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Did I witness a star die? I'mDid I witness a star die? I'm in Tacoma, WA. I swear at 5 minutes to 5 a.m.facing the eastern sky, I saw a star go out. About 9 inches north if you could measure from the moon, there was an isosceles triangle of stars, with the brightest one on the top, top being west/bottom being east. In the middle of this triangle was a star that I swear I had a tail pulling from the moon so it was traveling north if it was a comet. I tried to get a picture but my camera wouldn't focus on its dim light. And as I looked up current star map, I checked the star location again and saw it tripple in brightness and poof was gone. I was watching it for over 15 minutes before trying to snap a picture or id it from a star map. Was this a late meteor, or the death of a star?

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