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Time for me to get theTime for me to get the laaarge leaf bags (double-reinforced paper) and the huuge black plastic bags and once again cover my trees and plants on my balcony. My balcony faces north-east and the winds can be fierce even in a zone 6 to 7 area, in the Winter - they come whistling past the balcony and the plants are fair-game to any Nor-Easter that blows thru. Once they lose their leaves (I let their leaves gather at the bottom of each pot to fortify, protect and nourish the soil), my young paw paws, my 6 foot tall Ginkgo, 3 maples, fringe trees and blueberry bushes all get "The Treatment" I open up the lawn and leaf bags, and either place them head first over the tree or cut open the sides of the bag so I can gently wrap them around the tree -- the plastic bags follow,. I leave a space at the bottom for watering and close off the ends of the cut bags with large safety pins (heresy!!) . I even cover their pots - which are large rubbermaid trash cans -- so the pots have some insulation as well (to keep the roots "warm" and protected). The geraniums and tomato plants are indoors, in the sun -- maybe I will have tomatoes growing inside while the snow piles up outside??? I was considering using canvas again this year but the last time I used it, it unraveled and bled all over the place whenever it rained/snowed. I think my plants will be cozy this winter, on my balcony!! What do OTHER balcony gardeners in cold-winter climates do for their plants in the winter???

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