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Does it feel like spring?

For some parts of the country, we predict a very stormy start of spring. After you vote, please share more about your spring conditions below!

For a little spring feeling, send one of our spring e-cards to a friend.


49% (153 votes)
Not yet
51% (162 votes)
Total votes: 315

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Does it feel like spring

By Joe Resatz

Plum blossoms are out in full force,Trees filling in,usual rain with sun breaks here in Youbou BC,the infamous WET coast,highs of 12C most days wouldn`t trade it for anything.Spring has sprung,only had one small snowfall this dec.,lasted a day and a half.Forgot rhe robins & hummingbirds are back.

not yet

By briddog501

no way is it spring yet in north ga.


By Ednoi Carrasco

Why is it I get so caught up in watching plants grow. To see the little shoots coming out of the ground is so exciting to me. My friends think i'm crazy.

it's getting warmer and the sun is bright in Dubuque, Iowa

By Nancy Papin

temps are warming up and we're seeing more sun each day! Seeds are coming up nicely in the seed starter. Hostas and tulips are starting to peak up out of the earth while some ppl have early flowers already! Cleaning up the yard and garden in anticpation of getting myself dirty! :)

Little Rock, Arkansas

By Clif333

We had our first day in the 70's this week. Peas are coming up in the garden very nicely. Daffodils, hyacinth, iris all in bloom now. Redbud tree is in bud.

Spring is in the air!!!

By sheryl mosley

Its time to plant some seeds!

Spring in New Orleans, LA

By DarkendBlueSkye

Yep, its springtime. Even think I saw a robin the other day. I know by my eyes and nose that the trees are in bloom!

Snow every week in Northern New Mexico

By Brenda Trujillo 2

This has been the strangest year for weather. We are averaging about one snow storm a week since the 1st of the year. In the 60's one day and then the 30's the next.


By Millie Sellers

Whilst it is about 10 days behind the usual warm up, it IS Springtime here in Lenoir City, TN . Yes, the Great Smokeys had SNOW Monday....that is about 45 miles up out of this valley. We have all the Daffodils in bloom & the trees are beginning to bud. God is so amazing with renewal.

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