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Hi, Tasha: You most certainlyHi, Tasha: You most certainly can grow watermelons vertically, but you will most likely need something bigger than a stick for each. Try to make some sort of trellis or latticework for the vines to grow on. Be creative. Maybe an old stepladder, for example, if you don't have a "real" trellis. Or a bunch of branches tied together. Our neighbor used an old metal bed headboard. Three rules: 1. Make sure that your support structure is strong. 2. Make (and adjust) slings for your melons out of panty hose, mesh produce bags, or the like and tie the slings to the structure, not the vine. 3. Use strips of fabric or some other gentle way to tie your vines to the structure and give them support as they grow longer/taller. Oh ... 4. Let us know when they're ripe -- we'll be right over!

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