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CantaloupeNot only do cantaloupe need a pollinator but several other things can prevent the flowers from forming fruit: temperature and watering methods being at the top of the list. Cantaloupes prefer being watered at ground level and the temps near to be at a steady 85-95 every day for a couple weeks will signal the plant to produce a viable blossum. Since most of you are writing your questions at the beinning of July, depending on where y'all live, the temperatures might not have reached the prime target for viable blossum development. The pollinators can tell by the aroma of the blossoms if the blossums are viable or "ready." Pollinators tend to have a keen sense of weather prediction and "knowing" when to pollinate certain plants. Bees especially will not waste their time with nectar that is not ready. ;) I bet y'all have fruit by now. Blessings!!!!

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