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How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Peace Lilies



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Peace lilies are one of the most common houseplants because they are so easy to grow. Most household varieties grow up to 16 inches tall, but larger cultivars can reach 6 feet in height.

Peace lilies produce white flowers in the early summer and continue to bloom throughout the year.

Note: Keep peace lilies out of the reach of small children and pets, as all parts of the plant contain calcium oxalate, an irritant and toxin.


  • Plant with an all-purpose potting soil and keep it lightly moist throughout the year.  
  • Repotting annually in the spring is good for the lily because it will need refreshed soil.


  • Keep the soil moist at all times, but do not overwater. 
  • During the winter, fertilize every 6 weeks or so. 
  • Peace lilies enjoy a warmer environment, so keep them in temperatures above 60°F.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight, but in a well-lit area.
  • If no flowers are appearing, the plant may not be getting enough light.


  • Brown leaf tips are common with excessive light, over fertilization, or lack of water and/or low humidity. Keeping the plant on a tray of moistened gravel can help increase humidity.

Recommended Varieties

Wit & Wisdom

In NASA studies, it was discovered that peace lilies can help improve air quality, removing formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide from the surrounding air.

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Missing flowers

I was given my lilly for mother's day and it appears the flowers were cut in the middle of the stem and its brown how can i help my lilly grow a new flower? And what can i do to keep cats away from her? Thank you

Peace lily and cats

I've got a peace lily from my Dad's funeral. It is a fairly small one. I put a terra cotta plate in a plant hanger, suspended it from the ceiling, and use it a shelf for the peace lily. In the summer, I put it outside. I love my houseplants, but I love my cats more. So if a plant is dangerous and I can't guarantee the cats won't get at it, I rehome the plant. Lilies are very poisonous to cats.

Trimming my Peace Lilly

When the blooms die, where is the appropriate place to trim them? Down by the base of the plant or just under the bloom?

Trimming Peace Lilies

Hi Brandy,

Excellent question! Trim the dead blooms at the base of the plant to encourage new blooms to grow.

Peace Lily Pod?

Is the Pod seeds that are at the inside of the Lily transplantable to making a new plant??

Basket of flowers with peace Lilly

I was given a beautiful basket of house plants including a peace Lilly for Mother's Day. Have been keeping soil moist and they look great. What now ? Do I separate them into pots or let them grow all together? How long will they live in a basket without repotting ?

basket of plants . . .

It’s hard to say what to do (or not do) without knowing what the plants are, but it’s probably safe to assume that they are bundled together to make a beautiful presentation. If you know what they plants are (perhaps the florist or whoever made the basket could tell you), you could search this Web site to learn about each one’s particular needs, in terms of light, moisture, etc. Sooner or later, one or another plant fades or reaches or even as the summer winds down (and sunlight diminishes, you will probably need or want to separate them. You may then be surprised: the plants might be in separate containers within the basket, beneath a “blanket” of decorative mulch or other such cover. Transplanting to larger containers may be required. It depends on the plant/s.

Sticks in my Peace Lily leaves

Is it unusual to see brown sticks grow within the leaves of my Peace Lily. They grow encased in the leaf stem. Thank you


I have a peace lily that the roots were riped off. Ever since the plant stays wilted. I have tried Miracle Grow and Epsom salt but with no luck. It has been almost a year now. I have it in the same place with my others, which are thriving. Any suggestions?

peace lily problems

You may need to replant. Are there still pieces of roots? If so, it’s worth saving. If not, you’re not going to have much luck. The roots are the stomach and nothing survives without a stomach! Carefully take the plant out of its container and rinse the soil from the roots and dry the roots out on a paper towel. Then place in a pot with new well-draining soil. We suggest either commercial potting soil with a lot of perlite added for drainage or you can add orchid bark mix to the soil which will allow more air circulation around the roots. The pot must have drainage holes so the water can escape. Never let the roots sit in a tray of water or you’ll get root rot.

dividing while flowering

I have a plant here in North Georgia that I have had for many years. It needs dividing again, but it has just begun to bloom. Will it hurt to go ahead and divide now, or should I wait for the blooms to die back at the end of summer?

Dividing Peace Lily

Hi Linda,

All of the plant’s energy is going into blooming right now, so the best option would be to leave it alone until the blooms die back. 

big peace lily

The peace lily where I work is getting really big the stems are long but the leafs are at the top like they should be but it looks bare toward the pot it's in, can it be cut back and if so will it have new leaves grow back??

Big Peace Lily

Nope you can't cut the leaves back like that to get a smaller plant.

You just happen to have grown yourself a large specimen and should be proud of your green fingers.

I have a spathiphyllu floor

I have a spathiphyllu floor plant I don't no what I'm doing wrong I'm Putin miracle grow two week n water once a week I have it on table n front window and it' my mom plant need to keep alive
I can send pics

Floor plant

You are probably over feeding it.

I have one plant which I have now divided into 8 plants after 8 years. I don't feed the plants every year I just add a bit of fresh compost to the top of each pot.

Peace lily

I have the flower bud can I start a new plant from that?

Making more peace lilies

You actually make more plants by division.

If you look at the base of the plant you can see groups of stems. If you take the plant out of the pot and remove soil from around it you will see that you can separate the different groups of stems with the roots by just pulling them apart. If you do this you can pot up each group separately giving you more than one plant.

Peace lily flowers

My lily flowers are green, I've had white ones but they are mostly green any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you Amy

Green Peace Lily Flowers

Green flowers may be a sign of over-fertilization. Peace lilies don’t need much help, so try cutting back on fertilizing to only once or twice per year.

Peace Lily Flowers are Small

This is question Received a very huge, crowded Wide & High, Lily Plant Nov 8th, 2016. I live in a place where all faces north & no sun. Well, I moved it maybe 3-4 times as it was so thickly filled with green leaves and no flowers. It some yellow black, whatever colors where thankfully these leaves had to be cut off. Made room and I tend to water once a week to 9 days. Suddenly, 7-8 days ago, I noticed deep in plant a bloom was coming up. I have spotted another one 3 days ago and today I have a total of four (4). The only thing I did maybe 3 weeks ago, I placed it under a large tiffany style lamp and keep it on 8 hours and blooms have appeared. It is not flood lights but the spirals energy saving ones. I couldn't believe the first flower and made sure 8-10 hrs of lamp light. My question is this, why is it that blooms are so small and not spiking up tall, but they are coming. They are down deeper within the large leafs but definitely not sprouting through the jungle, I would say. Whole plant trimmed by me that were yellowed or holes in leaf, whatever by me and seems that was the benefit to get it to bloom. Please advise what is happening and what do I need to do if anything. Feel I have nice blooms but I have to go between leaves to see them and not getting tall and going by the first one and the others the same. Thank You for your help.

Small Peace Lily Flowers

Over-fertilization could be causing the foliage-heavy growth you’re seeing. But, assuming you’re not feeding the plant, your problem might be light-related. It sounds like you have your lily in an appropriately lit area now, so it could be the case that your lily just wasn’t getting enough light before, and these smaller blooms are a result of that. Leave it where it is for now and see if your blooms are any better next time, after the plant has had a chance to really soak in its new lighting.


I bought my peace lily about 2 weeks ago and it appears to be wilting. The soil is moist and the leaves dark green. It gets lots of natural light – any advice?

peace lily wilting

The soil should dry out between waterings. Excessive drying out can cause the plant to wilt.

Peace Lilly with brown leaf tips and edges

I bought a peace Lilly two days back and Today its leaf tips have turned brown, I don't use any fertilisers and have placed it near a north-facing window, which receives bright indirect sunlight.... what is the problem with it?

Peace Lily Brown Leaves

Hi Mayur,

Browning or “burnt” leaves are a sign of either too much watering or of salt build up from chemically softened water. Since you just bought the lily two days ago, the more likely is the former. Let your lily rest by allowing the soil to become dry on the top layer between each watering.


Hello, my peace lily is healthy and came out with a bunch of flowers that are now browning and dying, is there anything specific im supposed to do? Trim them off? will fresh ones grow? right now i have 3 brown flowers, 1 completely dried up one and 1 fresh one.

Is there a special way to trim them off as well?

Trimming Peace Lilies

Hi Oriane,

When the flowers die off, pinch or cut off the flower heads while leaving the stems and foliage intact. In the fall or early spring, trim the stems and old foliage back.

Thanks for writing!

share the same plant

I would like to take the one plant I have and give part of it to someone else. Can it be broke down and shared?

Peace lily flower

Please help me, I have a peace lily plant that I grew from a cutting, I potted it & fertilized it & although I have lush greenery I only have 1 white flower which bloomed for only 2 months but now the flower is blackening, what should I do?

peace lily black flowers

Make sure that your pot has drainage holes so that the peace lily isn’t sitting in water. The excess water needs to be able to drain. Also, do not allow the container to sit in a saucer of water. Trim off any damaged flowers or leaves.

planting peace lily

can i plant a peace lily outside in southern minnesota.... please reply

peace lily outside

Unfortunately, you would not be able to grow peace lily year-round outside in Minnesota. As a tropical plant, it might do OK in Plant Hardiness Zone 10b to 12, but Minnesota is Zones 3 to 5. You can, however, put it outside in a pot in a shady spot with bright indirect sunlight, and keep things moist. Monitor and take the plant indoors for the season before temperatures dip below 40 degrees F. It is happiest in daytime temperatures between 68 and 85 and nighttime temperatures about 10 degrees cooler.


I just got a large piece Lilly and broke seed bud in half now white stuff is coming out . What should I do to make it better? And there are a lot of browning leaves can I cut them? Towards the bottom.

peace lily woes

When you broke the seed bud–do you mean the central part where the flower is, and it was leaking sap? Hopefully by now, it has dried and closed over the wound. You can prune off any spent flowers at the base of the flower stalk. As to the brown leaves, you can trim off any brown leaf tips. Or, if more than the tip is affected, you can wait until a leaf has dried completely, then snip it off where the leaf stalk meets the base of the plant. To help avoid further browning, check to make sure the plant is getting proper light, water, and fertilizer.

peace lily

Can i use well water for my lily?Do I have to use distilled water?

Peace lily

I wouldn't recommend using Distilled water... But rather Well Water that is bypass a water softener. If you have Well water you should have a spigot that bypasses the water softener.

Peace Lily

Can Peace Lily be plant outside in Nokomis, Florida and left without care?
We have one but are going to our summer home in Kennebunk, Maine and can not take the lily.

Peace lily care

Peace lilies in Florida are indoor plants. Keep your peace lily in a well-lit area, but out of direct sunlight. They do like damp soil, but avoid over-watering. If you can’t take this houseplant with you, you may wish to give it to a friend!

I received a peace lily after

I received a peace lily after losing a loved one in October. About 10 days ago it was over watered and started to wilt. It sat in water for about 3 days before I had realized there was excess water in the pot. I drained the water and have let it dry since then but it looks worse and worse every day. The roots appear to be healthy, the soil is still moist but not excessively so. I trimmed the dead leafs yesterday, however the remaining ones practically yellowed before my eyes today. It means so much to me and I would do anything for it to recover. It was suggested that I repot it in fresh soil using pot that is a half size up, but am reading that I could stress it out even more by doing this. Is there anything else I can do to try and improve the health of my lily?

Seeking Peace for the Lily

Hi, Mary Katherine: We’re so sorry for your loss, but glad that you wrote. It sounds like you are on top of this situation as best you can be. You had/have a healthy plant that flourished for at least 4 months. If the roots still look OK, then there is certainly hope. Peace lilies need three main things: indirect sun; moderate, sporadic moisture; and warmth. Has anything changed with those three things? If not, it sounds like it is still too moist. Leave it alone; don’t trim it, don’t touch it for a week. See if it starts to rebound noticeably. If not, repot, but quickly and carefully… then put back in the same place/conditions where it prospered before. Thanks for asking, and good luck!

