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Promotional Images for Calendars and Books

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The following publication images are available for use in your catalogs, e-commerce site, or ad flyers for promoting The Old Farmer's Almanac calendars and books.

These are large color CMYK or RGB files separated for color reproduction in compressed JPG format.

The Old Farmer's Almanac Books Promotional Images: Cookbooks and Journals


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By Wendy Marzisnke

THIRD REQUEST for information on adding the Old Farmers Almanac calendar to our line. We market as Thayer Publishing and Cordial Greetings. You can view out website at cordialgreetings.com We are primarily a B to B direct mail company but also have a wholesale outlet.
Is it possible to get licensing to carry your products?
Please contact me via email or by phone at 388-8647 X48033
Thank you

Hi Wendy, Thanks for your

By Almanac Staff

Hi Wendy, Thanks for your note. We have alerted our publisher who will contact you. 
This is the first time we've come across this note, so apologies for any delay. If you wish to reach us again, please use the email: AlmanacEditors@Yankeepub.com -- or go though the "Contact Us" area of our Web site. Thanks!

Would very much like an html

By Dan Dougherty

Would very much like an html code to post a link to almanac.com on our website:

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