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YB saw blue lights flashingYB saw blue lights flashing in his rearview mirror! "Oh GREAT!" Blacksheep muttered. "I TOLD you not to speed!" "Oh hush!" YB replied. "Make sure your hootch is hidden Harold!" "My I see your license and registration please? Just where are you heading in this contraption? Smells like alcohol in there, is anyone drinking?" "Oh my no!" said Mary Scott "We're just taking a road trip around the country so we can see all the beautiful colors!" Mouse chimed in "You don't know of a good place to eat do you? We don't know the area, and we're really wanting some fine grub instead of fast food" The officer looked into the van, saw the crazy bunch, and said to YB "I think you have your hands full bad enough without getting anymore harrassment from me! Head on down the road about 5 more miles, and you'll end up at the Cracker Barrel" As the cop walked back to his car, YB let out a big sigh of relief and..........

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