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Nutrients Tomatoes need that will help their growthTomatoes need calcuim and magneisum, there are two ways to get these. Lime ( I use the pulverized) will give them the calcium they need to help prevent the blossom end rot and other things. And Epsom Salt which can be used for two different things one magnesium and one for bug control. For Magnesium mix 1 TBSP per gallon of water per foot of plant height and either spray it on the plant, or place it in a container next to the plant to let it absorb into the ground to the roots. About every two weeks. The way I do it is take a milk jug cut off the bottom and push it in the gound upside down beside the plant, then put the solution in the jug and it will seep into the ground as it is needed. If you want to use it as a bug control. Use 2 TBSP per gal of water per foot height of plant and spray onto plant. This can be done every two weeks. If you want when you use the Epsom Salts as a food, you can also add some Miracle Grow in with it, which will also help

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