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I have had excellent resultsI have had excellent results by storing my carrots in slightly damp sand. As soon as they are harvested, brush off as much garden soil as possible and cut off the tops, leaving about 1/4 inch. If your carrot bed is really dry, it won't hurt to gently wash the carrots. Add a layer of just slightly damp sand to the bottom of a plastic container (I used clean 5 gal. plastic buckets with tight fitting lids). Add a layer of carrots, cover with more sand,then more carrots until the bucket is full. Snap on the lid and store in a cool place, just make sure the temp. does not drop below freezing. When you want fresh carrots, dig a few out of the sand. They will be fresh and crisp, just like when harvested. By the end of winter, the remaining carrots may have sprouted little hair like roots and some may start to put up leaves. They are still good, just scrub or peel and enjoy. This method also keeps out mice if you are using a root cellar.

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