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Hello from Arecibo,Puerto RicoIm new to the gardening scene but i quite love it. I have my plants in containers and out in the yard.Growing now is butternutsquash, melons, bush beans, corn but died, i have a big max too, upstairs in my terrace i have beets, lettuce, honeydew and cantaloupe, okra,lettuce. My tomatoes were eaten by grasshopers so i took them inside now there starting to survive again after i sprayed them with the special soap for that.Herbs i have rosemary, dill, chives, green onions too. Im so excited to see if i can finally get to germinate my blueberry seeds and raspberry seeds. I dont know why they havent grown. I would like strawberries too....Here in Puerto rico it depends on the day, sometimes is hot others is breezy. I live on the 2nd story so is fresshhh and u get the smell of the ocean.Have big plans with my garden and most help and contribute to the earth and my pocket having fruits and veggies in hand.

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