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My little MinPin is obese.My little MinPin is obese.:sad: Yes he has been getting table scraps. My Vet says NO MORE SCRAPS!:angry: I started walking him and to be quite honest, he wears me out!:tired: I am 115 and in good shape and am glad when he stops running. I tried him on my treadmill and need someone to hold the treat in front while I walk with him, he is way too quick to tie the treat up front. He's as fast as lightening and out races the treadmill and grabs the treat! :crazy: Now, he became a toy to a Rotti a week ago, actually he jumped the Rotti and got shook like a rag doll!:cry: His spine was badly out of align and he cannot wear a collar or halter, any restraint, but still wants to go for his walk, He's gotten alot better though.:) If I let him run loose, I cannot keep up and he gets away. We live in the outback of northern AZ and the coyotes may get him running loose. He cannot be trusted to be loose,ever! Any suggestions?

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