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Greetings!Greetings from TX! I'm a born and bred Country Girl who's been transplanted here in TX for the last 29 years. Raised as a Farmer's Daughter on the Plains of ND, I've great gratitude for the land and all of its inhabitants. I first became interested in the Moon's effects several years ago. I raise Goats and one year, every single one of the males castrated came down with nasty infections. As nothing had changed procedurally, I began searching for the cause. Shortly thereafter, my Mom mentioned that the Moon was right to begin the Spring planting. It was then I remembered how my Dad and my Grandparents often would consult the Almanac. When I started investigating this thread of thought, sure enough! The Moon's sign could not have been worse for castrating those poor Kids! Since then I have always consulted the Moon's wisdom and have never again experienced that problem. Thus began my earnest studying and interest! Proud to be here, and looking forward to learning more!

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