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I will often proudly wear aI will often proudly wear a hat or tee shirt with the American flag prominent. I don't mean it as disrespect, but as a declaration of my pride. I don't think the Founding Fathers would disapprove of that, considering the sentiment being expressed, and the evolution of our societal ways. While I certainly appreciate and respect tradition, I think the "guidelines" should be flexible in consideration of the intent of the display of "Old Glory". I'm sure the Founding Fathers, or "rule" makers never could have anticipated the many ways Americans would eventually choose to express their love and reverence for our American flag. As a proud veteran of The Vietnam Era, I love wearing the colors and do so whenever and wherever. Also, the above "rules" neglected to say that when hung vertically, the Union should be on the upper left, as seen by the viewer. God bless America! Love it or leave it!

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