Peace Lily

I am unfortunate in that I have a bathroom with no windows; the only light is when the light is on or when the hall light is on. I have bought a Peace Lily to go in my bathroom and I believe I can tend for it adequately, after reading previous posts, but we are away for 3 weeks later in the year and wondered if I should move it into the living room where the curtains will be partially drawn for the duration. Thanks for your advice.

Going on holiday

When I've gone away for 2-3 weeks at a time I've left some water in the bottom of the plant container/tray and have left them on my living room floor - the room faces East. However I have left the curtains partially open so the plants get some light. I still have the plants after 8 years. In the case of my peace lily over time it is now been divided into 8 plants.

The amount of water you leave depends on the temperature. If it's hot you leave more but if it's cold you leave little. Once you come back if there is any water left you must throw it away.

Lily's got the droopies :-(

We have had a large, beautiful blooming peace lily in our office for the past 9 years. It was a gift in remembrance of a coworker who passed away, so we really want to maintain it. A couple of years ago, I repotted it in a larger pot. Every year or so, I add Miracle Grow potting soil to maintain. Routinely, I cut back any old dying leaves and blooms and another coworker waters it when needed. However, recently, someone else began to water it also. It obviously was getting too much water and we've corrected that situation. BUT.......many of the leaf stalks around the outside bent when it was getting too much water and, four weeks after we corrected the over watering situation, they still can not stand back up. They appear healthy, just bent and hanging on the ground. The leaf stalks in the center of the plant are standing as they should and are healthy. Should I cut the bent ones back? If I do that, will it continue to grow and thicken back up? Thanks for your assistance!

droopy lily

Hi, Teri, If the leaves have died/turned brown, you can cut them off. If they are green and appear to be “alive” but merely droop leave them alone. If they are green, they may not stand up again but they are probably still contributing to the plant.

Peace Lily

I received a Peace Lily plant on 3/19/2017 and want to split it up w/my sister-n-laws? How soon can I do that? What about planting outside?

Splitting peace lilies

How big is the plant? Normally when you buy or get given plants they are small so they cannot be split until a year or two later when they have grown more.

In the case of peace lilies you get more plants by division. Each group of stems plus their associated leaves and roots makes one plant. However if the leaves for a division are small you shouldn't split the plant as you risk it dying.

Help with my peace lily

When my wife brought it for me, it had about 4 leaves.

Then it flowered, single white one.

Then the leaves turned full brown, within couple of weeks and I tried to care but no use.

Eventually, all leaves are gone now.
For last 4-5 weeks I have tried following

1. Gave it manure
2. Re potted with fresh soil.
3. Moved it inside from my balcony.

Small stem like leaf comes out of soil and then instead of growing withers away.

Lastly a single guy popped out of soil. I am having high hopes but then, today morning its tip because very thin and started to look like a folded tiny leaf.

I am worried, I am trying my very best. Is it going normal?
Is it going to grow up? Should I continue on the same path?
Please advice

peace lily

I have a peace lily plant that is over 16 yrs old,, when a stems die and I snip them off... now I have about 4 inches of bark as it grows higher ,,, when I add more soil does the new soil have to come up to the mark,,,, it blooms all year long,,,, when should I re-pot it with new soil??it has long been re-potted several times when not in bloom over the years... thanks for the infor


I find after about 2 years I have to divide my peace lilies. I can't just keep snipping of dead leaves and topping the plant up with fresh soil. As a result every 2 years the larger plants get repotted. Incidentally even if they are in bloom they get repotted - this is because I end up with a narrow weather window when I can do this - and they haven't died yet.

In regards to adding new soil you need to make sure the roots are covered and that means covering up to the "mark".

Help me keep my Peace Lily from my Daughters funeral

will it be ok in an area with no sunlight and what can I do to make it's not dead or dying it just wont grow I've had it in front of a window for about 3 years with the blinds half open I water it once a week from the bottom and give it indoor plant miracle grow on occasion....Please Help Me keep my Peace Lily alive if meant a lot to me

Some Peace for the Peace

Hi, Crystal: Yes! Let’s keep this peace lily going! Listen, if it’s not dead or dying, it sounds like you’ve been doing a lot right. Don’t put it where there is no sunlight… it needs partial sun, as you seem to have been giving it. Try changes one at time. Maybe try moving it out from directly in front of the window and opening the shades slightly more. See what that does for a couple of weeks. Or maybe move it and try closing the shades slightly. If no noticeable effect, try watering from the top … peace lilies shouldn’t be sitting in water (they would be getting a tropical rainstorm in the jungle). But it just needs to be moist, not wet. Ease up on the fertilizer. One other thing is that it simply may be rootbound and need to have both new and more soil in a bigger pot. But repotting will shock it, so if done, it needs to be done carefully and quickly. Yet one more thing is that it just may not be warm enough. There’s a difference between sun and heat. If there’s a way to warm up where the plant is, that might change things, too. The main thing is that you seem to have a healthy plant, so you don’t want to make any big or complicated changes. Try little changes and see what happens. Thanks for asking and good luck!

new plant!

I just bought a peace lily from the store and it is now in my house. It looks a little droopy. Should I put it in a new pot with new soil?

no peace with peace lily

Ok, maybe that subj line is a little strong. Do not transplant this lily. Moving it only adds stress: think about: the plant will have to acclimate to yet another new condition—on top of moving into your home. Keep this in mind, though: Peace lilies are tropical plants. They like sun, but indirectly; they like its heat (or any heat) more. Do not give it too much water; allow it to dry between waterings. These are lovely and can be successful but they can also be a challenge. Peace, to you!

Help me plant from seeds Please.

I have a lovely Peace Lily and many seeds from it. I would like to start new plants but don't know how to use the seeds to do so as they are many. Can some one instruct me as to how to plant to get new Peace Lilies to grow? Please help.


Why are the leaves on my peace lilly turning yellow

Let Me Count the Ways ...

Hi, Rhee: There could be any number of reasons for your yellow leaves, but most likely this is caused by too much sun, too cold a temperature, or too much or too little water. For peace lilies, it’s everything in moderation! Thanks for asking!

Help My Peace Lilly

I received an over sized peace lilly as a gift and have it in the corner of my living room near two windows. I've drawn the shades to not have direct light on it, keep the soil moist and now the leaves are starting to break and at the bottom turn yellow?! What am I doing wrong?

Is there a draft by the

Is there a draft by the windows? I keep mine away from windows and in an area where it stays around 60 degrees :) Also, I only water mine when it starts to droop :) GL

Frozen plants

Reading info on Peace Lilies, read comments on the "frozen" plants. Had same issue two years ago with African Violet. Poor plant would not grow no matter what I did. Finally remembered my Mom's favorite plant food. Miracle Grow. It is now more than 5X the size it started at. All my plants get, and so will my new Peace Lily.

peace lily blooming ?

when i gave my mother a peace lily it had beautiful blooms that lasted what seemed like forever. but now it has not bloomed for quite a while. it is a healthy indoor plant with sturdy stalks but the leaves have just a touch of brown at the ends. my question is how can i get it to bloom again since the white blossoms gave my mother such pleasure. we keep the plant in a window that gives it light during the afternoon. should i keep it in a darker place to promote blooms? any advice wolud be appreciated. thanks

Peace Lily Blooming?

Hi Norman
I've had a Peace Lily since October of 2011. I sit ours in an area that gets indirect sunlight only. The plant is potted and the pot sits in a bowl which I fill with water almost daily. I will often sit the plant in the sink and spray the entire plant with tap water from my well. Right now the plant is on the verge of 2 flowers blooming. Good luck.

Peace Lily

We were gone over the weekend and our furnace quit working, when we came home our house was 37 degrees inside - brrrrr! We received a large Peace Lily in October from my family when my husband's son passed away and it is very wilted! The house has warmed up but there is no sign of the Lily perking up - have I lost it? Any suggestions??

Peace Lily

Hi Mary,

It may have been just shocked by the cold. Don’t give up. It could bounce back. Tend it as you normally would. Beyond that, sorry to say, there is not a lot that can be done.



I have a rather large Peace Lily that I've had since 1997. It came from the funeral of my ex-husband's aunt. Poor thing has been frozen twice, but I managed to find just a tiny bit of green, near the base and brought it back to life. I love it. I've never been able to keep a plant as long as this one. My best was a Christmas Cactus, I hung on to for 10 years.


My mom received a peace lily at my grandfather's funeral but the temperature that day was in single digits and it seems that the minimal time outside still shocked the plant. Did you cut yours back or let it go?

I have had several peace

I have had several peace lilies for years, all doing well. My husband took one to his office, bringing it home occasionally for repotting, and it did well for a a good while. But now it is droopy like it can't support its leaves. The leaves themselves look quite good at the moment, but at the base of the leaf stems it is kind of dry and brown for about an inch or two. Is this the issue? What is the problem and what should we do?

Peace lily petiole

I've just read that the part that I call leaf stem is properly called petiole. So my peace lily has an inch or two of dry, brown bit in the petiole, just under the leaves/blades.

What should I do?

I have two Peace Lilly. When doesn't give flowers for a while (months) and the other I bought it recently, but some flowers are turning green. At the store the sold me a liquid fertilizer 8-4-5, but I don't think is the correct for the plant. It did't start giving flowers. What should I do?

Fertilizing Peace Lily

Green blooms are normal. As flowers begin to fade, they turn green, then brown. If you don’t like the green color, just cut them down to the base. You should be using a 20-20-20 ratio for houseplants.

Good for an indoor room?


We are interested in finding a air-filtering plant for a computer room. The room is entirely indoor, with no natural sunlight but with intermittent weekday fluorescent lighting. Would the Peace Lily be appropriate for this type of setting, or is there a different plant we should look into? Additionally, what sort of regular care would this plant require?

 A peace lily prefers

 A peace lily prefers sunlight but it will grow in low light and also under indoor lighting, if it’s on at least 10 hours or more. It prefers light for flowers, so the flowering may or may not happen, but the plant will grow green.  Philodendrons and Boston ferns are good choices, too, because they grow with no light. 

My ex-coworker and I bought

My ex-coworker and I bought one in 2012 around Mother's Day to spruce up our office (with no windows, only fluorescent lighting). I give it a little water once a week or so. It has gone longer without water, if I was on vacation or whatnot. If it starts to droop, I know it's been too long. It perks up very quickly. I have never repotted, though I should give it fresh soil. Just a few months ago, it started to bloom. We bought it so long ago, I just thought it was a plant with no flower...but it is gorgeous. It is not as full as other pictures I see online but very nice to look at and very low maintenance. It has been perfect for my office.

Don't see Lilly flower come up

Why don't I see the Lilly flower come up and I want to replant it

The most common reason that a

The most common reason that a peace lily does not bloom is not enough direct sunlight. Do you need to move your peace lily?  Also, make sure it is warm enough. They like warm temperatures of at least 68 to 70 degrees.

Peace Lily - just stalks with leaves at the top.

I was given a Peace Lily 27 years ago when my Dad died. In that time it has only bloomed one time, one single flower, 7 years ago. That's not the problem. My plant is now about 2 feet tall and the stalks are bent over and trailing like an ivy. When it got to be about a foot tall, I staked it up but it has still grown with long stems with leaves only at the top. It is lush and growth all the time, just only at the top. Is there anything I can do to encourage growth at the bottom? Plus I can't stake most of the stalks because they are growing "down". Can I just cut everything down and start over? Thank you.

