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Poll: Observing the Signs of the Seasons

Please post your signs of spring! New birds? Budding flowers? We're interested in hearing what you observe. Please share your location, too. (Just comment below.)

Also, please vote in our poll. If there's enough participation, we've been thinking of creating an interactive map to show you how the seasons progress—from spring to winter.  Would you be interested in actively participating? Please let us know by voting below.

Yes, I'm interested in sharing signs of seasons.
60% (1574 votes)
16% (429 votes)
No, not really.
23% (614 votes)
Total votes: 2617

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March 17: This is my first

By vickilynn

March 17: This is my first year in northern Kentucky (I'm a California transplant). Just this week, the birds have come. A pair of geese are hanging around the pond and different pairs of birds keep checking out our porch for a suitable place to nest. By this time in California, the almond trees have already bloomed and my friends send photos from their beautiful gardens. The snow just melted last week from here, so no signs of blooms here. I plan on celebrating Spring this Friday with 4 grandkids and a picnic in the park!
Thanks for all the information on Spring on this site. I am planning a lesson for the grandkids on the Equinox.

Happy New Year everyone! From

By Jada M.

Happy New Year everyone! From Columbia, MO! I just noticed that the days have started getting longer already, we have had such a mild winter here so far. Some very cold days here recently but I don't think temps have gone much below zero. Also have only had a couple of dustings, no big snows. One real slick morning a few weeks ago but it was gone by lunch. Hopefully the rest (next month or two) of winter will be as mild. Ready to post that I'm seeing buds on the trees!

Hi Everyone, love watching

By Bella Boo

Hi Everyone, love watching the wooly worms (caterpillars) when winter approaches. The winter season of 2013 here in Flagstaff, Az. we saw big fluffy beautiful rust brown colored woolies, they were beautiful and that was an unseasonably warm winter season up here in the mountains of Flagstaff, barely had to wear a coat. Only one major snow fall of about 17 inches. Considering we can get close to 80 inches of snow in one winter season I would think 17 inches is extremely mild. The ski resort in Flagstaff was begging for snow. This year, 2014 we have not seen one rust brown wooly worm. This year they are all black, every single one of them. I'm thinking the ski resort up on the mountain will be loving the snow Mother Nature will be bestowing upon us this year...ugh.

From Bloomington Indiana,

By Lori526

From Bloomington Indiana, I've only seen a few of the Wolly worms here and they have been a solid, dark black. Last year there were many of them around, couldn't walk certain paths without seeing them everywhere. Not only that but they were equal portions of brown and black. So are we having a very harsh winter this year or is this site saying that it is telling us what the previous winter did?

My adult son saw as he

By F. DeReimer

My adult son saw as he described as the largest caterpillar he had ever seen. It was in fact a pure black wooly which has nothing to do with the predicting of coming weather. All scientific study says if anything it may have more ties to previous seasons.

According to folklore, the

By Almanac Staff

According to folklore, the more brown a woolly worm has, the milder the upcoming winter. An all-black woolly worm predicts a harsh winter to come. Scientific experiments, however, suggest that the coloration of a woolly worm has more to do with age of the caterpillar, environmental conditions when it hatched (such as temperature), food availability, genetics, etc. (For example, if you find several all-black woolly worms in the same area, they may have come from the same brood.) Nevertheless, people still have fun seeing if woolly worms that they find can predict the upcoming winter accurately.

My friend Jeff found a Wooly

By Venus Wilson

My friend Jeff found a Wooly Bear I our apartment development and brought him. I was so happy and excited to play with her. We placed a clear but sizable container with leaves, branches, a rock and cap filled with water. She is beautiful and loving it. I hope she will live throughout the winter. I'm going to try locating more so they can keep each other company. We live in Delaware.

Whether you take the Wooly

By mel mar

Whether you take the Wooly Bear's prediction seriously or not, the fact remains that a caterpillar will have darker colors during a colder fall season so that it's body can absorb more heat while in the pupae stage with a lower amount of sunlight. Whether that translates to a colder winter or not is in the past data.

In the fall of 2013, on the

By Sandra Nix

In the fall of 2013, on the western edge of Georgia, my husband and I retrieved BASKETS full of the Wooly Bear Caterpillars from our pool before covering it for the winter months! The most we've seen in the 40 years we've lived here. During the winter, our area not only had snow, but had two snow falls and ice! Super cold season for us. This fall, I have not seen a single one of them, and we covered the pool in early October. I hope that means a milder winter for us. Also, not an abundance of berries on the trees and shrubs either.
Sandy N.

