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The fattest and most scrumptious of all flowers, a rare fusion of fluff and majesty, the peony is now coming into bloom.
–Henry Mitchell, American writer (1923-93)

Peonies are outrageously beautiful in bloom, with lush foliage all summer long. These perennials may live longer than you do—some have been known to thrive for 100 years. The plants require little maintenance as long as they are planted properly and establish themselves; they do not respond well to transplanting.

Peonies take your breath away every spring. They’re hardy to Zone 3 and grow well as far south as Zones 7 and 8. In most of the country, the rules for success are simply full sun and well-drained soil. Peonies even relish cold winters, because they need chilling for bud formation.

Peonies make fine sentinels lining walkways and a lovely low hedge. After its stunning bloom, the peony’s bushy clump of handsome glossy green leaves lasts all summer, and then turns purplish or gold in the fall, as stately and dignified as any shrub.

In mixed borders, peonies bloom with columbines, baptisias, and veronicas, and combine well with irises and roses. Plant white peonies with yellow irises and a froth of forget-me-nots; set off pink peonies with blue Nepeta or violets.

Pink Peony
Photo Credit:
Michele Rose

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  • Grow peonies in deep, fertile, humus-rich, moist soil that drains well.  Soil pH should be neutral.
  • The soil will benefit from the addition of organic material in the planting hole. If the soil is heavy or very sandy, enrich it with compost. Incorporate about 1 cup of bonemeal into the soil. Tamp soil firmly.
  • Peonies are not fussy but choose your location wisely as they resent disturbance. Provide shelter from strong winds. Plant away from trees or shrubs as peonies don’t like to compete for food and moisture. Space them three to four feet apart for good air circulation.
  • Peonies like full sun, and though they can manage with half a day, they bloom best in a sunny spot.
  • Peonies are usually sold as bare-root tubers with three to five eyes, divisions of a three- or four-year-old plant.
  • Plant peonies in the fall: in late September and October in most of the country, and even later in the South. (If you must move an established plant, this is the time.)
  • Peonies should be settled into place before the first hard frost. Spring-planted peonies just don’t do as well, experts agree; they generally lag about a year behind those planted in the fall.
  • Dig a generous-sized hole, about two feet deep and two feet across in well-drained soil in a sunny spot. If the soil is heavy or very sandy, enrich it with compost. Incorporate about one cup of bonemeal into the soil. Tamp it firmly.
  • Set the root so the eyes face upward on top of the firmed soil, placing the root just 2 inches below the soil surface. (In southern states, choose early-blooming varieties, plant them about an inch deep, and provide some shade.)
  • Then backfill the hole, taking care that the soil doesn’t settle and bury the root deeper than 2 inches.
  • Water thoroughly.

Tip: Don’t plant too deep! In most of the country, the peony’s eyes (buds) should be no deeper than 1-½ to 2 inches below the soil line!


Like children, young peonies take time to develop. They usually need a few years to establish themselves, bloom, and grow.

Peonies thrive on benign neglect. Unlike most perennials, they don’t need to be dug and divided.

  • Spare the fertilizer. Work the soil well before you plant, mixing in a little fertilizer, and that should be enough.
  • If your soil is poor, the time to apply fertilizer (bonemeal, compost, or well-rotted manure) is early summer, after the peonies have bloomed and you have deadheaded. Don’t fertilizer more than every few years.
  • Help the stems. If peonies have any structural weakness, it is their stems, which are sometimes not strong enough to support their gigantic blossoms. Consider three-legged metal peony rings that allow the plant to grow through the center of the rings.
  • Deadhead peony blossoms as soon as they begin to fade, cutting to a strong leaf so that the stem doesn’t stick out of the foliage. Cut the foliage to the ground in the fall to avoid any overwintering disease.
  • Don’t smother peonies with mulch. Where cold temperatures are severe, for the first winter after planting you can mulch VERY loosely with pine needles or shredded bark. Remove mulch in the spring.