Hmmm. We’re thinking, Ann,

Hmmm. We’re thinking, Ann, that the plant may be pot bound. The Peace Lily like soil with high organic content. Have you tried repotting it into a larger container? It “normally” sends leave out from the base of the plant…and it may be just too compacted to do so. Give this a try—remember to use highly organic soil, keep it moist (not sopping), and in a relatively warm environment—which sounds like the one it’s in !

We hope this helps!

growing and care of the plant peace lilly

I would like to know more about the care and growth of the peace lilly. The leaves have turned brown starting with the tips then the sides so I took it outside and was told to trim off the brown part. I have done that but it is still turning brown. Should I bring it back inside or what. I am really confused. Thanks for any help you can give me. It was given to me when my brother passed away so I would really like to keep it alive. Thanks again, Jeanet McCoy

Browning Leaves

As you can see from the many questions and comments below, browning leaves are a common concern. Bring your plant back inside—you don’t want it to burn in the bright sun or be negatively affected by cold night temperatures. Browning tips can be an indicator of over fertilizing or over watering. Cut back on both to see if the leaves start to green up again. When you water, really soak the plant. Then wait for it to nearly dry out before giving it another deep soak.

peace lily droops really quickly

Hi Almanac staff, my peace lily seems to need water way more frequently as it droops very frequently. I had originally placed it in an area with too much sun which burnt some of the leaves so I moved it to a darker spot in my room. The plant seemed to recover but now it starts to droop just 2 days after I give it a good amount of water. Is this normal?

my peace lilly is constantly drooping

I'm having the same problem and the soil is dry and hard note I just got it from the store 1 week ago

brown leaves

When our son passed in December of last year two peace lily were delivered to the funeral home. Afterwards we brought the plants home and they were beautiful. It looked as if you could sit and watch them grown. However, the larger of the two started getting brown tips and looking worse by the day it seemed. So I bought some miracle grow potting soil and a larger pot for the biggest one and re-potted both plants. Still the large plant continues to have brown tips and leave. While the smaller one it growing but it too have brown tips. What have I done to these plants? They were so beautiful and growing up until a couple of months ago, Please help I do not want these plants to die. P.S. I would like them to produce white flowers as well.

Browning Leaves

Browning tips can be an indicator of over fertilizing or over watering. Cut back on both to see if the leaves start to green up again. When you water, really soak the plant. Then wait for it to nearly dry out before giving it another deep soak.

Peace Lily

So I received a peace lily when my Dad passed away, but I always have trouble with the tips of the white flowers turning brown. I love this plant but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Please give me some advice.

Peace lily

I too have been dealing with brown tips and yellowing. I water when plant gets dry 7-8 day , I water until start to drain. Have them in a medium light, far away from Windows, I've been trimming and no luck.

When should we move our peace lilies indoors?

Our four large peace lilies have been outdoors - and thriving - all summer.
Current temperatures here in the Philadelphia area are still in the high 80s, but we are due to drop into the 70s daytime within the next few days. We hope to keep these beautiful plants going and wonder how long we should wait to bring them indoors.

Peace lily

Hello.I have a very healthy large peace lily only problem is that when the white bloom comes it never stands straight up and just droops and eventually darken and dies.but the plant itself is healthy and it bc of lighting or what? Please help

Drooping Peace Lily

Yes, lighting could be the reason. Peace lilies perform best with moderate, indirect light. When they receive too much light, the rate of transpiration is higher, which means they lose water quickly, causing blooms to droop. In other words, it is drying out because of too much light (perhaps heat) and it is thirsty.

Peace Lily

Just got a Peace Lily from LOWES, I recently topped it off with some new potting soil as well as fertilized it. Then I noticed new leaves in bottom and as they uncurled I've seen a few little holes on those new leaves as well as on the older ones where there were some with slanted tears. I didn't notice any bugs; worms or slugs excepts tiny snail which I removed. Btw, I also mixed some used coffee grounds with that potting soil. WHAT does this mean? Am I over fertilizing it? Or over watering it? I really love this plant as it lore on the larger size. Please advise....

Peace Lily

What you have described sounds like insect damage, not a watering/fertilizing issue. You may not be seeing anything, but many inset pests feed at night. Perhaps you can do some scouting with a flashlight in the dark. It is important to know the pest in order to determine a course of action. If you see anything, start by picking them off and dropping them into soapy water.


My peace Lily is turning black it is not the sun. How do I revise my plant.

Black Peace Lily

Peace lily leaves can turn black from over-watering, a too big pot, heavy soil, or if the plant has suffered from cold temps. Too much fertilizer can also cause leaves to turn brown or black. Check the roots to see if you have an issue with rot.

Peace Lily pot

I recently got a peace lily from my mom's funeral and it was in a small pot with plastic liner-repotted into a 16 inch pot-is that too big? Had numerous lilies but now some are turning brown

Pot Size for Peace Lily

Hi Sue,

Generally, potted peace lilies don’t need a pot larger than 10 inches. It does sound like too big a jump! Go ahead and put it in something smaller.

peace lily stalks too heavy for the plant

My peace lily's stalks are so heavy that they are bending over the front of the container. The stalks in back are standing up just fine. I checked the roots and soil; and the plant is not suffering from over-watering or under-watering. It's very healthy. How do I convince the stalks to stand upright?

Extremely root bound Peace Lily

Not too long ago i was given a peace lily. When i first recieved it, it seemed as though it was in good condition. Overtime i started to notice the plant would droop only a day or so after being watered. One day, I was holding up the leaves while watering the plant and it slipped out from the plastic pot it was in. To my surprise, there was nothing but roots present. The plant was EXTREMELY rooted. Mind you, i have never had a plant beforehand so i had no clue how to repot it. So , I asked an Aunt of mine who has been growing plants for years and she told me to detangle the roots and repot it in all purpose potting soil, water it down then let it dry out before watering again. The plant was in a relatively small pot so i transferred it into a pot more than double its size. Now the plant has new buds /sprouts growing but has yellow leaves, brown tips and is drooping immensely. Did i make a mistake by repotting into too large of a pot? Even misting and watering is not helping with the drooping. I dont know what to do and i love this plant. Afterall, it's my first plant and i don't want it to die.

give peace a chance

The peace lily sometimes seems at war with its caretakers. You did the right thing by repotting it. In the case of this plant, our sources recommend keeping the soil damp (not soaking! avoid standing in water); this goes against your aunt’s advice of letting it dry between waterings. (Truth be told, she may be right but our information says otherwise.) Keep it out of direct sunlight and cold drafts. Give it a general houseplant fertilizer monthly.

All that said, you also have to allow for its adjusting into the new plant pot. This can take some time (in fact, all plants need time to get comfortable when transplanted anywhere into anything).

With luck, your plant will recover. Give peace a chance.

Peace lily

I have apeace lily with a watering ball in it so i have reduces how offten i water the lily and now my leafs are truning yellow what am i doing wrong and why are the leafs truniing yellowplz help

Yellow leafs

My peace lily has several yellow leafs and all the white flowers are dead. How can I save it.

Peace lily

Replanted now it has yellow leaves!! Help??

My new leaf on my Peace Lily

My new leaf on my Peace Lily is yellow. Should i cut it off? It has another bud that's come up on the same stalk.

Peace Lilly is about to be at peace

I recently repotted my peace lily because it was not doing so well and I noticed that the plant above the dirt has broken away from the big bulb. There is a section of roots still on the plant and I have put them into the soil. The bulb is still in there also. Will this lily survive without being attached to the bulb? Will any more shoots come out of the bulb? Please help.

Peace Lily Bulb

You did the right thing to get the roots buried beneath the soil. If the plant portion has roots, it could grow, though there is no guarantee. Take a look at the bulb to see if it is still viable. If shriveled and seemingly lifeless, discard it. Otherwise, keep up with general care and monitor…you have a little science experiment going!

Peace Lily

I planted the roots beneath the soil. The plant is looking pretty bad. It is all yellow and shriveled. It's on life support. The bulb is viable, as in not shriveled or bad looking, but is about 2 inches below the surface of the soil. Can I replant the bulb and get a shoot to grow off of it? I have another pot I could put it in if it will grow. If so, how deep should I plant it, or should it be exposed at the surface? Thanks for all your help!


One of my rose bushes got blackish spots on the leaves. I have tried some flowering plant spray tht is suppose to work to remedy this. It didn't and now I have 2 bushes with this same problem. These are climbers. 1 is lincoln & the other is called angel something. I was told tht once a plant gets this, it can't be cured. Wht 2 do?

Your roses have Black Spot–a

Your roses have Black Spot–a tremendously difficult disease to treat. It won’t kill the plant directly, but it can defoliate all the canes, which compromises the long-term health of the rose. To try to get it under control: Remove all leaves with black spots (even those with just a few) and get any fallen leaves out of the garden. Avoid overhead watering. Ensure a healthy root system with consistent applications of slow-release fertilizer. Continue to remove diseased foliage. When it comes times to overwinter the roses, make sure all canes are completely stripped of foliage, and heavily mulch the crown (be sure you are not mulching over diseased foliage). In the very early spring, after the threat of frost, prune very hard (keep 5 to 6 inches of cane–that’s all that should remain. You want to start the season with entirely new growth until the Black Spot is knocked back). If those roses never perform well because they are compromised by the Black Spot, replace them with disease-resistant varieties.




Help! Accidentally repotted using plant food!

I accidentally used plant food instead of potting soil when I repotted my peace lily last night. Should I repot it using potting soil? Will the plant food kill it?

Repot Peace Lily

If you transplant it into potting soil now, it should be just fine.

Aging Peace Lilly needs help!

Lord, it seems like my grandmothers lily is a grandmother to all the other peoples down in the comments. It is 23 years and counting, but has been going through some troubles right now. We just repotted it last week on Friday, but the mother plant doesn't look too good. We counted over 10 saplings, not to mention 2 almost fully mature plants, all growing in the same pot. My grandmother had wanted it reported for some time before this, but I didn't want to do it without her guidance, considering she is the plant guru of the house. It took up four pots when we were finished. Trouble is the mother plant looks the worst. We reported it a few years ago, and then stupidly left it outside by accident, and some small sugar ants got into it, although I took care of them humanely, without danmaging the plant. Could it be that it's suffering from reporting shock? That's what I think at least. It's also had some yellowing of the leaves, maybe it needs more phosphorus? I dunno. Thanks to all

Peace Lily

Yes, it is possible it is suffering from transplant shock, especially given the amount of dividing you did. Chances are it will bounce back. Don’t change or add anything yet, give it some time to recover.

How often should i spray the

How often should i spray the leaves of my peace lily? house isn't very sunny so its always shaded just a little sunlight not much, and one of my flowers are turning brown?

Spraying Peace Lily Leaves

You’re right to want to spray the lily, as the brown discoloration could be caused by low humidity. Spray them on especially hot and dry days or anytime the plants might be getting more direct sunlight. Also be careful not to overwater, as this could cause the brown color.

additional info

It also only has 2 leaves left. Ive flushed out the salts n such as well as rinsed the root thinking root rot & potted in new soil.

Keep the lily in a spot in

Keep the lily in a spot in indirect light and keep the soil moist but not wet. The mother plant has gone through a lot and probably needs a little bit of peace and quiet. Hopefully it will perk up.

new life

Good news i ended up having to cut all the leaves & stems off. Now its starting to have new shoots coming up out of the sides of the crown. I havent removed it from the small pot for fear the new roots might break again. But i think its finally growing new roots since theres new growth for the first time in the last year & a half. So happy theres new life to it

Epic repot shock need advice!!!

About 1 year 3 months ago i had 2 new peace lilies that were growing off of this mother plant. So i repotted it so that i could seperate the babies from the mother plant. Ever since then the mother has been slowly wasting away. This is where it is now. I switched from using tap water (which i would let sit out to evaperate the chlorine) to bottled water. Ive had it for about 12 years. All of the other leaves had turned yellow & died. The rolled leave was the last new growth. Now its frozen in time so to speak. Its been on "life support" ever since. Please help.