I've checking out things

By Jessicawil26

I've checking out things about the wooly catapillers and they say more brown less the winter but what if you find a solid black wooly

Here in East Tennessee at

By Pat Foster

Here in East Tennessee at near the foothills of the Smokies all our and our friends and neighbors catapillers are solid black. Cold winter? We will see and I think it will be interesting to see what happens.

I live on the eastern side of

By Sagimoon

I live on the eastern side of the NC mountains. All the wooly worms I've found this year,from tiny to large size are all solid colored. There's also an abundance of fruits & nuts this season. Local folks say that means a cold wet winter to come.

Hello from Iowa! We have been

By KrisS

Hello from Iowa!

We have been seeing a lot of the wooly bear caterpillars with a wide brown stripe. They were almost all black last year.
Winter was very cold last year so I am hoping that we have a milder winter this year.

The squirrels are also very busy gathering their acorns and such.

This is so funny you should

By MarianP

This is so funny you should say this because I was in Iowa this weekend and I saw a lot of them, this is why I looked up the Wooly Bear. I hope we also have a mild winter. I am in Minnesota.

From Ontario Canada. Noticed

By LynnG

From Ontario Canada.
Noticed at least seven in a group by the house orange section is wide. Looks at least half of the caterpillar.

From Ontario Canada. Noticed

By LynnG

From Ontario Canada.
Noticed at least seven in a group by the house orange section is wide. Looks at least half of the caterpillar.

I see you are watching wooly

By Firedome

I see you are watching wooly bears and squirrels.How about hornets.When I was growing up in western Pa the farmers said to watch how high off of the ground the nest was, Up high meant deep snow,down low not much snow.I'm nearly 70 and try to watch for them still.Seems to work.

I agree about the hornets'

By Nene61

I agree about the hornets' nest. There was one here high up off the ground here in SE Illinois last year and we had a lot of snow last winter. I am 52. My husband told me if it's high off the ground that there will be a lot of snow and he was right.

i have 10 arc and the wooly

By Cuck

i have 10 arc and the wooly is out in droves, I have been watching them and for the first time I am seeing all black, no brown, plus I found two next to the house, and they are pure white. I have lived here in mo for 23 yrs now, and I have never seen them like this.

Where are you Chuck? I'm in

By Laurie Matamoros

Where are you Chuck? I'm in northern Delaware. I too, recently saw a completely blonde wooly bear. I've never seen this before. Anybody have any ideas?

For generations our family

By morgan hjelm

For generations our family has predicted the winter weather by the type of coat the wolly has because they need a very wooly coat for winter to make it through. They see infra red and their little bodies know what they need to survive. The wooly has NEVER been wrong, urban legend or not. If the segme t is long and the bristle coat is thick and you can't see the skin it is going to be a cold winter. If long hairs come out of the coat there will be lots of snow. So far, wooly says a cold and dry winter in the northwest USA.

Summer is transitioning into

By Lydia Lopez

Summer is transitioning into autumn here in Albuquerque, NM . Fall is in the cooler air and the trees are reflecting slight changes in their leaves; I see a gradual yellowing and red in the leaves. The grasshoppers are desperately jumping to safety or are being left behind by the other insects who have made their cold weather plans.

I saw a wooly PNWest . Small

By kima

I saw a wooly PNWest . Small yelloworange band. We had cold winter last year. I hope it shows for this coming winter. Squirrels have been cramming food like crazy and some racoons this summer out in the day time. Thinking it will be cold. Also farmers almanac so right on. We had rain and cold now sunny. All right on. <3

The severity of the winter

By MommaL

The severity of the winter and length is based on the amount of nuts produced on the trees. How early they start to fall and how "full" they are.
It usually is pretty accurate. Also seeing younglings within the animal population, the deer and squirrels, etc. late in the season usually means that it will be a mild winter at the beginning.

I have been seeing a lot of

By Selina Masi

I have been seeing a lot of woolly caterpillars, very fluffy with large bands of brown and orange. It is July, so I'm wondering if its normal to see so many in July and what does it mean? Such as, mild or harsh winter? I live in northeast, PA.

