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A brief history of the sBGt Labs--RepriseRe: A Brief History of the sBGt Labs--reprise Posted by: TXAnn (IP Logged) Date: February 7, 2007 02:16PM Sheila, I had nothing to do with it--must just have been Karma or something--Doc P just wandered in. Stuie was the one with the hubcap, given to him by an old Maori pal when they were both in the Honolulu hoosegow to keep him safe from the Pineapple Princess. I think! And Shed 7 wound up on a street in Brooklyn in front of Fred J's house, some way or another. At one time, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and several of his friends were trapped in the tunnels under the labs--I think they may have been hiding from Nurse Rachett and her proclivity for giving extreme examinations. (She didn't have those elbow-length rubber gloves for nothing!) Another time, there was a large fire, something to do with a motorcycle gang. Cindi Salsa was the one who wore the red coveralls and the red-high heeled sandals. She kindly left them in the office desk drawer for Belinda--who almost broke her neck. Belinda wore the red leather britches and the gold llama-hair sweater and introduced us to red koolaid and fried baloney sammiches. You know, I'm beginning to get even more muddled than usual--I'd go take a nap but I'm afraid that dragging up all these memories would make me have a nightmare--the kind where you wind up eating fried baloney sammiches and red koolaid until you can't get the overloaded Labs chopper off the ground and have to stay in Big Joe's Luxury Outhouse for the rest of your life. You DO remember Big Joe, don't you? grinning smiley And we haven't EVEN got around to explaining Harold the Tig.

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