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An earlier comment statedAn earlier comment stated that these guidelines were suggestions, not laws. Well there are laws relating to the displaying of the American Flag. See the Congressional Research, Service of the Library of Congress, report by James Hall, Legislative Attorney, American Law Division. I is very explicit and is too long to repeat here ...But I will repeat one short paragraph. "All the states, at one time or other, have enacted laws relating to the United States flag. Whereas the Federal Flag Code does not provide penalties for certian conduct or may may not govern certain practices, state law may do so. Therefore, it is advisable to consider applicable provisions of state law, as well as federal law on questions of proper use of the flag." So in most cases the Flag Code is a guide and is purely voluntary to insure proper respect for the flag. There also is a section of the flag code that addresses the use of the flag in jewelry, commercial products, wearing apparel, and advertising. Ask at your Congress person's office for a copy of flag displaying guidelines. They have lots of information they can send to you. Now would be a good time as they will want to keep you happy.

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