Peonies are generally very hardy. They are prone to Verticillium wilt, ringspot virus, tip blight, stem rot, Botrytis blight, left blotch, Japanese beetle, and nematodes.

Many gardeners wonder why so many ants crawl on the peony buds. They are eating nectar in exchange for attacking bud-eating pests. Never spray the ants; they’re helping you nurture peonies to bloom.


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Our parents will soon be

Our parents will soon be moving from the family home. We would like to keep some of the peonies that have been in the garden for many, many years. Is it possible to transfer them from Pennsylvania to south Georgia this time of year and if so, should I plant them immediately? We are in ZONE eight...unfortunately our winters are usually very mild. Will this adversely affect their growing ability?
Thanks for any advice you can share with me.

Peonies need cold weather

Peonies need cold weather during the winter and most varieties require at least 30 consecutive days of below freezing temperatures. Zone 8 is at the very edge where peonies will bloom successfully so transplanting is a bit of an challenge. Peonies are best transplanted in the fall or early spring. If you must move the peonies now (if your ground is not frozen solid in PA) dig up the plant carefully so that you don't disturb the roots and get as much soil as you can with the rootball. Plant the peonies as soon as you can in their new location.

We live in North La, close to

We live in North La, close to Shreveport and my Mother has been growing peonies for over 10 years. She has about 5 different plants, divides them among friends nearly every year and they bloom out of this world! People can't believe how pretty they are and that they're grown around here. She even gives her Florist friend flowers for weddings sometimes. When our winters are mild, she pours buckets of ice over them several times to make them cold. Hope this helps in GA. Enjoy!

Thank you. The ice is a very

Thank you. The ice is a very good idea. I've grown beautiful ones in the past 21 years but I am trying to get other VF plants to add to my garden.

I recently bought some

I recently bought some peonies at the Hermitage in Tennessee. They are in open plastic bags with wood shavings. What is the best way to keep these until I can plant them. Is putting them in a pot recommended?

Leave the peonies in the wood

Leave the peonies in the wood shavings and store the bags in a cool, dark place that is safe from freezing. Make sure there are some holes in the plastic bag for air circulation. Mist the wood shavings with water a couple of times during the winter.

I planted a peony in a spot

I planted a peony in a spot that gets afternoon sun. Live in Eastern NC. It bloomed fine first and second year but each year since it grows foliage but does not bloom. After reading some of the above comments I realize that it needs bone meal not regular fertilizer. Could that be the reason it isn't blooming any more??

If you live in NC, another

If you live in NC, another consideration is whether you are getting enough "chill" hours for this type of plant. Peonies require winter cold to flower. See more from your local cooperative extension:

I bought my peony tubers from

I bought my peony tubers from Wal-Mart about ten years ago on clearance (getting late in the fall) didn't really know what I was doing planted them as per directions. When first planted I had three different colors a dark pink, a lighter pink, and a white they have done supriseingly well with little or no maintaince. My only complaint is now I don't have the different colors they are all the same pale pink still very showy but wish they were of different color my question is this normal will most plants cross and become the same color is there something I can do to make the color more deeper? My granddaughter wants some of them so have been thinking about trying to devide them.

The bloom of a peony will not

The bloom of a peony will not change color, however, new seedlings each season may bloom a different color. These seedlings are NOT the parent plant. Look closely at the base of your plant and you may see that the new color of flowers is coming from a stem that's separate from the original base plant. It is hard to say what will happen. The new seeds may be stronger than the parent plant and take over its look so you can always pull "volunteer" plants.

Are there any peonies that

Are there any peonies that bloom as late as August?

Sorry, peonies are an early

Sorry, peonies are an early spring plant and like the cool conditions. However, if you are looking for the flowers for an event, there is an Alaskan peony growing association which has a late bloom period and provides fresh flowers for a price.

