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Moon Articles

We often speak of seeing "the man in the Moon." Indeed, an image of a face seems to be imposed on the Moon's shining face.

Ever seen a Moon dog?

When the Moon is low in the sky, a bright "false Moon" (a well-defined saucer of brilliant moonlight) may hover off to its side.

We never see the far side of the Moon. Do you think it looks identical to the near side that we do see?

The oldest (surviving) photo of the Moon is from 1849.

Will man ever return to the Moon? Until then, here are interesting Moon facts about our favorite celestial body.

Many of us have heard about the "Harvest Moon." Astronomers define Harvest Moon as the full Moon nearest the autumnal equinox (the beginning of autumn). Why does it have special importance? Read on . . .

Not all of the Moon's effects on health are considered negative. Some suspect that the flow of blood responds to the gravitational tug of the Moon.

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