So I've done quite a bit of research and found the likely causes to the problems I had with my plant (too big of a new pot for the new soil that has much more organic material, planted too deep and likely too many salts..) The question I have is regarding the rotting of the roots, that is, they were rotting from the crown down and yet the deeper/lower half of the roots in the pot still looked vibrant and healthy - why is this as opposed to the whole root withering (can the roots "tuber-off" and create new shoots)?. Also, I figure the crown is the one part of the plant that likes to be kept dry, is this correct?
Thanks for your time.

Peace lolly taking over the world!


I have successfully kept my peace lolly for about 5-6 years now, although my track record with house plants is not good and I've had to rescue it from the brink a few times! It gets bigger and I re-pot it, then it gets bigger again. I don't mind so much as its a beautiful plant. But am I doing the right thing?! It is now in quite a large pot which is 38inches in circumference and it needs reporting again. I'm going to start struggling to find pots big enough soon!


P.Lily taking over...

I have had a peace lily for many, many years, and recently found out that in order to keep from getting bigger & bigger plants, you just need to
separate them. Cut your main potted plant down to 2 or 3(or more if the pot is very large) of the main bulbs or stalks and plant the others in separate pots of 2 to 3 stalks. They make great gifts if you have way too many! :) Hope this helps.

Peace Lily Partial Droop

My husband got me two peace lilies for Mother's Day, one plant is doing great, but then other one, not so much. Part of the plant is drooping, but the majority of it looks great. I'm not over watering it, and it was off to the side of a window and I moved it away to a more shaded area to see if that would help, but it hasn't. What causes a peace lily to partially droop? The plants were purchased from Home Depot and are big and vibrant with several blooms on them. I can't think of what I could have done in such a short amount of time.

Try moving your peace lily to

Try moving your peace lily to the bathroom–it likes lower light and higher humidity than many plants. You do, however, need to offer a window with low-to-medium light (or, possibly invest in fluorescent light bulbs).

Peace lilly plant

I have a peace lilly plant that I re-potted and watered with Miracle-Gro since then the plant has went limp and doesn't seem like it coming back to life.

Peace Lily Care

Just like everyone else here, I have a Peace Lily that needs help. My Mom gave it to me the end of 2014, it was huge with a White Bloom. I have not seen a bloom since. I realize after reading the earlier post, I may be watering and feeding too much. I've been giving it Miracle Grow every two weeks when I can remember, in 2 qts of water. I now realize that was a mistake. How much water is adequate? Can I use bottled water since the tap water may not be good for it? Is it due for a repotting? It currently sits in a Black pot that it was purchased in with a saucer underneath. I water from the top and let the water run down. So from what I read here, the best is to pour water in saucer and water from bottom up? I also have it in the kitchen, next to a sliding glass door with closed blinds. Should I move it to my den, that has only one window? I appreciate any help and advice you can give, to help my Green Buddy.

Make sure that the plant has

Make sure that the plant has soil with high organic content, let it dry out a bit between waterings (don’t keep it soaked or constantly “wet”; this is worse than no water, aka water stress), back off the fertilizer to every couple of months and use a 20-20-20 lightly; and give the plant bright, filtered (not direct) sunlight. Also, this plant tends to prefer a warm environment (70°F to 75°F), following a cool (60°F to 65°F) few months.

Are clay pots good for Peace

Are clay pots good for Peace Lilly's? I usually water about once a week, but just changed to a clay pot. Do I need to water more? Also, I've had mine for a little over 3 years, and its grown very slow. Still healthy, but can I speed up the growing process some? Another question, do they like to be root bound or in bigger pots? My plants roots are minimal, so I don't want to put it in a huge pot if its gonna make it worse. Thanks!

You may need to water your

You may need to water your plant more frequently in a clay pot. Just make sure to keep the soil damp but not too wet. If the peace lily becomes rootbound transplant it to a slightly bigger pot.

Hi, I notice a few spadix

Hi, I notice a few spadix near the base of my peace lily but there is no spathe enclosing it. It is wedged inside the stem of the leaf. Is this normal? Thank you.

Neighbor gave me a Peace Plant

My neighbor gave me a PP for helping her with all her plants when she goes on her vacations. It is 20" is in a East window but gets indirect light, only a couple of leaves have small brown spots. Can I just remove the brown spots or do I have to remove the whole leaves also can I water it with the watering bulbs ? And if so do I keep the water bulbs full @ all times ?? This is my first PP.HELP PLEASE

Brown spots on leaves and

Cut off the brown sections on the leaves and cut the stalks only if they also are brown. Brown spots on leaves are usually caused by too much water and/or fertilizer and too much light. Water your plant only when the soil is dry and move it away from bright windows.

Peace lily

I've had mine since a tiny baby for mothers day ,3 years ago its gone berserk, its massive only thing at the very tips are brown its always flowering I repotted last year now I have to do again what causes brown tips thanks

brown tips on peace lily

You’re not the only one who has this problem! See answers below.

peace lily white flowers

My peace lily is beginning to bloom now and as the white flowers have reached their full development there are dark brown spots appearing on them. The spots on some of the white flowers are in the middle and one has a blotch of dark brown at the tip. These spots do not smear when I rub them. What do you think they are?

Brown spots is a sign of

Brown spots is a sign of aging. Once the flower gets brown spots, it is time to remove it.

New Owner: Watering question

So I recently got a peace lily, and have been doing some research on how to properly care for it. Many sites and sources are recommending that I water about once per week. When I do water it, how much water should I give it at a time?

If you water once a week soak

If you water once a week soak the plant but don’t let it sit in water. Make sure to have a saucer under the pot to catch any overflow.

Bare space at bottom of plant

I was given a peace lily about 25 yrs. ago by a good friend. It has been transplanted 2-3 times. It doesn't bloom much, maybe 1-2 flowers a year at different times of the year. At the bottom the stems are bare and have nubs? on them. Does it need to be transplanted? Seems to be outgrowing the pot it is in, about 16 in. in diameter. It is pretty healthy looking. I had it in front of a west facing window and have since moved it to a more indirect shady place since reading different directions. Please help, we love this plant.

Make sure that the plant has

Make sure that the plant has soil with high organic content, let it dry out a bit between waterings (don’t keep it soaked or constantly “wet”; this is worse than no water, aka water stress), back off the fertilizer to every couple of months and use a 20-20-20 lightly; and give the plant bright, filtered (not direct) sunlight. Also, this plant tends to prefer a warm environment (70°F to 75°F), following a cool (60°F to 65°F) few months.

Brown leaves and flower and drooping leaves

Is it ok for me to remove the dead leaves and blooms? My sister gave it to me after her animals wouldn't stay away from it and since I have had it it's gotten darker. This was a peace lily given to us at my mother's funeral and I want to make sure it lasts. Another major question is, is this particular plant toxic to animals? I have a cat and I was wondering if she got near it or touched it or even tried to lick it, will it hurt her? I've been keeping it in another room that gets indirect natural light and the blinds are close and this sits on the opposite side of the room than the windows. What can I do to make this plant healthy and back to being vibrant? Last question is my sister was using plant stakes (the little green fertilizer sticks) to fertilize this plant, is that the wrong kind of fertilizer or should I be using something different?! Thanks.

Hi Ellen,

Hi Ellen,

Yes, you can remove the dead leaves and blooms. And yes, peace lilies are toxic to cats and dog. Please see the ASPCA website at

Indirect light is good for the lily and just make sure not to overwater the plant. Remove the fertilizer spikes and use a general house plant fertilizer (20-20-20) at one-half recommended strength about once a month during spring and summer.

"leggy" peace lilly stalks

How do I repot a peace lilly that has developed long stalks without leaves? Do I repot with soil at the top of the stalks, or at the bottom of the new leaves. It is very large and still blooms fine

Drooping Peace Lily

I recently purchased a peace lily for inside the house. It's sitting on the window sill and I only water it when the soil feels dry; maybe 2 times per week plus I mist the leaves every once in a while. It has recently started drooping. What should I do?


My peace lilies blooms have turned brown and one is drooping. The leaves are healthy and green. what do I need to do about the brown blooms.

browning blossoms

It sounds like your blooms have just reached the end of their life, especially if the white blossoms turned green and then brown. Each blossom lasts about a month. When they turn brown, carefully prune out the blossom and its flowering stalk at the base of the plant, being sure not to nick the leaves or other flower stalks. If you think that something else is going on other than aging flowers, then you might check the watering – make sure you are not giving too much; let the soil dry a bit between waterings. Also check the light level – the plant should not be in direct sunlight. Also, if you are using tap water, it could be the salts in the water – try distilled water.

Blooms on my peace lily

I have had my peace lily almost a year now...I received following my dads death in late April 2015. It's very healthy the leaves are green and new ones appear often. I just wish it bloomed like it did last summer. I would love to keep this plant going strong for as long as possible.

I received a peace Lily after

I received a peace Lily after the passing of my father. I notice that some of the leaves have small holes in some of the leaves. What should I do abot the holes on my plant.

peace lilly

I received a large peace Lilly about a month ago from my aunts funeral. I have repotted it and it has been in the house. The weather got nice so I moved it outside. Now it looks pitiful. All the leaves and stalks have completely fell over. What do I need to do?

Make sure the soil is moist

Make sure the soil is moist (not too wet or too dry). Keep the plant indoors until it perks up. When you moved it outdoors it may have been too cold or hot or the change in temp. from indoors to the outside air may have caused your problems.

peace lily

my friend gave me a rather large peace lily. The bottom leaves started turning yellow. should I cut them off or should I repot the plant .

Sometimes dying bottom leaves

Sometimes dying bottom leaves is natural, as part of the aging process. Or your plant might be suffering from low humidity, often indicated by brown leaf tips. Be sure to mist your plant every so often. Also, be sure that the plant is in indirect sunlight–direct sunlight can burn the leaves (yellow and brown areas).

I've got a peace lily that I

I've got a peace lily that I've had since 1998 since my grandma died & with in the last month or 2. The peace lily has drooped & we have replanted it & we have used the same pot to replant it in which has been an 8 inch pot. Can the peace lily be split in half & plant again or what. We have talked with a person who works @ a greenhouse & I was informed that it needed to watered until it was heavy & I've done what she has said to do. I'm wondering what we should do about it. The leaves r brown. My friend also told us that the largest pot that we can use is a 10 inch pot. Now when we replanted it about a month ago. We had noticed that the dirt that was in the 8 inch pot was dripping wet because when we squeeze the soil, it was nothing but dripping water. My dad thought that maybe we have been over watering it but. I don't think that we r.
What do u suggest.

Not an expert but this is what I've done and it seems to work

I have a peace lily that I recv'd from my grandfathers funeral 3 years ago. I found that in the begging I had been over watering it. I now water it every 3 days and use apx a 16oz cup. If your soil is dripping wet, to me you're over watering it. If you look at the info above it states to keep it moist but not over water. A general rule of thumb is that the plant will absorb what it needs. So since you have so much extra water it seems like it's to much water. Also we have our plant in a pot that's apx 12inches in diameter. I hope this helps.