I live in Southern

I live in Southern California, we do get a light frost every year. our soil is compacted, so this year I placed my peonies in pots, I will be repotting them into very large pots, where they will stay. my question is, although its says Peonies like sun, I have noticed that is not always true with California sun. would a partly sunny position be a better choice for them?

Full sun to partial shade is

Full sun to partial shade is fine. The bigger issue is that peonies like a winter chill; they need a minimum of 400 winter hours under 40°F. Perhaps you have a variety that is less cold needy?

I bought a peony plant from a

I bought a peony plant from a local nursery back in May. I immediately put it in the ground (in a sunny location). It has recently (late August) developed large black spots on the leaves and the leaves are falling off. I thought it was dying due to fall coming on, but now I read that it shouldn't be doing that. Should I go ahead and cut it down, and how far down do you cut it back? Do you think it will come back out in the spring?

Your plant most likely has

Your plant most likely has Botrytis. You should remove any infected stems, buds, and leaves and discard in the trash or burn them, even if you have to cut the whole thing down to do it.  Many people routinely cut their peonies down to the ground not long after blooming so that would be an easy way to handle it. As long as the plant is established, you'll have a flowery peony in the spring. Don't let the infected leaves die back into the soil or leave them anywhere on the ground. Don't put them in the compost.

I've found some heirloom

I've found some heirloom peonies at our house that I would like to save (I am 100% positive they are very old), but I need to move them. I've been moving a lot of plants around and this spring, a mysterious plant appeared behind some blue flags, in an area from which I had removed a bunch of ferns and moss. It had no flowers, just lots of dark-green leaves. I tried to pull it up, but realized it was attached to tubers. I pulled those out too :( Shortly thereafter, I showed someone the leaves and realized what I had done! I was so disappointed.

It looks like at some point in history, someone poured a line of cement along the edge of the house's foundation, covering the tubers. The cement serves no purpose and is now cracking and breaking off in large chunks; I removed a bunch of broken cement and top soil in an effort to even the ground for a garden. I think that this uncovered the tubers sufficiently to re-stimulate growth.

I just went out there today thinking that there had to be more out there...and I found one! It has 3 tubers going very deep (the ones I pulled out before were about 12" long) and ONE EYE! I'm so excited.

I need to know what to do to make sure it's okay. I've now looked at I re-covered it with soil, careful not to pack it or to make it too deep over the top. I have to move them, though, so I need some NH specific advice on where and how to replant. I know I'm at the right time of year, so I am optimistic at saving this blunder!

What a great find! Yes, you

What a great find! Yes, you can transplant the tubers this fall before the ground freezes. Just follow our planting advice on this page and the peony should reward you with new growth and beautiful blooms next year.

My peony has black stems. Is

My peony has black stems. Is this some type of fungus? What is the remedy?

My peony does'nt have eye

My peony does'nt have eye actually it had before but not I think anymore and looklike brown. Is it root? what can I do?

I have planted peonies in a

I have planted peonies in a very large pot, is this bad?

The leaves have brown tips.

I purchased a Pink Peonies

I purchased a Pink Peonies from Costco and transplanted into a pot. I have never seen the actual flower as there was none on it when I purchased. The foliage seemed healthy for 2 months but now tips of all the leaves are turning all brown. I know you said they do not like to be transplanted but I feel as if it should go into the ground. I will be putting into a planter in my front yard which does get a lot of sun. Any suggestions for me?

Fall is a good time to

Fall is a good time to transplant peonies. Plant the peony in the ground before the ground freezes (if you live in a cold region). It should come back nicely next year and hopefully bloom.

I was wondering when the

I was wondering when the flower pedals fall off, what is left on top is that seeds. There is normally four to a pedal. And if it is seeds when can I take them off and plant them somewhere else?

Yes, those are the seed pods.

