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I am growing watermelons forI am growing watermelons for the first time this year. I live in Southern California and it has been fairly hot. I also have an irrigation system that waters them every day for several minutes twice a day. My vines are going crazy and I have seen a lot of fruit starting on the plants. I have just noticed that the fruit is falling off the plant when it gets to be about an inch or two long. Also, they are fairly oval in shape. Even at this tiny stage, they already look like watermelons with the lines and markings on them and they are staying green (not turning yellow or any other color) when they fall off. I have read the previous questions and comments and the only conclusion I can come to is poor pollination. I have seen many bees (even the tiny little ones) all throughout my garden and all of my other veggies and fruits are thriving. Could this just be due to poor pollination or do I need to water more or less? Thank you in advance.

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