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Will you labor on Labor Day?

After you cast your vote, share how you'll spend Labor Day (Labour Day in Canada).  See how Labor Day got started.



Yes, it's a work day for me.
26% (17 votes)
Not a work day, but I'll be busy getting stuff done.
35% (23 votes)
Nope, I'm planning to relax!
39% (26 votes)
Total votes: 66

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Working from early am till noon..

By Dijean

Hubby has to attend a MANDATORY union meeting about another distribution center's takeover of the company they supply to. :(

1/2 a day of labor

By wwpappy

We, My husband and I will be working from 8:00 a.m. until noon. Then it's off to visit cousins we haven't seen in awhile and cook out.

Labor Day

By Ida Mettlen

WE" my husband and myself" will be taking the day off. Will be sitting back, won't even cook will be going out to eat. Helping those who have to work.

having a garage sale!

By Evelyn Martin

hoping it doesn't rain because this has been the year of the UN-summer in Portland Oregon

Making a birthday dinner for

By Syndisue

Making a birthday dinner for my son, he'll be 25 that day!

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