Yes, those are the seed pods. When they start to open, you can collect the seeds and store them for replanting.
With peonies, it is not always easy to replant. Ideally, sow the collected seeds right away in pots so they don't dry up. Let them stay moist through autumn and then "chill" in a coldframe in winter just as grown-up peonies must chill. Sometimes it takes a second year to start growing.

My new peonie bush planted

My new peonie bush planted this spring has white scale over leaves n stems. What should I do n can it be saved!

You may have powderly mildew

You may have powderly mildew which is not uncommon and not life-threatening. Pick it off and spray a fungicide next spring.

I recently moved into a place

I recently moved into a place that had peonies planted in the yard and were getting mowed over. I dug them up today and they seemed very very thick. some of the roots were apx 3" in diameter. i have transplanted them into different places in the garden that will not get mowed, my question is, should I fertilize them to ensure that they grow back? should i just wait and see. I would like to minimize the stress to them, but am probably going to have to dig them back up and add some mulch as the soil is very dense and lacks humus. Any help will be appreciated, this is my first peony.

Compost is ample. When you

Compost is ample. When you transplant peonies (in the fall), it's best to prepare the soil with compost or well-aged manutre, working it in and loosening the soil down to 18 inches. Peonies really do not like to be transplanted. You may find that they do not bloom for 2 to 3 years. Moving them twice is not a good recipe for success. If you didn't plant them too deep (the buds on the roots should be no deeper than 2 inches) and they are in a good location with sun, you may wish to keep them there.

Have had my 2 bushes for

Have had my 2 bushes for years....this year the leaves on one began curling, then stems on it turned black, no flowers at all. Been cutting off the bad stuff, now see a white substance on what is left. Any suggestions?

Your plant may have blight or

Your plant may have blight or something called white mold. Remove and destroy all infected parts and dig up the roots. If the roots look OK you can plant them in a different spot in your garden.

quite watering, apply

quite watering, apply diatomaceous earth and use an organic blend low in nitrogen, high in P and K. We have a 4-10-9 especially formulated for peonies in Alaska, the number one producing Peony state. Use a product high in micro nutrients. avoid fungicides, and overwatering.

I live in Juneau AK and

I live in Juneau AK and bought a bag of peonies from Costco, the bag says to plant them March-May. If I do that will it take till next spring before they grow/bloom? Maybe I should wait till Fall? Not sure why it would suggest March-May when everywhere I've read says Fall is best.

I have two peony plants and

I have two peony plants and one blooms and the other doesn't. They are planted in two different spots. Do I need a second one for the one to bloom? The one blooms every year but not the other one. Please advise. Thks

No blooms is usually caused

No blooms is usually caused by insufficient light or improper planting. Does the peony that doesn't bloom get as much sun as the blooming one? Also make sure that the roots are not planted too deep. They should be no more than two inches below the soil surface.

is it possible for peony to

is it possible for peony to grow in Philippines???

I have 4 lovely deep fusia

I have 4 lovely deep fusia peonies in my west facing shady garden. They seem to love it there. This spring while at out summer trailer, I found a peony root that someone had discarded last fall. It had landed upside down and this spring it sent up stems that wrapped around the root ball. I retrieved it and brought it home. It seemed to be growing well so I planted it just the way it was and it seems to be xoing well. Perhaps ir will bloom next year.

How can I strengthen the

How can I strengthen the stems of my peonies? They have thrived where they are and I found wire cages to use to help the flowers be seen rather than falling over due to the weight of the bloom, but I see in your pics that the stems seem strong enough to support the blooms without help. Is there a way to help this? Thanks.

The peony in this photo

The peony in this photo (which was actually taken by me, one of your Almanac editors, in my garden) was indeed supported by a commercial hoop. You just can't see it in the photo. Most peonies need support to prevent the stems from flopping under the weight of their flowers. 

I live on the island of

I live on the island of Oahu..I realize that they need winter ..but would it still grow without it?

Peonies do not thrive in zone

Peonies do not thrive in zone 11 (Hawaii). They require a cold treatment period to thrive.

