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The number of winter squashThe number of winter squash per plant will depend on the kind and the variety, as well as the health of the plant, the soil, the weather, vine length, pollination, spacing, any techniques that you might be able to do to increase yield, etc. On average, an acorn squash might produce up to 5 per plant; butternut, 4-5; pumpkin, 1 to 3; others, up to 7 or more. In general, the larger the squash, the less fruit will form per vine (although there are exceptions). Check the seed packet to see if it mentions the average yield for that variety.   Some people do remove new flowers, or prune the growing tip of the vine, once there are about 3 to 5 good-sized fruit growing, to encourage the plant to focus its energy on growing fewer but larger fruit (such as pumpkins). Some don't do anything, and let the plant grow as it will. Your strategy will depend on whether you'd like lots of smaller fruit, or fewer but larger fruit (such as for exhibition).

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