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Re: ~>> HISTORY OF THE sBGtRe: ~>> HISTORY OF THE sBGt LABS <<~ Posted by: Stuie B. (IP Logged) Date: August 25, 2008 10:09PM Well, where are we now, in our "XII" year?! Tony (GT) or Jilly (BG) nor I would have imagined in our wildest, crazy dreams back in 1997 that this would hae gone so far for so long. I think the turning point, whenever THAT happened, was when the LabRats started setting and changing the story line, sometime after GT was enjoying the fleshpots of Honolulululu (yeah, Hotel and King Streets) while poor ol' Stuie was stuck in the jail there. Sometimes keeping up with the changes is a challenge, I can't remember how I got out of the situation when I was in the woods outside Shed 2 with the Lawrence Welk bubble machine that I bought from eBay! I'm sure the sBGt Labs will still be going well after my passing, the spirit of the LabRats will go on as long as computers are working and the creeks don't rise. And, yes, I STILL have my 1948 Hudson hubcap, I think I'll be needing it again soon if Nurse Gladys finds me!! CHEERS and God Rest Geetony! bye.....sb

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