As noted, zone 11 is not good

As noted, zone 11 is not good for peonies. But I did have one in the San Francisco area, and every winter I'd empty a tray of ice cubes on it. That was enough to get it to bloom....

I found out that you should

I found out that you should cut down peones plants in the fall. It is the middle of July in Virginia and I just cut down all of my peonies. Will they survive?

In 2007 I carried peonies in

In 2007 I carried peonies in my wedding bouquet so a friend gave me a peony plant as a keep sake. It bloomed for the first time this year (20013). My friend also planted one in her garden but hers has never flowered. I would love to plant another - the one I have is red and my favourites are pink - how long does it usually take for a plant to bloom? What can I do to help a new plant flower earlier than 6 years?! I live in the South East of England. Usually quite mild although we have had a very, very wet Spring this year. Thank you.

In the late spring, I

In the late spring, I purchased 2 peonies already in pots at Home Depot in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Can I leave them in their containers throughout the late fall and cold winter here? Or, I can plant them in the fall. Let me know, as the article mentioned they do not do well in transplanting??? 7/2013

In September, cut down the

In September, cut down the peony stems. Then dig a hole large enough to accommodate each peony’s root system and about 3 feet apart. Choose a spot in full sun and prepare the soil with compost or well-rotted manure. Water after transplanting.
Good luck!

Hi, Thanks for the great


Thanks for the great article! I've recently decided to plant my favourite flower just outside my bedroom window. It will have to live in a pot of some kind, nailed to the wall. I will make sure it is atleast 2 by 2 ft in length, and debth. However, there's a gust that blows through the "alley"-like area during the rare winter storms. Is there any way I could shield the peonies from it? Also, would ants crawl into my room?

Thank you.

Ps. I live in Strand, Western Cape, South Africa and my the sun rarely reaches beyond my window and only does so in the morning-early afternoon. Would they be fine without full day sun (particularly in the winter; in the summer there is plenty of sun)?

We'd recommend that you

We'd recommend that you consult a local nursery to make sure that peonies would do well in your area. In some parts of South Africa, we've read reports that it is too hot for them (recommended that they reach no more than 120 days of temperatures above 86 degrees Fahrenheit [30 Celsius]), and that they won't receive enough cold to encourage a period of rest over winter, flowering the next year, and overall vigor. If the plant doesn't go dormant for a while, it weakens the plant, and they won't last as long. (Looking at average temperatures for Strand, it seems that the heat might be OK, but it probably won't get cold enough to cause the plant to go dormant.)

Tree peonies especially need wind protection; they grow in USDA hardiness zones 4 to 8 (-30F to 20F, or -34.4C to -6.7C minimum winter temperature). Herbaceous peonies grow in Zones 3 to 8 (-40F to 20F, or -40C to -6.7C).

If you do decide to grow them, keep in mind that these plants are large (about 3 to 5 feet, depending on type), usually require staking, and need a large pot (2 feet in diameter would be fine, as long as the depth is 18 inches or more); make sure that your wall can accommodate the weight. For a wind break, you might try a row cover, burlap, or other mesh fabric that allows light to pass through, and stake that on the side(s) of the pot from which the wind blows.

Peonies require about 6 hours of sun per day; part shade is fine.

Ants (at least, the type that are interested in the peonies) shouldn't come in the window, unless they find a source of food (such as sugars). They are gathering the nectar on the peonies, so will be focused on the flowers.

please tell me how many times

please tell me how many times peony can flower im a novice gardener for me mum the plant was planted some years ago large pink buds so lovely but hard rain batterd them i have not cut stems from buds as im not sure please advise many thanks

Peonies usually bloom late

Peonies usually bloom late spring to early summer. If you cut off the spent flowers you will sometimes get more blooms. In the fall cut off the brown stems and leaves.

