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A brief history of the sBGt Labs--RepriseRe: A Brief History of the sBGt Labs--reprise Posted by: ssandnaa (IP Logged) Date: February 7, 2007 02:00PM things I remember were several explosions (verification pictures posted by bump), the entrance of bump and jeannette trading bottle washing duties depending on whose sports team was winning, jeannette laying out throw rugs over the holes in the floors, which na fell down one of, discovery of little blue georgie down there in those tunnels in a water closet... the campaign of belinda for president, whith incredible PR work by na--anyone still have those posters?--the party name, coined by donna w, was the baloneycrats and mascot was a 2 headed llama atop a dung heap), judyann the piolet trying to fly an extremely overloaded campaign plane, and I think the crash of same... and the most recent expedition into outer space on star blaster's ship which had no instruction manual, and which, last I heard, had crashed somewhere extraterrestrial but I think maybe I'm behind on some details about how (and why) it returned. And where did that gigantic deluxe outhouse come in? and didn't rickyb have something to do with some hubcaps? some parts of this story remain vague for some odd reason. I remember that elsie wrote a manifesto or mission statement or something. There's a nurse in the preemplyment physicals office with elbow length gloves and the hots for stuie. no one has seen star blaster for a while and so we assume doc p has been sent to fill the spot till she gets back (tx ann, this latest temp agency is pretty good! where'd ya find em? umm, never mind)

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