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This was my first experienceThis was my first experience with topsey turveys. I have 2.I have a patio garden. At first I planted tomatoes in both.The plants started to curl up into the bottom of the turvey.I replanted both. Same thing happened again. Once again I replanted. This time one was tomatoe and one zucchini.I just let them do thier own thing.Not many tomatoes were produced, though season isnt over yet. The tomatoes that were produced are very large(not many- but Id be happy with just one). I had to make a sling for the branches. Once the branch breaks, its over.The zucchini is awesome. Lots of male blossoms 2 zucchinis that are very slow growing.Both turveys have produced majestic displays of greenery on my porch.I dont expect to get another growing season out of the turveys,as I dont believe they are made to last multiple uses/seasons.I will be using them again.I sit on my porch and compare zucchini plants. I also have a mistake/ rogue zuccini seed that has florished into a freak of nature it the corner of my porch.With the turvy producing so many male blossoms, I want to get a shepards hook and plant next years turvey above the ground plated zucchini. Figuring/ hoping the male pollen might dust down onto the female blossoms below(just a thought).Being disabled it is an awesome way to be able to grow. Literally no weeding, no bending. Id send pics as I have been photo documenting every week. Im very proud of my patio garden

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