My parents are moving, and so

My parents are moving, and so they sent me 2 pots of my great-grandmother's peonies. The poor things did not enjoy their move, what should I do to increase survival chances until I transplant them in the fall?

The leaves on my peonie

The leaves on my peonie plant, which I received as a gift on Mother's Day, are wilted. The plant bloomed and I cut off the flowers. It gets plenty of sun and water, and other then the wilted looking leaves looks healthy. Can you tell me what the problem might be?

Are you seeing patches of

Are you seeing patches of dead brown tissue with the wilting leaves? If so, you have peony wilt -- a Botrytis infection -- which occurs because of wet conditions. Cut off the damaged stem below the affected area and hope that you've got the infection away. If it spreads, you need to remove the plant. Spray with a fungicide and try and keep the foliage dry by not watering overhead. If the leaves are still green and not brown, then perhaps you just need to water! Keep new peonies well watered.

Thanks for the help. After I

Thanks for the help. After I wrote you I went outside and noticed some of the leaves were brown and other all dried up. I cut off all the dead leaves and branches and will hope it recovers. Thank you again!

My moms planted Peonies in

My moms planted Peonies in 1958 at our summer home in Prides Crossing,Mass.The same lovely bushes greet us every May when we come back for a summer along the coast. There are double whites and double deep pink. Both extremely fragrant. I split one in 2006 and it was not happy and started blooming againg this year. So it was very upset for 7 years. Don't move them if they are happy!!!

The front of my house faces

The front of my house faces east and I have tried unsuccessfully to find plants that like that setting. Even my Virginia Creeper failed! I noticed that some of my neighbours have peonies tho' and they seem to be okay, but our road curves and so their homes actually face more southeast. Can my peonies survive a purely east exposure? I live in cold dry Calgary Alberta.

Yes, peonies grow well in

Yes, peonies grow well in Calgary. They should be sheltered from drying winds; an eastern exposure close to a building is ideal.

I live in the Dallas area and

I live in the Dallas area and we are building a new home. I'm trying to plan my gardens and I would love to plant some peonies. I know ants love peonies but we have a problem with fire ants around the area and I don't want to attract more. Will the peonies attract the fire ants the same way they do the black ants?

We haven't heard about

We haven't heard about peonies attracting fire ants. The ants that like peonies are really just eating their sweet nectar, not the peony. Fire ants tend to eat/live off of dead insects.

I have just purchased new

I have just purchased new plants and wanted to plant in the same bed I have used for peonies before. I will move the old plants. I was told never to plant new peonies without removing all the old soil. Is this an old wives tale?

Amend the soil with compost

Amend the soil with compost and plant your new peonies in the "old" soil. No need to remove the soil.

Exactly what are the best

Exactly what are the best ranges for soil minerals, etc?
Nitrogen ___ to ___
Potassium ____ to ____
Phosphorus ____ to ____
Iron ____ to ____
Moisture ____ to ____

If roots are not supposed to

If roots are not supposed to be more than 2-2 1/2" below top of ground, why do I have to dig a 2 foot deep hole?

By digging down about 2 feet

By digging down about 2 feet you will loosen the soil for better drainage. Plus, you will also be able to mix in compost and bonemeal to help the peonies thrive.

I have a very pretty deep

I have a very pretty deep pink peony from a small root I planted about seven years ago. Pretty well every year it comes up and I get three blooms - which I absolutely love. Will the peony plant ever have more than three, or is that the size it will stay?

Add some compost and bonemeal

Add some compost and bonemeal to the soil to encourage new growth. Also make sure the plant gets enough sun.

My red peony is at least 30

My red peony is at least 30 years old, probably much older, and only has made one stalk the past few years. My dad was visiting and was cutting weeds and ended up cutting the peony stalk, is that the end of my peony or will it survive or regrow this season? I know trimming is supposed to be in the fall, not in late June, and I'm worried about my plant. I live in Zone 5.

