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I live in NE Florida and II live in NE Florida and I use native plants for a LOT of my landscaping. Florida has such wonderful native plants. The bonus here is that they are tolerant of our climate and care is to a minimum. I am in the process of building a privacy hedge at the front of our property using "Ink Berry" Wild Lantana. They naturally grow large and have a well groom shape and bloom proficiently all summer and fall long. My favorite of this bush is the berries as they are so eye catching! I also have Giallardia, or Blanket Flowers which are native. Year after year we are blessed with abundant blooms. Wild morning glories bless us in the late summer into fall. These are varied in color as I've found the pH, type of soil vary the colors. I love using the natives to bring me colors in every season. Now, don't get me wrong, I do have other plants in my landscaping, but it's the natives that I am most proud of. The trick to using natives is to be aware of their natural growing requirements. If it grows in part shade, plant it that way. If it likes wet boggy soil or dry soil plant it that way for happy plants that will reward you by growing to their full potential. I've been growing natives for over 12 years and love them!! The way I look at is is Nature provides so much for us that it's a shame not to take advantage of them. ~Nanette

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