Found two of the wooly

By Clare Jean

Found two of the wooly caterpillars with wide brown band in the loess hills in Iowa this weekend.

I found several woolies today

By Puro Pets

I found several woolies today in my garden...ALL had a wide brown stripe with just the tips black....I'm in NW Pa...

this morning I found 3 little


this morning I found 3 little guys,
I gently put them in tall grass. they had wide brown
middles and wish all well. 9-15-14

I also found a wooly one

By john hijeck

I also found a wooly one crossing my patio in windsor locks ct with a wide brown middle.

Me too, I think it means that

By kristym

Me too, I think it means that a lot of them survived LAST winter. LOL Nothing to do with this winter.

Here in Hampshire County WV:

By jcutler9

Here in Hampshire County WV: Crocuses blooming for a couple of days now, and Iris reticulata. of course snowdrops and snow crocuses a couple of weeks ago. Checked photos I took two years ago and then there were blooms in mid-Feb that I have not yet seen this year. The crocuses are a sign that one can plant potatoes and early greens. Yesterday I planted a row of potatoes, today is cooler and I probably will not do any garden work.

Woolly Bear Caterpillars in

By Twila Herbert

Woolly Bear Caterpillars in the spring???? I live in Callicoon, Sullivan County New York. For the past two weeks, I have seen woolly bears crossing the road. Not an abundance of them, but enough to know that my eyes have not been playing tricks on me. Never in my life have ever seen woolly bears this time of year. The first time I saw one, I thought, "Did I just see a woolly bear caterpillar in the spring?" Could it possibly be that it got too cold too fast this past fall? Could it be just another strange thing we are seeing in nature from climate change? I have tried finding an answer, but have not been successful. Thanks for your time and consideration to possibly reply to my question. Twila Herbert

Please stop with the climate

By Pam Reynolds

Please stop with the climate change. Global warming is not true. Emails and specialists have already verified this. This is something that is made up by Obama in order for us to play more in utility bills. Don't take my word for in do some deep research into it. Remember according to Gore all of the ice caps were supposed to be melted by now and the truth is they are not only still there but cover a much larger area. We are in a cooling period right now.

This isn't the place for

By Alan_R

This isn't the place for political misinformation.

Pam, please take your faux news dogma elsewhere

You republicans blame

By Steve Cronkhite

You republicans blame everything on Mr Obama. Get a clue. Climate change has been happening and verified by scientists for decades. I think you are the one who needs to do the research.

‎Thursday, ‎20 ‎March,

By Sia13

‎Thursday, ‎20 ‎March, ‎2014
Location: Crawfordsville, IN
Here the signs of spring are the squirrels are out running and playing. I can hear the birds song fill the air, and see them flying around gathering twigs, and other assorted items to make there nest. The trees as well as all plant life are budding, and starting to turn green. I can see people outside, playing, and running, and riding bikes. Over-all life has returned to the outdoors!!!

The Oregon Coast is defiantly

By Louise E.schintz

The Oregon Coast is defiantly alive with every single tree blooming and budding lime mad , all is alive ! Frog song is almost defining , bugs are waking up ,the laws have begun to grow with intent &new birds become visible with each day !!!!!we are well into spring !

I know spring has arrived

By umbarger2

I know spring has arrived when the resident Mockingbird takes up his post on top of the street light and sings his heart out. The Canada geese have started pairing off and sitting on nests, the squirrels are running a-muck, and the butterflies are dancing through the air. Deana from Livermore, CA

I live on the Keweenaw

By jeltez42

I live on the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan. The only signs of spring I see are the ice dams falling from roof tops and the days are getting longer. Oh, and it is starting to snow again. Looks like the nearly 5 feet of snow in my backyard will be here until May or June. But then again, this is a great place to live. We get 4 seasons here, Winter, June, July, and August.

I live on mid Cape Cod, and

By bonnie oliphint

I live on mid Cape Cod, and usually the crocuses bloom the last few days of Feb in the front sun-trap corner near my front door that faces east and south. This year they are just up two days ago, and it is only 13 degrees F at 7am, the big Canadian robins arrived a couple of weeks ago and birds stripped the berries of the holly within three days. I think birdseed is needed right now. Definitely more birds everywhere looking hungry.

