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Always get to know yourAlways get to know your fishing hole and it's surrounding ecosystem. For instance, in a creek I used to fish in as a child the fish refused to bite on the night-crawlers we bought from the bait store. We went without a bite until my dad found a green worm in the creek bank. It was then that I learned to use what the fish were naturally feeding on as bait. Plus the green worms smelled really terrible, adding to the effect and imprint left in my memory. I see many posts remarking on the wonders of liver, and one recommendation I have is to use a snap swivel (or just tie your line back on each re-bait) and a treble hook so you can easily release the hook, thus sticking the largest center point directly on the hook post and position it so it won't just flip off on your first cast. Liver is good bait, and if the fish aren't biting at least you won't go hungry.

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