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Moon Folklore of the Day

According to folklore, rail fences cut during the waning Moon will stay straighter.

Last 7 Days

    A fog and a small Moon Bring an easterly wind soon.

    If the new moon appear with the points of the crescent turned up, the month will be dry. If the points are turned down, it will be wet.

    If the moon changes with the wind in the east, the weather during that moon will be foul.

    The farther the moon is to the south, the greater the drought ; the farther west, the greater the flood, and the farther northwest, the greater the cold.

    If one gets ill on the eighth day of a new moon they will die.

    For better results when spring-cleaning, do the chores during a waning Moon (between full and new).

    In the wane of the Moon a cloudy morning bodes a fair afternoon.

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