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Poll: What's the best food gift?

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Pecan Pralines are my

By Amy Nieskens

Pecan Pralines are my favorite holiday treat. I will be giving them out to family and friends this year.

Homemade is the best!

By Feistyfdlr

Anything homemade is best whether it's cookies, canned goods, or yummy brownines, cakes or breads.

Homemade Fudge Brownies!

By Mat623

My moms homemade brownies rock! They're delicious and simple to make :D

favorite gift

By Nancyann

I have always loved fruitcake...no matter how much everyone else seems to hate it. My late Mother made the best and I used to sneak into the attic, where it was stored, to take small bites out of one. I know she must have known, but she never said a word, and when I grew up, she always made sure I had one for a gift.


By Catherine Boeckmann

I love most any kind of food gift--except fruitcake!  It's thoughtful--and comes from the home and heart.

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