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I was puzzled at 'Gas'Didn't think sarcasm was in your character Red, must be lack of smokey that's done it. Realised you were talking about petrol engines. My friend has actually converted his petrol sit on and ride mower to Gas. Propane actually. It works and is far more economical than petrol and for some reason quieter with very little exhaust fumes. My trouble is that I can't walk well so have to mow like you use a hoover, you know push and pull and then move on a bit. So it takes me three times as long as you frisky folk but speed isn't everything. Ask any tortoise. On my side wheel I don't use a box so the mowings get put back down and it helps level the ground( we have resident mole populations in the churchyard) and the mowings act as a mulch to the soil.The worms take them into the soil and the moles eat the worms. Nothing is wasted.

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