I know that spring time is

By Unitas Gosha

I know that spring time is here because of the breeze. When you smell it, it smells like relaxation and time to yourself it helps you feel more soothed.

Where I live, it is about

By Gayle Warren

Where I live, it is about 3200 ft in elevation, and spring is definitely different kinds of weather happening. We have had some warmer temps for a few days, but now it is cold, about 28F, and snow last night. I have been seeing robins for a couple weeks now, and it always makes me feel so good to see them again each pre-spring.

I love the color of fall and

By JD Del Valle

I love the color of fall and snow

I'm in Green Bay, WI and we

By SandyJH

I'm in Green Bay, WI and we sometimes don't see signs of spring till late May.

This past fall in Chester

By Lisa M.

This past fall in Chester County Pa we had tons of wooley bear caterpillars crawling around. Overall they had more black on their body than brown. We just had snow storm #12 for the season. Maybe lure, maybe not, but I'll tell you that I'll be paying close attention to them again this fall!!

experienced the same thing on

By David Shencavitz

experienced the same thing on long island new York this past fall. I saw the largest amount in October, literally hundreds of them where ever you walked!!!

I had them too, here in South

By Cheryl Orlowski

I had them too, here in South of Charlotte, NC.

New York State here. Spring

By JTlove

New York State here. Spring will be on the way when the blue jays and northern cardinals that I feed throughout the winter begin to sing and sing and sing again. In winter they give a little call note but not until Spring will they fill the air with their beautiful songs again. And of course another sign of Spring is when I see the crocus buds coming up and beginning to open because crocus is such an early Spring bloomer. I love all the seasons and feel fortunate to live in a state that has all four seasons instead of just one long hot one or otherwise.

I know when spring is near

By Sheena Gagne

I know when spring is near when the air starts giving off a different scent, and the energy around you starts to change. You start to feel more energetic and your mood changes.

Ur right the energy in the

By Catey Dolan

Ur right the energy in the air really does change. We do feel different its a wonderful feeling. From South Wales UK.

The late winter birds are

By Nancy in nj

The late winter birds are singing a different tune. It sounds like they're as ready for spring as I am. Go away winter. I've had enough.

There is just a different

By River L.

There is just a different energy, in general, when Summer is turning over to Fall. Wellington, Co.

I know its truly summer when

By cindg

I know its truly summer when I sit on the swing in the dusk dark if the evening and see the lightening bugs shining. I alwsys give them my full attention

Summer is amazing and I can't

By a girl says

Summer is amazing and I can't wait to see it. I'm tired of yhe cold weather.

truly summer in the Desert

By oldguy921

truly summer in the Desert Southwest when I can shut off my hot water heater and still have hot water.

February 2 2013 in San Antonio

By Mil Ratones

Tons of butterflies of several sorts on that sunny day.

Signs of the Season in Central Florida

By PBolil

Yesterday, while on my knees in my garden preparing the soil that had been neglected from the previous year do to pending knee replacemant surgery..The most wonderful thing happened, my senses were awakened by rich smell of soil the sound of Mocking bird bellowing his joyous song perched proudly on our roof. and seconds later the most beautiful Goldfinch swooping down on the fence next to me and answers the mocking bird back with a equal joyous song..as I brushed away the mulch the most viberant green perennial pops it's hidden head from the ground as the seasons firt Queen Butterfly flutters past my tip of my nose.Then it hit me all once....SPRING IS HERE! I was humbled to see creation in all its glory!

Spring signs in Livermore & South Lake Tahoe, CA

By umbarger2

Greetings from Livermore (3/19/13). The Canada Geese are back and pairing up. They come back as a flock early in the year, then nature takes over in spring and they pick a mate and look for nesting sites. There are between 30-40 geese that nest at my work site annually. SLT - not so much activity. Light winter this year, but I've only seen one lonely chipmunk so far.


By Anonymous


Signs of Spring in central New York

By DizzyBlueBaby

Sighting of flocks of robins this past week, and have heard the songs of the red-winged blackbirds as well. Still cold pretty cold!

In Indiana, Spring doesn't

By jessebost7711

In Indiana, Spring doesn't begin until I see my first dandelion.
I love dandelions! The contrast of yellow on green-beautiful.

Sign of Spring

By iwannojunk

No matter what the weather "seems" to say, it isn't Spring until the dogwoods bloom. Large blooms mean an upcoming mild Winter... small blooms,harsh.

