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How do you celebrate Father's Day?

After you vote, please share more about the father you are honoring!

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With a special home-cooked meal
42% (32 votes)
With a family outing
26% (20 votes)
With a Dad-only outing
1% (1 vote)
Nothing--this holiday is created by card companies
21% (16 votes)
Other--please comment
9% (7 votes)
Total votes: 76

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Father's Day

By GinnyL

We always celabrate at the lake having a cook out. While the kids play in the water and Dad takes them water sking.

My dad James T. Jones, Danville, VA

By bmwilcox@yahoo.com

My dad as many dads is and has always been the rock of our family. He has been the very example to his children of what being a dad and husband should be. He has allowed his children to grow, make mistakes, survive and most of all love. With his ability to laugh through some of the most difficult times in his life he has tought us that even in the darkest hour of your life there is something no matter how small to laugh about if it is only a distant memory of times gone by. This man is my dad and I would not change that for anything. Happy fathers day to all the true dads in the world.

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