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I am growing my own turnips,I am growing my own turnips, and my turnips are everywere, the just recently started shining full force now., it was covered by dark grey clouds for weeks and moths. Now I have turnip greens and small turnips. I am eating them before hte bugs do. I pick them fresh, and rince off the dirt. Cut off the leaves and pinch off the green leaves put them in a larg pan with water to cover them and the turnips, let it get a rolling boil and turn it down, and cook till tender. I poor off the liquor, the jucie that is made from this combination into a glass jar, and set it a side to cool down, then I put it in the the fridge. I heat it up the next day to have with my lunch. I cook other things for lunch and it is my boil water from the night before. I put the cooked leaves on a thick paper plate, and put unsalted butter on top and eat the greens and the turnips. It is so good. Fresh right out of my own garden. My tomatoes are growing now, I share this garden with other seniors, I hope no one takes any. I love tomatoes with fresh mozarella, it is so good. And tomatoes are so expensive. Even my little dog likes my turnip greens. We can only water 3 days a week so I have to out at night between times and bring water in big plastic bottls to water my tomatoes every day while the flowers are blooming so my tomato will start growing a bulb of the tomato I am going to have, We have a water shortage. My turnips have Vitamine C in them I am so happy to eat something I grew myself.

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