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AnythingIntroducing myself... I'm new to the Old Farmer's Almanac forum. My name is Lana McCauley and I was raised on a farm in Southwest Kansas. After taking 3 years of nursing and having several different careers, I am currently an astrologer. Knowledge of the Old Farmer's Almanac helped me save my husband's life by moving his surgery 2 days. The surgeon wanted to operate with a Full Moon and the Moon in Scorpio. I said, "No way!" Surgeon agreed to move surgery 2 days after the Full Moon. 5 years later my husband is doing fine! The 45 year old young man who took my husband's place on that Full Moon, Moon in Scorpio, bled to death on the operating table. We are all animals, you cut us we bleed like all other animals. I specialize in Elective Surgery Date consultation. I also specialize in matchmaking for people born between the 15th-30th of each month. I currently live in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida. My website is: www.astrology-advice.com I look forward to helping out in these forum discussions! Blessings... Lana

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