Signs of Spring

By ppope123

I live in Idaho Falls Idaho. Our winters are typically long and drawn out. We only get 3 months of warm to hot weather! I know for sure that Spring is here when the robins come back!

signs of seasons

By Anonymous

We live in Mid-Southern MN. & I've been told to watch for the ant-hills in the Spring, for their size. If they're large it'll be a wet Summer. Never payed too much attn. to see if they're right. But the squirrels in my yard tend to pile up walnuts by the trees & we're in for a snowy Winter. THEY are my predictors; so far they've been correct & We've been here over 14 Yr.s. I haven't seen any piles this yr. so I have a feeling we're in for a mild Winter. God Bless the squirrels! :)


By Anonymous

Here in West Virginia we look at the squirrel nests, if they are low in the trees mild winter. If they are high, harsh winter. They are about 3/4 up this year. Could have some bad days this winter.

My knees know winter. Ashley from NC.

By Anonymous

Although I am 27, my knees always tell me when it will snow. Without fail, my L knee acts up, then my R, always worse then my left. Two days later, it snows. If my knees act up more then once a month, there will be a lot of snow to get thru!

The Onset of Autumn

By cynres

The sky turns a beautiful turquoise blue. Big puffy white clouds create a lovely contrast. It's even better when fall colors are at their peak and the mild, comfortable fall winds freshen the air, making the sky seem even more brilliant. Birds are busy eating seeds and fall berries to fatten up for their vast journeys or the long winter here.

the canada geese

By Anonymous

if the breast feathers are white harsh winter . if the breast feathers are dark mild winter

signs of fall

By Anonymous

The oppressive heat and extreme drought conditions have finally broken and the nights have been cooler with less humidity. I don't know that we will have much fall foliage variety as there are several local trees that have begun shedding their leaves because they dried up months ago.

Signs that it is Fall.

By Anonymous

When Fall comes in, the leaves will change to bright colors such as orange, yellow and red. In addition, the leaves on the trees start to fall. Another fact about Autumn is, a large flock of crows descend from the sky and trees together and began to cover the ground. This color bound season also has its share of cold days, so bundle up tight! :)

St. Louis Mo.

By Anonymous

We have not had 20 min. of rain all summer long. Farmers have plowed their fields under in mid July. Yesterday we had a good down pour most of the day causing flooding. It has been above average temps, extremely hot all summer. Averaged 115 degrees heat index.

SF,CA .Kristin

By Anonymous

Yes, a chart would be helpful. We're already gathering seeds from the early wildflower bloom. Here in SF, we get spring, then summer fog, and then, thankfully, an Indian Summer till (usually) mid Oct. My backyard nursery is fully abloom. Peace and Love to all. K

Signs of Spring

By Georgia Baker

My daffodils are about 2 weeks behind everyone else which is ok because they are beautiful, right now. My Magnolia bush is also bursting forth. The frogs in our neck of the woods began croaking in February this year which is early. We live in the Willamette Valley of NW Oregon.

Willamette River

By Anonymous

Great to hear from the PacNW. I grew up in Keizer, OR. I love hearing what's growing now, there. The banks of the Willamette were my teaching grounds. Peace and Justice abide with you. Kristin

Signs of Spring

By Georgia Baker

My daffodils are about 2 weeks behind everyone else which is ok because they are beautiful, right now. My Magnolia bush is also bursting forth. The frogs in our neck of the woods began croaking in February this year which is early. We live in the Willamette Valley of NW Oregon.

Song birds and more eggs

By bjwalter09

song birds are returning, cranes flying over in large groups, and my chickens are laying more eggs again! southwestern lower Michigan

Signs of Spring

By Donna Winsted

I saw signs of Spring when Sandhill Cranes flew overhead in the 1st week of Feb here in Indianapolis! They're still coming, too! We now have robins and starlings - Spring is here!!! :D

Signs of Spring all Winter Long

By Anonymous

Here in central Maryland, we've had a VERY mild winter that showed signs of spring at least once or twice a week. My trees are now budding, the tulip leaves are all above ground, and the songbirds are singing daily. This week we'll enjoy a couple of days with temps in the 70's. Can't ask for better.

eyes on roses

By Anthony T Buchanan

It has not been too cold here in the Pacific Northwest, so I have noticed my roses have a few more eyes budding; more than if it were colder as it has been in recent years past

Winter is upon us!