I've had a peace lily for

I've had a peace lily for about a month now. Some of the leaves are drying up even though I am keeping it watered. At first I followed the advice to water once a week but since I noticed the bottom leaves are shrivelling I started to give it some water every 2-3 days. I don't want to overwater it. But still the bottom leaves are shrivelling more and many of the bigger leaves have dry tips. What can I do???

leaf troubles

Sometimes dying bottom leaves is natural, as part of the aging process. But best guess: your plant might be suffering from low humidity, often indicated by brown leaf tips. Be sure to mist your plant every so often. Also, be sure that the plant is in indirect sunlight–direct sunlight can burn the leaves (yellow and brown areas). Brown spots on leaves and dropping leaves may indicate spider mites–check for tiny webs; if present, wash the leaves with a splash of water, and then you might try insecticidal soap. Also make sure that you haven’t given the plant too much fertilizer. Overwatering can cause browning leaves–only water when the soil feels mostly dry, then water so that it flows through the drainage holes (and make sure the pot is draining properly); you are right, though, that underwatering can cause leaves or leaf edges to yellow. Be sure your plant is in temperatures above 60F; ideal temps are around 68 to 85F in day and 10 degrees less than day temp at night.


My mother passed a year ago. She had a green thumb. I am trying to live her legacy with having some plants. The peace lily I got from her funeral is dying. Babies are popping up daily but the bigger leaves are turning brown. HELP ME PLEASE. I don't want to loose this plant

Have you tried moving it out

Have you tried moving it out of the light? Remove only the leaves with exposed bases near the bottom of the plant that have turned brown. Also to tend to the baby plants just remove the plant from the pot and kind of shake it to remove soil and reveal the roots to where the new babies are. Separate them and repot the old one and pot the new ones.
My grandmother left two peace Lilly's in the dining room when she moved out of our home. The two plants had been in our dining for every family dinner and holiday I can remember. She told me has had them for 20 years. Anyway they were almost dead when I did my final walk thru before the house was knocked down, one was actually dumped on the floor. I'm not Great with plants either but I was able to save them and not only that have about 5 new plants on top of the two "heirloom" Lilly's.
Don't over water them and keep them out of the direct sunlight. The floor near a window has worked for me.

Peace Lily blooms are green not white like they were when i boug

The plant looks good. A little brown on the tips of there leaves but other wise it looks good I reported it when I brought it home it was a small plant and has new leaves growing all the time but still the blooms are green.

Too much or too little water

Too much or too little water can cause brown leaves. Too much fertilizer can also make the leaves turn brown. Please see our “care” section above fo more growing tips.

I recently just received a

I recently just received a peace Lilly and I keep it in a self watering pot in the corner where light cannot reach it. Now I have noticed the leaves turning yellow. What should I do? Is it because of the pot I have it in or no light?

Peace lily

I have a peace Lilly that has buds that have crystals on the buds that look like sugar they will not open I have nine on plant right now they turn brown but will not open

Make sure the plant is moist

Make sure the plant is moist but not soggy and that there is good air circulation around the plant. Check for mealybugs or aphids on leaf undersides and near flower buds. These insects excrete honeydew and can keep buds from opening. 

Peace Lily

Good afternoon, I received my peace lily 3yrs ago when my father passed, it's dropping really really bad and I'm starting to panic PLEASE HELP what can I do to save my dad.

Drooping peace lilies often

Drooping peace lilies often indicate dry conditions. When you water it, make sure to give it a good gulp, with adequate drainage. Have you repotted it recently? The roots could be overtaking the bottom, reducing drainage.


I also recieved a Peace Lily plant after my husband's death 2 weeks ago. UPS left it on the front porch on a night when the temps went to -8 degrees, when I discovered it the next morning, the soil and root ball was frozen solid. The Plant company replaced it (and it is close to 50 degrees warmer today). But once the soil unfroze on the original, I cut off all of the dead leaves to about 2 inches, found one tiny green shoot. What are the chances that the frozen Lily might eventually recover.

Peace lily chances

Sorry for your loss. This is a popular plant for such occasions.

As to your question, we’ll lay odds at 50-50 that the whisp of plant survives.

The fact is, it is impossible for us to know. Peace plants are lovely plants that enjoy warm, tropical conditions—ideally 75°F to 80°F. Many suffer at near freezing temps, never mind the below freezing conditions, such as yours endured.

The ability of the shoot to survive seems slim—but you never know. Give it lots of TLC: bright, indirect light and warmth. (Same goes for the replacement.)

All the best.

To give you some insight, we

To give you some insight, we had the same thing happen. The one Valentines Day my husband chose to acknowledge was the year he gave me a peace lily. Fast forward to use moving cross country, we were met with a wind chill of 5f one evening in the desert. I sat in the hotel and cried over killing my plant. When we got to California, my husband cut it down, replanted it in new soil and placed a watering bulb in it. We saw a tiny sprout about a week later then no movement for about 3 weeks. It's approximately 2 months since "the accident" and I just got a text from my husband telling me that my peace lily seems to have grown overnight! The sprout grew and there's 3 mini leaves!! We keep it on our sunny windowsill in SoCal climates! Have faith, name, and speak to your PL. :)

Peace lilly care

I'm seeing yellow and spotted leaves on my peace lilly. The room has some sun light during the day and the temp is normally warm.

Listen to the Goldilocks Lily

Hi, Curl: Peace lilies are pretty resilient, but they thrive best in “not too much, not too little, but just right” conditions. Usually these spots are caused by overfertilizing or overwatering, but sometimes they can be caused by (ironically) not enough humidity. Try moving your lily into even less sun. Try a place a little cooler if possible. Listen to your lily: Don’t water until it droops. Folks often find that a bathroom is a great place to bring a little peace to a peace lily, helping it to get back on its feet before it goes out into the real world again. Good luck!

Peace lily with yellowing leaves

I found the peace lily that had been growing at my parent's house for many years with yellowing leaves and had begun to smell. With help, as the plant is nearly 4' tall, we tried to repot it and found the roots rotting from too much water. We rinsed the roots, then let them dry in the sun for about 30 minutes, repotted the plant and after a couple weeks it came around.


My plant has brown on the edges of flowers. What should I do? The leaves are fine.

Soil Moisture

I have just purchased a Peace Lily today and, in regards to keeping the soil moist, should i base this on the surface soil or the soil of the root zone? Thank you for any help!

Watering Peace Lilies

Check the soil surface. If it is dry, water the pot thoroughly, but make sure it can drain. You don’t want the plant to be sitting in soggy soil. After a thorough soaking, let the soil dry out again. If your plant starts to droop, it is likely telling you that it is thirsty, and time for another watering. In winter, water the plant less.

My Peace Lily is growing but

My Peace Lily is growing but they are growing with a bend and I am not sure of what to do.

Light requirements

Plants grow toward a source of light. If that light is coming from one side, rather than above, the plant will bend toward it. Could it be that your Peace Lily is doing this? If so, be sure to turn the pot every so often, so that different sides of the plant are pointed toward the light at different times.

Lilly plant

I don't no much about Lilly plant's how can you tell what kind of Lilly you have mine is like a redish orange color do you no what kind of Lilly that would be

Hi Sophia,

Hi Sophia,

Go to our lily page at to see other varieties of lilies. You may also do a google search for red or orange lily images to see if you can find one that looks like yours. Visit to see lots of photos of lilies.

Lilly plamt

Hi I received a Lilly for Christmas and now the whole stalk of the plant is dead and the flowers have dried up and fell off is this normal I don't water it much as u no there not supposed to have much water and I don't have it in direct sunlight... Should I cut the dead stalk off at a 45 degree angle to save my plant what do I do, and how can you tell if the plant has to much water or if it needs to be watered so I don't over water it please help me save my Lilly..

Peace Lilly's

My Peace Lillys are17 years old and in the last six months three of them have all but died. Thoughts? We have a well (no water changes I can think of), light the same, placement in the house the same... I have transplanted them, cut them back and moved them to a controlled grow light. Some have started to come back others still look sad.


Try "Recharge", it's a fertilizer you can acquire from Amazon. It has a lot of great ingredients, it brought new growth to my house plants... A little goes a long way.

The lilies to best in

The lilies to best in indirect light and the soil needs to be lightly moist. Lilies also need new fresh soil about once a year. Repotting is best done in the spring. See our planting and care tips on top of this page.

Peace Lily

how do you tell if you have an indoor or outdoor peace lily

The peace lily is a tropical

The peace lily is a tropical plant that can be grown outdoors year-round in USD plant hardiness zones 11 and 12. In colder areas the peace lily can be brought outdoors during the summer months but should be potted up and moved indoors before temperatures approach 40 degrees F. in the fall, which could damage leaves and roots.

Peace Lily Fertilizer

What kind of fertilizer do you recommend for this type of plant? If not a name brand than what chemical make up?

Feed the the lily about once

Feed the the lily about once a month with a 20-20-20 house plant fertilizer. Dilute the fertilizer with water to ¼ of the recommended dilution rate. Too much fertilizer can burn the roots.

I received my peace lily from

I received my peace lily from my mom's funeral on Dec. 3rd and I have been noticing the lilies are turning brown and some of my leaves are browning and drying out I have been watering it only to find out that today Dec. 30 my plant was sitting in a bag in the basket and the water wasn't draining properly so I removed the bag and the basket and have the pot itself sitting in a plant stand if it dries out some will it be okay?? Please help me save my plant

Hi Crystal,

Hi Crystal,


Yes, your plant should be OK now. Please read our tips at the top of this page on how to care for the lily.

Peace Lilly.

Crystal I am sorry to hear about your mother. I too lost my mother just two weeks ago and received the same plant and mine is also turning brown. Thank you for posting this comment because sure enough mine is in a plastic bag also.


What type/brand of fertilizer should I use?

Baby Peace Lily Problems

Good Morning,
I had a peace lily from my Aunt's funeral over two years ago. About 9 months or so ago I completely over watered it and killed most of it (rot EVERYWHERE). I was devastated. I managed to save a small sprout of it that had grown off to the side. At first this thing was sprouting leaves left and right leaving me to believe that I had saved the last bit of my Peace Lily. Then, one by one the new leaves would turn yellow and fall off. Once a new leaf grew, another would crumble away. I have 10 leaves total and its been that way for a couple month but now a few of them have started to shrivel up and turn brown along the edges. Is this normal? What can I do to help my Peace Lily grow big and strong??

Hi Danielle,

Hi Danielle,

Make sure that the soil is welldraining and moist, not wet. Brown leaf tips are common with excessive light or over fertilization. Move the plant away from the window to a spot with indirect light.


plants,their names and meanings

love all about flowers. keep it up guys...

Peace Lilies

I have returned home after being gone for week. I noticed a musty mold smell in my home. Can peace lilies or other house plants cause this smell? My peace lily is about 2.5-3 feet tall. I removed the plant from my home and began spraying a homemade air freshener with baking soda, fabric softner and water hoping to remove the smell. I bought the plant on sale at the end of summer last year. I have taken many trips before buying the plant and never noticed the smell when I returned. I also started having severe migraines a few months ago. Could all this be from the peace lily? If it is the peace lily is there something I can do to keep from discarding the plant?

No peace with this lily...

Hi, Angel, You have not described the plant at all. How’s the soil? Could it have had too much water and so gotten moldy? Do you see deterioration (rot!) on it at all? If the plant is not showing signs of decay, it may not be the source of the smell. Also, your past experience suggests it’s not the plant.

Try one more thing: close examination of the plant: the aroma would probably be stronger up close, too—another sign; if no smell up close, then again, it’s probably not the plant.

You’ve probably thought of the alternatives: Is the smell in every room? Can you isolate the general, or specific, area? That might help, too. Could something have spilled and dampened something that is out of sight?

On a completely different track, how about asking a friend/neighbor to come in and help you to identify the smell. Don’t think of it as embarassing; every home has some funny smell at some time or another.

Hope you find the solution!

Peace lily

I've had my plant since my Dads funeral 1997, it's very precious to me and my son talks to it all the time!

Can I put multiple lilies together in a pot?

I purchased 5 small lilies as decorations for an event that I hosted and they're in glass containers. They need to be put into permanent pots, but I was wondering if it would be OK if I put all of them into one large pot as opposed to 5 separate smaller pots?

