peas off the vine! They are so sweet we can barely get them in the house. Perhaps garden peas are the most different than supermarket peas? First, you may have noticed that peas taste wonderfully sweet off the vine but turn to starch very quickly. You want to eat peas quite quickly. Once peas are shelled they rapidly lose their sweet flavor, and it's best to shell then pop them directly into the pan! Another option is to freeze them right away. You would not plant this sprouted pea right in the ground. However, you can harvest peas for replanting. The trick is to grow them on the vine for a few weeks longer than you would if you were going to eat the peas. Let them dry out. When the pods are brown, remove the seeds and place in a dry, cool place until completely dry and no moistness is left. Put in a bag and save to replant in the spring!

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