By gardengurl

I am counting down to Winter Solstice because then the days start to get longer and spring is on the not too distant horizon!

Cicadas have arrived...

By duskie78

They are very happy with this hot and humid weather in NJ... this is the first morning I've heard them! The fireflies are still going strong, since the second half of June. I am seeing more and more butterflies now!


By Marsha Knatcal

We had above average temps over the weekend (91 on Saturday and 85 Sunday!), but it cooled off after a late night rain and it's gorgeous this week. Daffodils are tall and beautiful. Irises are coming up nicely and the trees are nearly green again. Over the weekend, I divided a large hosta, but didn't have time to replant them, so I put them in a bucket in the garage for the time being. I looked at them yesterday and they are huge! They are so hardy.

This new blog is a good idea. Looking forward to the many signs of the seasons in other places.

Road trip phenology Virginia to Lake Superior

By carlsondw

Wednesday: Monticello,Charlottesville, VA, trees blossoming.

Thursday: Shelbyville, KY, Kentucky is green! 9 AM temperature 72. Indianapolis at Noon temp 44. Trees not budding Central Indiana westward through Bloomington, IL, northward through Wisconsin.

Friday: Ice on ponds and streams, Wisconsin Dells to Minong. Mass migration of large white birds high altitude over Spooner, WI.

Trees budding on descent to Lake Superior Basin. Streams gushing muddy water on South and North Shore of Lake Superior. Temps mid-50's in highlands north of Lake Superior.

Saturday at home in Little Marais on North Shore. Morning temp mid-40's. Merlin attacking nesting crows and gulls along the shore. Birches budding.

Georgia Piedmont

By trishschramm

I forgot to mention last night that my hydrangeas are leafing out nicely and the native azaleas ar in full glorious bloom (wish I had a few). My own azaleas are just starting to flower. Butterfly bushes are leafing out nicely too. Monarda and lemon balm are about 2 inches tall and my monarda has really spread this year...the rain??? don't know why.

Springtime in the Desert Southwest

By Feistyfdlr

It was gorgeous here the first part of March and I planted several different colors of tulips while watching the trees bud and the wildflowers bloom all over the place giving the butterflies lots to do. Oh, how I love the butterflies! Then we had our first triple digit tempeture and I watched these beauties wilt. Now we get to enjoy two days of temps in the 60's and 70's before it goes back up into the 90's; probably the last time we'll see those temps for the next 6 months. I'm looking forward to re-potting my houseplants this weekend, too!

Georgia Piedmont region

By trishschramm

The pine pollen dusting is over, thanks to a week of rain,, it wasn't so bad this year. The scent of elaeagnus is heavy on the air right now and the butterflies are arriving. Saw 6 or 7 eastern tiger swallowtails today. A few early lightnin' bugs are starting to flirt but they're still high up in the trees. The fire ants have been busy and there's new hills every morning. No aphids yet but I brought some whiteflies into my greenhouse from a local nursery. One rat snake let his presence be known in my herb bed. Oh and tulip poplars are in bloom. Birds and frogs are providing plenty of music by day and night respectively. The dogwoods flowers are only just beginning to wan.

I was pleased to wash tree

By carlsondw

I was pleased to wash tree pollen from the windows of our van on Tuesday in Williamsburg, VA. No chance of tree pollen on the rest of our road trip back to northeast Minnesota.

I would love to have access

By Silentarbor

I would love to have access to a planting chart like this! Here in the Midwest I never know if we're going to get cooked early or have a late ice storm. Seems that the birds, bees, and plants know more than we do so this is a great idea!


By Lilly01

I moved to Traverse City, Michigan area and I am getting ready to plant my garden. I plan on Worm Composting and I can use all the help I can get!