Hi Emily,

Hi Emily,

Yes, you can plant the lilies in one big pot. Just make sure to follow the planting and care advice on this page.

After the lilies grow bigger you may need to transplant them to individual pots.

Remove entire stalk or cut out brown spots

I am trying to revive my sister's peace lily she received from our grandfather's funeral. Some of the leaves from this now pitiful looking plant have brown areas on the edges of the leaves. Do I cut the entire stalk down, or should I cut the area only where the leaf has the browned?

Cut off the brown sections on

Cut off the brown sections on the leaves and cut the stalks only if they also are brown. Brown spots on leaves are usually caused by too much water and/or fertilizer and too much light. Water your plant only when the soil is dry and move it away from bright windows.


Peace lily pollen

When the sun shines on the floor around my peace lily I notice a hazy area. Walking on it in bare feet I realized that it was sticky. Is that the pollen? Is it a pest? How do I keep,the plant and save the floor?

Sticky leaves on Peace Lily

Yep, that sticky floor is from your peace lily. Or, rather, it’s from insect scale infestation on your plant. Drench your plant (leaves and stem) until it’s dripping wet, and then repeat 5 days later.
After that, you can also spray the plant with a mix of 1 part rubbing alcohol with 8 to 10 parts of water. Add a little liquid soap to help it spread. Fully cover the leaves.

Peace liky

I got my two peace lily in May when my mom passed away I would really like to keep them alive. The big one seems to be doing pretty good but the smaller one I think has gotten too much water I have quit watering it waiting on the soil to dry out but leave keep dying off and the root is rotten when I take it to throw it away. Is this peace lily too far gone? With it being fall can I still maybe replant it with some fresh soil and save it? What do I do?

Lift the lily out of the pot

Lift the lily out of the pot, remove all yellow or brown leaves and rinse the rootball under water. Cut off all of the brown rotting roots and then soak the roots in warm water for a few minutes. Repot the plant in fresh soil in a pot that is just a little bit bigger than the rootball.

I have an indoor peace lily

I have an indoor peace lily that has been growing and flourishing and blooming regularly for the past 5 years. Now I find that all around it, on the bottom leaves, something has been eating the leaves down to the stems. This has never happened in all the time that I have had it. What is happening? What do I do?

Peace lilies usually don’t

Peace lilies usually don’t have many pests. You may see aphids, spider mites or mealybugs. Wiping the leaves regularly with soapy water may help.

My peace Lilly has one big

My peace Lilly has one big leaf that is mostly yellow with some brown spots and another big leaf that shares the same stem that is mostly green but looks like it is turning yellow. The big stem holding both discolored leaves is yellow. The rest of the leaves are green, but the tips are brown. Any ideas what is wrong?

I have just finished

I have just finished transplanting my Peace Lily as recommended. Its got beautiful new soil. I did this about 4 days ago and the top of the soil has white stuff on it like the soil is bad?

What should I do. The leaves are drooping but I felt that was due to the transplant and will stand up again.

Is this plant done?


What does the white stuff

What does the white stuff look like? Is it fuzzy or does it look sort of like crystals? Sometimes if one does not water deeply, salts in the water or fertilizer can accumulate on the top of the soil, forming a whitish crust. If too much builds up, it can hamper the plant's ability to absorb moisture, and can lead to disease. Make sure to water enough so that some comes through the bottom drainage hole of the pot, but do not let the plant sit in water or in soggy soil. This helps the water to flush out extra salts out of the soil. If there is a lot of buildup, remove the top crust down to about 1/2 inch deep if needed, but do not disturb any roots.

But, if the white stuff looks fuzzy, as if it were a fungus, then monitor your plant. Some fungi are harmless, but others might attack the plant. Make sure that your soil is moist but not wet--soggy conditions can encourage fungus to grow. (You might let the soil dry a tiny bit for now, but not enough to hurt the plant.) Also, make sure that there is plenty of air circulation to discourage fungi. If it looks like the plant is suffering from the fungus, you might want to see if it can handle another transplanting into sterile potting soil and a sterile container. Good luck!

Hi. I've had this peace lilly

Hi. I've had this peace lilly for a while and really like it as it's easy to maintain. Have not had any issues with it so fa and was very excited when it bloomed this spring/ summer for the first time (after 2 years I've had it!). I have just repotted it into a much bigger pot. It used to be in a 7" one and I've just bought a 10.5" to repot it into. I didn't know it was not advised to change the pot to a much bigger size, I thought actually I was treating it to it ;) anyway, the leaves seem to have drooped and it looks a bit sad.. I have watered it a lot today until the water started dripping down the bottom (I've only found this website today, trying to find advice) and it seems it has perked up a bit. The leaves seem quite weak when I touch them though, they used to be quite sturdy and shaped, now just seem a bit lifeless. Would you advise to repot it again into a bit smaller pot or should I leave it for now and see how it gets on? Thank you for your advice in advance, Celina

Leave the lily in the bigger

Leave the lily in the bigger pot. It should do fine. Do not overwater, just keep the soil moist.

Hi my mother passed away

Hi my mother passed away about a year ago and I got a peace lily plant that she had for a couple years. When I got it was almost dead I just got it coming back to life .So my cats broke the pot that it was in it was already struggling before that. I just got it to starting to sprout leaves. it is now turning into fall and I had to repot it I obviously got new soil about the same size pot and I was just want to know if anybody has had the same issue and what am I too expect what can I do to prevent it from dying on me further, is there anyone that can help?

My peace lily has lot all the

My peace lily has lot all the big leaves and has grown a bunch of little leaves to where it is very overcrowded and including stems may only be getting 6-12 inches tall. It was a big gorgeous plant when I bought it and have just had so much trouble keeping it alive. I can't even take care of an "easy to grow" plant :( Leaves do look nice and healthy as far as I can tell. I believe it had said indirect bright light but usually it doesn't get much as when it does it gets sad and then when it doesn't, sad again. Tried putting out on front porch in shade but so light would be bright and again, sad. What gives?? I am using tap water...maybe the fluoride? What do you suggest? I'm new with plants and willing to learn!

When you get smaller leaves,

When you get smaller leaves, this often suggests that you need to re-pot. In the winter when it's dormant, withhold water until it's dry.  Repot in rich soil (a mix of loam, peat moss, and sand). You could also divide at this time. When it resumes growth, keep the soil moist, not soggy or too dry. Usually this is once per week. At first, fertilize it about every other week with houseplant fertilizer; you can dilute this with water. Place the plant in strong, indirect light. Once it seems settled, fertilize once a month, except winter.

Also, don't forget to remove

Also, don't forget to remove fading blooms. If you do leave the flowers, the leaves will start coming out smaller. When you remove the flower, you also need to cut off the stalk as low as possible without cutting the leaf. Cut don't twist or pull.
If you do have chlorine in the water, we'd suggest that you let the plant's drinking water sit out overnight, then water in the morning.
All the best with your peace lily!

My todler has knocked over my

My todler has knocked over my peace lilly alot the leaves turned brown and I removed them and now there are no leaves at all. So is it dead or can I try to save it?

Hopefully you removed the

Hopefully you removed the leaves by snipping at the base of the stem. Try relocating it to a bathroom setting with indirect light for a while if you can; that's often good for perking up the Peace.

I'm trying to save a large

I'm trying to save a large peace lily for a friend. I got it Monday and gave it 1 1/2 cups. It was underwatered to the point of dehydration. It still drooped on Wednesday so I gave it another cup. It looks so much better. I've cut the dead leaves off. Some of the remaining leaves are still a bit curled and closed, but I'm nervous with over watering it. Is it ok if I keep giving it a cup a day? Should I just spritz the leaves now? How much is too much water? I'm trying to get it to the point of just watering it once a week. Once I get the plant healthy and the system down, I plan to give it back to her.

Also, I had placed the plant by my front porch window, so there is no direct sunlight. Is this ok or should I move it further into the room?

They do not like too much

They do not like too much Sunlight.It should do well near the window, just not directly in front

Hello everyone - from the new

Hello everyone - from the new kid in town! (Actually, I'm 60, but who's counting? LOL) I brought home a large peace lily from Mom's funeral in March 2010. I've repotted it only one time. It's even larger now, and seems to be doing "OK", but has sunken down in the pot so that it's at least 4" below the rim. From reading some of the comments in this column, it seems like I just need to remove the plant, add some new potting soil, and then put it back in the same pot. Is there more to it than that? Also, it has a BUNCH of little, short leaves that never get more than 3 - 4 inches tall. Should I cut those out? Thanks so much for any advice you have. Ed Parker :-)

It will be good for the plant

It will be good for the plant to be repotted. When you take it out of the old pot remove as much dirt from the roots as you can and see if you may want to divide the plant if it is rootbound. Get some new fresh potting mix and replant the lily in one or two pots. Do not prune the short leaves if they are healthy.

I was given a very large

I was given a very large potted peace lilly last year from a local bank. Its about 3-4ft in diameter and has a great many smaller upgrowing shoots. While it was in the bank they were lucky to see it flower once a year and then only 2-3 flowers would appear. I got it home and the first thing I did was thoroughly soak the plant with water. I did that every 10 days for a couple months and this plant rallied very well. The first flowering in my possession was 4 flowers. I snipped those off when they turned entirely green and it reflowered a month later with 7 flowers and since that time hasn't been out of flower at all. I did find one trick that seems to work very well. I filled the dish I keep under it with perlite and poured 2 gallons of water into that and instead of putting in nutrient sticks or straight fertilizer, I soak 2 sticks in a quart of water and then add another gallon on top of that to dilute it out. This plant has responded phenomenonly well to this treatment. It does have some browning on the leaves from a little too much sun but its mostly older leaves that are ready to be trimmed back to allow new growth in. I have it under my skylights but there wasn't anywhere else for a plant this big in my house. Its a beautiful, full plant and won't be going anywhere else any time soon.

What is the best to trimmed

What is the best to trimmed my peace Lily's with?Like scissor? And how far do I need to cut it to? I'm sure I have over water the plant because some leaves have turn
yellow and also I water my plant onces a week! And water

I Liked your article. What

I Liked your article. What type of lighting do you use for your peace lily. I just got a new one that is huge. In the past , I have not had very good luck with them. I don't know what I am doing wrong ( I can grow about anything). I have tried different water amount, different lighting, different temperatures and nothing has helped it to survive. I really want to keep this one as it was from my Uncle's funeral. Thanks for any advice you have.

I have a Peace Lily that I

I have a Peace Lily that I have had for quite some time. It is very healthy looking and grows very well. It gets a lot of sun and I water and feed it once a week. My question is that it hasn't flowered now for many years, am I doing something wrong?

Hi, it mentions that if you

Hi, it mentions that if you want it to flower move it to a darker room. It may be getting too much sun? Do some research but seems it can survive with little sunlight

Your Peace Lily has not

Your Peace Lily has not sprouted any flowers because it sounds like you keep in direct sunlight. Try moving it to a shaded area.

I purchased a Peace Lilly

I purchased a Peace Lilly several weeks ago. When I got it home I found water in the pot, which I emptied out. Now there are several leaves that are turning yellow. What am I doing wrong?

Hi, Pat, Peace lilies are

Hi, Pat, Peace lilies are tropical plants. They like warm (ideally 5°F to 80°F), moist conditions (humidity!), indirect light, and not too much water. Let it dry out a bit before watering.
It sounds like some aspect of its environment is not suitable.
Or, if you bought this when it was in a greenhouse environment, it may be adjusting to the new conditions in your house. You might ask the source from who you bought it if this is typical and how to help the plant to get through the transition.

