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I discovered this by accidentI discovered this by accident a few weeks ago. I sip on a very large insulated cup of tea through the day and evening. If I use Splenda, it tends to sour quicker for some reason (hmmmmm...maybe stop using Splenda!?). I can slow down the "souring" by adding lemon juice or Real Lemon. Just a few drops. It works even better without the Splenda, of course. I can go to bed with a full cup at night and still be able to drink it into the next morning. The few drops of lemon seems to really liven up sugar-free drinks also. I don't know what it does, but it makes those nasty things tolerable when I occasionally "jones" for a soft drink. It is most awesome in diet root beer, but that is a personal taste. It's just fresher tasting. Mind you, just use a few drops of Real Lemon! Enjoy! :)

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