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Re: A Brief History of theRe: A Brief History of the sBGt Labs--reprise Posted by: Stuie B. (IP Logged) Date: May 18, 2008 11:05PM The inspiration for Harold came to me about nine or maybe ten years ago when I was shopping in our local Save-A-Lot. Alma M. was working there (I worked with her dad some years previously). I showed her a package of turkey ham and asked her, "Is this made from two seperate meats or does it come from just one animal.....and if so, what self respecting turkey would have anything to do with a pig? Pigs can't lay turkey eggs, can they?" Poor Alma, totally flummoxed! Tony Griffis (GT) and Jilly (BG) were both here then and they jumped in when I decided that the sBGt Labs should investigate the development of turkey ham in our secret Shed 8. Test tubes bubbled over, petri dishes exploded, bunsen burners flared, the local sheriff left for Florida, coils of glass tubing glowed, windows rattled, a repo man fled for his life, GT laughed, all the ice cubes melted, all the grass in the lawn grew ten inches in two minutes and BANG! Harold was......uhhhh...sort of born. Half turkey and half pig. The only survivor of the experiment. As time went by, Harold became Stuie's close companion, learned to speak, gained Stuie's ....errrrr.....uhhhhh....financial organisational skills, can come up with a clever plan at the click of a cloven hoof, and enjoys fine cigars. Tony left us suddenly a little over four years ago and I'm not sure BG is still alive. Next August's local American Legion Fish Dinner will be sponsored (and advertised) by "The sBGt Labs in Memory of Tony Griffis." his has already happened before. Local Chamber of Commerce people will be asking, "Who and where is this sBGt Labs? Who is this Tony Griffis?" Legion: "Dunno, ask Stuie." I'll be out of town on Operation Sunshine and Tony will be laughing in Heaven (Harold, have you seen my cigar cutter?) bye.....sb

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