My husband grandfather passed

My husband grandfather passed last month and we received a peace Lilly from the funeral and we enjoy it i have been reading about them and love it i have been taken care of very well but sadly noticed this morning that 2 out of my 3 lillies have brown spots what should I do. ...please help

Sometimes brown spots on

Sometimes brown spots on leaves might happen if the peace lily (which is not a true lily) is receiving too much light. Try moving it into a more shady spot. Brown leaf tips might also indicate too little water. Be sure to water deeply, so that the water reaches all of the soil, and comes out the drainage holes (keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged). Also, mist the plants regularly to maintain a moist environment. Avoid too much fertilizer; peace lilies are sensitive to it, and their leaves may develop brown areas. Keep the plant away from temperatures over 90 F.

I just recently re potted my

I just recently re potted my peace plant after 10 years. The plant has not produced the white flowers in a long time. I really honestly don't remember if it ever had the white flowers when it was given to me. Are there peace plants without the white flowers??? When I re potted I noticed, what looked like small yellowish bubbles in the soil, kinda like eggs. Since I have re potted, I feel like I might have killed it:(. I used miracle grow, because I wanted to see it thrive. It has only been a week. How long should I wait to see if some of the leaves will stand tall again? Also are the brown stalks normal?

Thank you
Irena M. Johnson

I have recently noticed that

I have recently noticed that a couple of the leaves on my peace lily get some dark spots and then the leaf turns yellow. What could be the cause of this and how do I prevent it from happening to the rest of the leaves? I've only had it for about a month and I'd really like to save it. Please help.

I just re potted my peace

I just re potted my peace Lilly. It's pretty old. I got it in 2004. Anyway I've re potted it a few times before and it's never done what it's doing now. It's drooping. The soil is moist but not wet. I used the same soil I always use: Miricle gro potting soil. My question is: how long should I expect this drooping to occur? If it droops for longer then normal is there something wrong with it besides the shock of being re potted? I feel wierd waiting to see if it perks back up because I feel like I should be doing something else for it. It's in a south facing window but due to an overhang it mainly gets indirect light.

Hi, Shaun: Assuming that the

Hi, Shaun: Assuming that the roots don't have some sort of disease and that your lily isn't potbound, this most likely has to do with water. If your lily is too wet, root hairs will rot -- but this doesn't seem to be the case here. Try giving it a really good dose of water (until saturated and drainage occurs) and see if it responds. If not, then carefully repot it in a new batch of soil in a larger container, and again water to saturation. These should be well watered every 2 or 3 days, depending on size. Indirect light is perfect, but not too much. And, of course, give it a really thorough visual inspection to make sure that it is not hosting something bad. Good luck!

One of my leaves is almost

One of my leaves is almost completely brown. Why and should I do?

Hi, Donna: Remove the leaf by

Hi, Donna: Remove the leaf by snipping it at the base of the stem. If it is only one leaf, it could have some sort of infestation or, for example, is it the only one that is getting burned by a lot of direct sun? Most of the time, this has to do with watering. They need to be kept well-watered (that is, constantly) but not with too much. Sometimes it helps to remember that they are a marsh plant (soil), not an aquatic plant (water), so you need to make sure that your plant is not swimming. Give a snip, and good luck!

I have a peace lily and the

I have a peace lily and the leaves were all eaten by caterpillers, only stems are left. Is there anything I can do to bring it back?

I have a giant peace lily

I have a giant peace lily that even though the leaves appear to be healthy and green with new ones sprouting, they seem to be much too heavy for their stems and never really stand up anymore. New leaves sprouting start small and as they grow larger, the stem will begin to bend.

I have a peace lily plant and

I have a peace lily plant and some of it's leaves have turn brown & harden, can I cut them off & how?

Hi, Marilyn: Sure -- just use

Hi, Marilyn: Sure -- just use sharp scissors or clippers to snip off each brown leaf stem at its bottom. Remember to keep your plant well watered and out of too much sun/light for best growth. It's a swamp plant at heart!

How do I get my peace lily

How do I get my peace lily back to life because it okay but looks like the white flower is droupping on me because I transplanted it almost week ago in a different pot and its indoor plant so what do I do now I wanter and it not dryed out or anything how do I get back to life

I have a peace lilly and it

I have a peace lilly and it was in my dinning room window now its droopy I was wobdering if they do well in bathrooms

Yes, a peace lily is often a

Yes, a peace lily is often a good choice for a bathroom because it likes lower light and higher humidity than many plants. You do, however, need to offer a window with low-to-medium light (or, possibly invest in fluorescent light bulbs).

I have a 12 year old peace

I have a 12 year old peace lily and over the years she's been in partial sunlight, shade and under the florescent lights at work. Work is moving us to a different location with no windows or florescent lighting. How do i keep her from dying? If i take her home, she'll die for sure. Help!

Hi Jamie, Your best option is

Hi Jamie,
Your best option is to take the plant home and to put it in a spot that gets some sunlight and maybe install a couple of flourescent bulbs. Set the lights on a timer so that the plant gets about 16 hours of light per day.

I bought a peace lily and

I bought a peace lily and brought it to work on a cold day. I had it in a tall bag but some leaves and blossoms were hanging over the top (I did not think to cover it). The plant looked great when I left home for work but by the time I got to my office, the "veins" in the blossoms that were hanging out started turning brown and got worse throughout the day.

It's now a week later and some of the affected blossoms are starting to turn completely brown and one is "shedding" a white powder. Additionally, the tips of the leaves that were hanging out of bag are turning black. The good news is the blossoms that were not hanging out of the bag (the majority) are perfectly fine as are the other leaves.

Should I prune the blossoms that are turning brown? If so, where should I cut them? The same question applies to the leaves as only the tips are brown; the rest of the leaf and stem are fine.Thanks!

I just repotted my peace

I just repotted my peace Lilly she looked awful leaves turning yellow and dying more every day ...I won't her to live . It's winter and all I could get was pet moss a large bag fertilize with miracle grow . Will that be ok ??? And my pot has no holes I put her in is that gonna be a problem ?? HELP PlEASE

For peace lilies it is

For peace lilies it is recommended to mix one part potting soil  with one part peat moss and one part sand. It is important that the soil drains well and stays moist. It is also very important to have drainage holes in the pot so that water doesn't collect in the bottom of the pot.

Peace Lily

I just repotted my peace lily the pot has no hole the leave that was brown i pull off some of the buds are leaning over what am i doing worng

You might want to repot into

You might want to repot into a pot with a drainage hole, or drill a hole into the one you have, as good drainage is important. Make sure the plant is in indirect sunlight and that the soil is consistently moist but not waterlogged.

Help!! I received a Peace


I received a Peace Lily from work and it was seriously out growing the pot.
I thought like most house plants I could soak the clipping in water to create new root. But it is now the leaves are turning yellow and drooping
How can I save this plant and create a new root ball?

Thank you

Only repot the peace lilies

Only repot the peace lilies if you see roots growing out of the bottom of the pot or the plant starts pushing out of the soil on the top. They like to be rootbound.

I have a nice big and always

I have a nice big and always fresh and blooming peace lily for 5 yrs. I potted it in biggest pot I could buy and carried. It is really heavy now and there is no space for my plant in it's pot any more however it still growing and blooming. If I want to divide it I think I will hurt the roots, leaves and flowers. Tell me please what is the best way to divide and repot my big beautiful peace lily

Mamk, I have to divide mine

I have to divide mine every two or three years. I wait until it's fairly dry, and gently remove the whole plant from the pot. Then I gently separate the plants ( usually have 4 to 6 crowded in a pot) and repot everything in new potting soil/sand mixture. I've never lost any of them, and my friends love it - they get free plants! This is my favorite house plant - virtually care-free. I keep it groomed by trimming the spent flowers at the bottom of the stalk, and trimming leaves that sometimes get brown from a little too much light or look old. It rewards me by multiplying.

The peace lily was dying in

The peace lily was dying in my boss's office. Im trying to bring back to life but the blooms are small and turn brown quickly. Can I feed it fresh cut flower food or what kind of food can I feed it?

If you are going to feed the

If you are going to feed the plant use a standard house plant fertilizer, such as 20-20-20, at 1/4 the recommended dilution rate. The roots as well as the leaves can burn if the fertilizer is too strong. Make sure that the soil is moist but do not overwater. See our care instructions above.

I have had my peace lily for

I have had my peace lily for about three months now. It is doing great no problems. I know I need to fertilize it every six weeks like you recommend. However I can not seem to find any house plant fertilizer that is 20-20-20. Can I use the Miracle Grow I use for my other house plants which is 24-8-16? If so what is the dilution rate? The box recommends 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water.

I have a peace lilly that I

I have a peace lilly that I took from my church. It is very large mostbof the leaves are brown and bend over. So I trimmed them off. Losten the soil and wateted it, it seem to have perked up. But now the rest of the leaves are doing the same, the white lily's now have turned brown. I need help I want to save this plant

I got a very root-bound peace

I got a very root-bound peace lily from my mom and divided it into 5 plants. They were all doing well, except the one I had in my bedroom. It was droopy so I thought it was too close to the heat vent. I moved it onto the window ledge (north facing, not too much sun) but it didn't help. Maybe too cold? (winter now). So I put it back downstairs in front of the same north facing window and now it is fine again! What could explain this? I"d like to have one in my room for air quality, but I'm not sure why it doesn't like it.

Hi Breccan, Peace lilies grow

Hi Breccan,
Peace lilies grow best in average room temperatures between 65° to 80°F. Make sure to keep the plant away from cold drafts in the winter.

I have two peace lilies. Now

I have two peace lilies. Now Ive noticed little black flies ... how do I get rid of them? Help please!

Hi Kassandra, The small flies

Hi Kassandra,
The small flies are probably fungus gnats. They are attracted to wet soil. Repot your plants with good quality potting soil in pots with drainage hole. Only water the plants when the surface of the soil is dry. Do not overwater.

My Peace Lily has looked

My Peace Lily has looked great for a year. It has the huge dark green browning or yellowing. My problem is the stems from the leaf down to the soil looks broken and stripped off nearly. No animals, no insects I can see with a bright light. The leaves are starting to bend down too much now. It looks like more than half the plants stems are doing this now. What can I do?

I received a peace lily plant

I received a peace lily plant from my church on April 20, 2013, shortly after my Mum passed away. I have never had good success with plants except for the wandering Jew, and mother in laws tongue. I feared I was going to kill this beauty! Here it is a year and a half later, and it was doing fine, last week. I had only fertilized it once in the 18 months I had it, and it caused the plant to bloom again shortly after. I lightly water it on Sundays like I do my just add ice orchid that never flowers anymore. Both plants had deep green healthy leaves. I fertilized it a second time last week, about 6 weeks after the first time. I fear I have killed it. A couple days later all of the green healthy leaves that were standing up are wilted on all sides of the pot. The white blooms fell over too. I have drained water thinking I over watered, let it dry, added more in case it didn't have enough. Then I noticed it was root bound to it's pot. I had a pot of potting soil on my porch, just slightly bigger than the one it is in so I washed the old pot, rinced the soil through with water, and repotted it. However now I am thinking I should have just bought more soil because almost immediately I saw all these tiny ant like things start crawling over the leaves and stem. I do not know if they were in the plant, or the soil I potted it with. Maybe they are what is killing it? I need help please because I do not want these pests to kill my peace lily, or to get all over my house. How can I kill the pests, save the plant, and help it to flourish? I have noticed the wilting leaves are turning yellow. I have clipped off the brown tips, and removed brown, hard, stamen? From being wrapped inside some of the once flowered stems. It has always been on my kitchen center island above the sink. There are five windows across the walkway from it, but the windows never face the sun. Help please? I know it is almost Winter, but should I go buy a new pot and potting soil and repot again?

Hi Kelly, The insects

Hi Kelly,
The insects probably came in with the soil from the porch. We suggest that you get new fresh soil and disinfect the pot with 1 part bleach to 10 parts water or get a new pot. Get a soil mix that drains well while staying moist. Nearly any soil designed for houseplants will be good. If you see the insects on other plants spray with insecticidal soap.

