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Moon Articles

Ever heard the terms perigee and apogee? Here is a quick definition.

Earth experiences proxigean tides—an extraordinary tidal range that, when combined with other factors (such as unusually low barometric pressure or onshore winds), can cause erosion on coastlines, among other problems.

For centuries, people have watched the sky for the changes of season and then celebrated with colorful festivals and rituals.

Our full Moon March 2016 guide gives you at-a-glance information: Moon phase dates, Best Days by the Moon, Moon facts, folklore, and more!

A common lunar puzzle involves the timing of moonrise. Folks who enjoy the outdoors and the wonders of nature may wish to commit to memory the words on the chart below.

Native Americans full Moon names were created to help different tribes track the seasons. Think of it as a "nickname" for the Moon!  See our list of other full Moon names for each month of the year and their meanings.

The age-old practice of performing farm chores by the Moon stems from the simple belief that the Moon governs moisture.

Can the Moon change your luck? According to Moon folklore, in many cases it brings good luck. But not always! Read on . . .

There are many dreams and superstitions about the Moon. Here are a handful to contemplate:

The Moon is rich in history and folklore, and to many sky watchers, the Moon is home to the gods.

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