Serious Nature Lover!-

By suzzin2

I live in the mid-atlantic and our seasons kinda suprise you. They are, however, beautiful in my yard. I plant nothing in my yard at all as every season has peri-plants that take over on their own. The most incredible are the 15 butterfly bushes. They get cut back in the late fall to around 10’ in case of blizzards and by late July are almost 16’ tall. Truely amazing butterfies of all sizes/colors along with large non-sting bees arrive late spring. Those bees are interesting as they don’t sting, allow me to move them from bush-to-bush and actually sleep on the leaves. They are totally independent of each other, yet hibernate together in a wooden post in the winter. Then, in mid-August, the monarchs arrive. They become the big summer viewing in my neighborhood. Last year there were over 80 of them that are all over the bushes. It is amazing to watch them. They stay only a month or so and are gone. I think my yard is a stop-over on their trip south. Both the bees and the butterflies make you feel blessed. Peace.

Signs of the seasons

By Daisy's Mom

I would love to see this type of info on a chart of planting times. Here in the Pacific Northwest we get so much rain that it is sometimes difficult to find the right time to set out plant starts unless you have a greenhouse.

Southeastern Phenology

By Gardener Ed

Most of the signs presented here represent the mid-west latitude. Here in the southeast we don't always have forsythia, and lilac, etc. I like to hear from Southeasterners about their signs. Like dogwood blossoms, hickory and walnut leaf-out, etc.

National Phenology Network

By Gardener Ed

usanpn.org is a place where you can participate in contributing to a national phenology database to track global-warming's effects on our environment. 'interesting stuff; especially for gardeners.

Signs of the Seasons

By Donna Winsted

YES!!! I would love to see a chart for planting times based on the observation of nature! This is LONG overdue! :D

Signs of Spring

By oldgoat611

I live in the desert southwest and our weather is much different than that of the rest of the USA. We have a short winter season and normally no frost. Our planting season starts on or about 12 February and stops about mid November


By Christine Harding

I live in the Pacific Northwest 80 miles north of Seattle and I plant the first crop of the season which is Peas, when my forsythia is in full bloom. I am so glad that you are doing this planting guide, I'm sure it will help me. Thank you. -- Chris

signs of spring

By jerry.l.litton

A Phenolgy map of Sping is really good. In it you can plot the sequence of plants and animals and also the retreat of winter which is what all this keys off of. Please do a map and see what it takes us to. A warming by temperture map would also be good to show what and when the warming stimulates activity. Don't forget the moisture importance in the conditions.

Signs of spring in CT

By Linda Pagliuco

Every year, in mid February, I look first (or listen) for redwing blackbirds and pussywillows. Within a couple of weeks, the peepers start their annual racket. And the skunk cabbage pops up.

Planting Potatoes

By Michael Robbinette

I live in the Mountains of Virginia, and it has always been said that"seed" potatoes need to be in the ground by Good Friday, I have always seen this to be true, as the potatoes are bigger and produce greater yields.

Tree leaves reaching full maturity

By robertmack

I can only speak for my area of Middle Tennessee, however my grandmother always said that by the 2nd Sunday in May, all trees would have fully leafed and all leaves matured. I have observed this to be true over the past 70 years.

The Dogwoods here in

By Judy Schadler

The Dogwoods here in Owensboro, Ky are late in blooming. BradforPears, Redbuds, azaleas,lilacs,daffodials, tulips have all been in bloom. Hopefully, this year will be a better year for gardening. A drought last year made gardening hard.

April 1 in Northern VT

By Amy Nieskens

Even though this area had a foot of snow less than a month ago, there was little sign of it. The growing season is getting under way due to the temperate breezes off Lake Champlain. In fact, the growing season is longer than other areas that are hundreds of miles south. No sign of much wildlife, although the fast and furious chirping of birds could be heard at dawn. In NH, I have seen many packs of wild turkeys, sometimes roaming in groups of 20 or more. It's a sight to see them high up in the trees.

April 4 from northern Chicago

By Andy Fox

I'm seeing red wing black birds. They started coming early March. Enjoy their song. The ducks are back, swimming around, too. Guess the migration happened despite this slow snowmelt. Heard a lot of animals--predators and prey--had trouble this year.

April 4 from NH

By Catherine Boeckmann

Greetings from southern New Hampshire on April 4, 2011. Still snowy here. I started hearing birds sing middle of March. Lots of robins. Folklore says that four frosts will follow the first robin sighting. Last week, I saw that our annoying chipmunk is back, despite snow up to my knees in our backyard. Argh! I also see lots of squirrels being active, perhaps mating. And the turkey vultures were at the side of the road on my way to work. The past 2 weekends, the maple sugar shacks have been boiling. I think it was a tad late this year? --Catherine B.

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