Hi I've had my peace lilly

Hi I've had my peace lilly for 2years now its lovely with big green bouncy leaves but since the lillys died first time a few months after being bought it, the lillys have never grown back its on my dining room table away from sunlight but im afraid if I put it in my bathroom in indirect sunlight from frosted windows it might damage the leaves?

The lily will do better in a

The lily will do better in a bright spot out of direct sunlight. The bathroom sounds like a good place and the plant will enjoy the humidity in the bathroom. The leaves are not going to get damage from indirect sunlight. Keep the soil just moist at all times but not soggy wet.

I took a friends peace plant

I took a friends peace plant home to help revitalize it. The plant was from his grandfathers funeral. He knows nothing about caring for plants and has been trying to keep it alive. I have two peace plants of my own that are very healthy. Over the years Ive been successful with plants. However, Im stuck on what to do with my friends, I don't want it to die, especially as it came from his grandfathers funeral.

I replaced the plants soil with the exception of soil around the roots. It was root bound so I cut away some of the roots. (Im now reading I shouldn't have done that). The plant has 4 leaves all doing well, however the stalk it is growing out of a pale yellow stalk and other small stalks within the same pale yellow one are pale yellow. I water when the soil is dry. The stalk with the healthy green leaves is green. Do I cut those stalks down? If so, what will happen to the healthy part of the plant? I fertilized it in the past few days as I doubt my friend has in the last two years.

There will be 2 years in

There will be 2 years in December that I received my peace lily. It has only bloomed 1 time and the tips of the leaves are turning brown. It is located in the corner of my living room. What should I do about the brown tips and why is it not blooming?

The Peace Lily is native to a

The Peace Lily is native to a tropical environment so it's leaves may turn brown when it is in a setting without enough humidity (such as an air-conditioned or heated office). It is OK to trim the brown tips off, it won't hurt your Peace Lily.  Keep the soil moist and give it a daily misting to get its leaves wet. This may also help your lily to bloom. Also make sure that the lily gets enough light.

I have a peace lily that was

I have a peace lily that was left in the direct sun for several hours and a lot (but not all) of the leaves got scorched. Should I cut all of those leaves back at the base of the stem or leave the plant as is? Will cutting the bad leaves off help to stimulate new leaf growth faster? This lily is from my grandmothers funeral and I really want to save it and get it back to looking good. It was so pretty!

Hi, Christy: Just cut off

Hi, Christy: Just cut off what is brown and leave as much green as possible for photosynthesis. This will also help your lily focus its energy on growth. Try a bathroom setting with indirect light for a while if you can; that's often good for perking up the Peace.

Thank you! I will try that.

Thank you! I will try that. Should I fertilize it with anything or just keep watering as needed?

I read in one of your

I read in one of your responses that the pollen from Peace Lillys can be toxic to cats licking it off their fur - and of concern to me, that it can cause allergies in humans. I have COPD and breathing problems and while I want to include some plants in my home to improve air quality I'm wondering if the Peace Lily is the right plant or not?

Hi Karleen, The peace lily is

Hi Karleen, The peace lily is toxic only if large quantities of the leaves are eaten. You may enjoy this Almanac post on houseplants that improve air quality in the house:



I have had my peace lily for

I have had my peace lily for five years when I brought it in the house this season it start drooping need help

If it starts to droop that

If it starts to droop that means you have to water it more. And if it droops more, don't give up!

I have a peace lily that was

I have a peace lily that was doing bad and I repotted it and it seemed to do much better. Well I went out of town for a month and a family member up here told me that she would water it for me. Well when I came back all of the leaves were turning yellow and dying one by one. I would cut the stalk and the one beside it would turn yellow. I later found out that my sister in law was putting tea water in my peace lily. She said that it was good for the plant because of the anti oxidants. But it wasnt long after she did that, that the plant died. Is tea good or bad for peace lilies? If I had known that she was going to do that, I would have told her not to because the plant was from my fathers funeral.

Aagh! I need help. My peace

Aagh! I need help. My peace lily is having all sorts of problems. It has brown tip on most of the leaves. Some leaves are really yellow and droopy and if I pull on them they just come right out of the soil. I don't overwater and it's not in direct sunlight or near an air vent. I just reported it in the early spring. I don't know what to do and I don't want it to die since it was a plant that I received at my fathers funeral. Any advice on what to do?

Make sure that the plant has

Make sure that the plant has soil with high organic content, let it dry out a bit between waterings (don't keep it soaked or constantly "wet"; this is worse than no water, aka water stress), back off the fertilizer to every couple of months and use a 20-20-20 lightly; and give the plant bright, filtered (not direct) sunlight. Also, this plant tends to prefer a warm environment (70°F to 75°F), following a cool (60°F to 65°F) few months.

I have a beautiful peace

I have a beautiful peace Lilly that sits on our dining table. It's green and very healthy looking, new leaves that are nice and shiny. The only problem is that there is a kind of MOSS or MOULD sitting on top of the soil. I haven't watered it for a month or so. The pot has large pebbles in the bottom for drainage (no drainage hole in the pot) and has been potted with potting mix. It's approx 2 years old.
Can this mould be dangerous for your health or is this normal for a Peace Lilly? Thanks In advance

Hi Lowra. We recommend that

Hi Lowra.
We recommend that you transplant you lily into a pot with drainage holes. The water needs to flow freely when you water and not collect in the bottom of the pot. You can scrape the mold off the top of the soil and replace it with fresh soil. You can also spray the top of the soil with vinegar. Mix 3 tablespoons of vinegar into a gallon of water.

Perfect! Thanks so much. Just

Perfect! Thanks so much.
Just have to work out how to drill a hole in my pot?
Thank you

I just recently bought a

I just recently bought a peace lily that had so
Many flowers and fresh blooms and I put her in the most
Perfect place.. Or so I thought. A few days later
My two year old ripped every flower off while I was cooking dinner!!!! What do I do? Will the flowers ever grow back? And how long until then?

The blooms will come back.

The blooms will come back. It's usually a month or so btw blooms. At least, that's how it is for mine... Good luck!

I have had a peace lily for

I have had a peace lily for about 15 years it is in a large pot 2 ft high and recently started to grow long brown stalks some are straight some hang over the edge the plant is full of sticky sap under the leaves it looks like it is seeping(Leaking).It has many flowers but they never open they turn almost cream color then die off what do you think is happening

The lilies are sometimes

The lilies are sometimes susceptible to pests like aphids and mites. A sticky, slimy discharge and wilting leaves and flowers may be a sign that you have an insect pest.
Take the lily outdoors and spray it with a strong jet of water. Then spray the plant with insecticidal soap.

I have 2 Umbrella plants that

I have 2 Umbrella plants that were planted in lava rock,so they just sit in water.(doing great)I bought a Peace Lilly
for I was told it could be removed from the pot and just sit in water. Is this not the case? Thank you

Peace Lilies should never

Peace Lilies should never stand in water nor soggy soil. Get it out of the water and into potting soil.  

Hello! I have to small peace


I have to small peace lily plants that have been in my bedroom for about a year - They are both healthy and doing well!

I think they are starting to get bigger and need to be repotted in a slightly larger pot, is it okay to pot them together? Or should they stay separate?

Also, it's end of summer (not spring) so I'm also wondering if it's an okay time to repot them.

I plan to use all purpose soil and a pot with holes for drainage.


jkhhhhWhen your plant’s roots

jkhhhhWhen your plant’s roots show or your peace lily seems to be drinking up all its water within a few days, re-pot into a larger container. Your plant may need to be gradually moved into larger and larger containers, but generally peace lilies won’t need to go into a pot larger than 10 inches. - See more at:

Only repot the peace lilies

Only repot the peace lilies if you see roots growing out of the bottom of the pot or the plant starts pushing out of the soil on the top. They like to be rootbound. When you transplant plant them into slightly bigger pots and don't plant the two lilies in one pot.
Spring is the best time to transplant.

Hi, I've had my peace lilly

Hi, I've had my peace lilly for over a year now and today I noticed these little bumps (kinds of like pimples) all over the stalks and leaves. I also noticed ants ALL over. Is this related somehow? How can I get rid of the bumps? Thank you so much!

It sounds like your peace

It sounds like your peace lily may be infested with scales. Try several applications of insecticidal soap or horticultural oil. We have also heard of spraying the leaves and stem with a diluted coffee solution for treatment.

Dear Almanac,I've recently

Dear Almanac,

I've recently purchased four magnificent quite large peace lily plants for indoors. A few days ago I developed allergic symptoms (itchy eyes, runny nose). Thinking the abundant pollen was the primary source, I carefully removed every spadix.

At the moment pollen remains in the room, so I'm not certain this has solved the issue, but it is better without Zyrtec spadix-less than on Zyrtec with them.

What say you? Any harm to the plant by this action?
Thank you!

Assuming that you are taking

Assuming that you are taking the Zyrtec and not feeding it to the plant, it doesn't seem like your consumption of allergy meds would hurt the plant.

they meant the spadix

they meant the spadix removial

My Peace Lily is over 18

My Peace Lily is over 18 years old. It is very sentimental as it was a gift at my brother's funeral and given by my now deceased grandmother. Ever since I repotted it, it has not done well. I believe I did put it in a too-big pot but it also gets brown tipped leaves and it is in a northwest facing corner with NO direct light. It hasn't bloomed in many years either. Can anyone tell me what to do other than replant it in a smaller pot? (I will do this soon) As of right now the soil in the pot is very wet but usually it is not. I'm at a loss, please help!

I am at a loss, but here's a

I am at a loss, but here's a suggestion. We got a peace lily from my mother-in-law's funeral. It refused to do well. I moved it to our bathroom, and it is flourishing like a champ!! I don't know if it's the indirect light (frosted windows), or if it's the humidity from the daily showers... All I know is it worked! Hope it works for you!!

My peace lily is drooping.

My peace lily is drooping. We have had it for a year and a half and not replanted it. At our old house, it did fine - it had indirect sunlight, the right watering. I had to leave it with my in-laws for a few months due to our out of state move. It returned rather depressed looking. Our house gets a lot of light and the rooms that have the best amount of space for a plant tend to be rather sunny rooms. I put it up on the balcony where it is out of all direct light (we have 3 dormer windows so the whole living room with balcony overlooking is bright, but the plant is not in direct light from a window...) Replanting is on the list to try, but it is mid-summer and we are getting some nice of new growth in the center of the plant. I am thinking of moving it. Bathroom is out as there are no windows in them, there are two bedrooms I can try as they only get morning light. Also, we haven't had flowers on it in about 10 months to a year. All that said, I see that winter is the next best time to re-pot the plant but how do I go about that? Do I just pull it out of the old pot, break up the roots a bit, and put it in a larger pot with new soil or do a whole change out and if so - how? I have never re-potted a plant that way. Any other advise would be most appreciated. Thanks!

It's good to repot a Peace

It's good to repot a Peace Lily plant every year or two, especially if you find the roots are crowded. (Slide the pot down to see if the roots are packed). However, Peace Lilies do like to be somewhat root-bound so just choose a pot 2 inches wider in diameter than original pot. Make sure your pot has drainage holes.
Buy a peat-based potting mix that contains perlite (or sand) and composted bark.
Fill your new pot with enough potting mix to raise your plant to the level you desire. Remove your plant from the original pot. (If it is difficult to remove, soak the pot in water for an hour.) Then, place the plant's root ball on surface of the new soil. Fill the sides of the pot, but you do not want to add soil in a way that makes the surface higher than it was before.
Water the plant at the base. Add a bit more soil on the edges if the watering causes it to compact.


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