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Moon Folklore of the Day

If one gets ill on the eighth day of a new moon they will die.

Last 7 Days

    As many days from the first new moon, so many times will it thaw during the winter.

    When the moon is darkest near the horizon, expect rain.

    To dream of a clear Moon portends success.

    Anything cut during the waning moon will not grow, including plants, hair, and fingernails.

    It is unlucky to see the first sliver of a new Moon through a window.

    Dreams of an eclipsed Moon are said to predict a contagious disease close at hand.

    An erect Moon is almost always threatening and unfavorable, but principally denotes wind. If, however, she appear with blunt or shortened horns, it is rather a sign of rain.-Francis Bacon, English philosopher (1561–1626)

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