Hi, Laura, We've had many

Hi, Laura, We've had many peonies accidentally mowed down and they have grown back. Perhaps some latent buds will send up new shoots. It should come back though. --The OFA editors

I have peonies which were

I have peonies which were originally my grandmother's. My mother transplanted them to her home when my grandparents passed away. When my mother passed away I transplanted them to my home. When I moved four years ago I transplanted them to my new home. Last year I gave my granson in Virginia a start and it bloomed beautifully this summer. So, these peonies have now been handed down to a great grandson.

Wonderful story! Peonies

Wonderful story! Peonies often last several generations.

These peonies are close to

These peonies are close to 100 years old. My mother would be 103 now, I don't know how old my grandmother would be, but I'm 70, so these flowers have to be old.

I have 7 peony plants, which

I have 7 peony plants, which are 2 & 4 years old. They bloomed beautifully this past April/May. I trimmed off all spent blooms, and had gorgeous, shiny, strong foliage. About two weeks ago, I noticed they had a lot of white "powdery" stuff all over the surface. Powdery mildew? It sort of smelled like mildew. I tried spraying, to no avail. It simply overtook the foliage. So yesterday I cut all the plants back to about 8" high. I know you shouldn't cut them until they die back in the fall, but I was afraid the mildew would spread to other nearby plants.
Have I done any permanent or serious damage to the root or the future plants, by not allowing them to get a summer of sun?
Thanks ... I'll just be sick if I've ruined my plants.

Go to this website for

Go to this website for wonderful info:

I've had 2 single petal pink

I've had 2 single petal pink with yellow interior peony
Plants for about 5 years and have been happily rewarded
with gorgeous blooms after the first couple of years planted. I have always cut back the plants to the ground by July because I thought that it would incurage better
Blooms the next year? I haven't done that yet and notice
There are clusters of oblong seeds developing on many stems. I opened one and found a round pea like sticky
seed; some having as many as 3. Can I plant these?
What are these?

These are seeds. Let them dry

These are seeds. Let them dry and then plant in the garden later this summer. Mark the area well. Next year you should have a shoot. It will take 3 to 5 years before the new plant will flower.

I just received bare root

I just received bare root peonies from a plant company (end of June). Should I plant them now or wait until fall. And if waiting, how do I store the bulbs?

We just started. first year,

We just started. first year, only one peony bush sprouted. We thought all the bulbs we planted must have died. This year, they are all coming up. The one that sprouted last year is twice as tall as the rest. We got one flower. When the flower fell apart, we find 5 huge 'pods' at the top of the plant where the flower Was. Are those seeds? Do we plant those? Do we cut them off? Should we prune to the strongest leave now?

Prune your peonies in late

Prune your peonies in late fall or in early spring. The pods on your peony have seeds in them. You can plant them after they are completely dry. It will take 3 to 5 years before these new little plants will bloom.

I needed to know how to

I needed to know how to "transplant peonies" Your planting instructions told me all the details. Thanks H. Lenz in the Lenzelhof

My peony was damaged during a

My peony was damaged during a heavy storm and two of the stems were broken off. I've put them in soil in a pot as they both have buds but will they just die now?

Your best bet is to treat

Your best bet is to treat them as cut flowers. Put them in a vase of water and they will last for about a week.

I planted a white peony about

I planted a white peony about a month ago. It had a beautiful bloom and I cut it after it started fading. There was another bud - but it turned brown. No other buds that I can find. The leaves are a light green, not what I would save a healthy green. It gets watered once a day and is in full sun. I don't think it is thriving. What should I do?

Add some compost and bonemeal

Add some compost and bonemeal to the soil if you haven't already. The soil around the peony may also have settled and buried the root too deep. The root should not be deeper than 2 inches below the surface. You can carefully lift the plant with a spade and add some soil and compost under the root ball to lift it up.

Can peonies bloom again the

Can peonies bloom again the same year if cut back? I was told they could but have never that before. If so how?

Peonies generally bloom for

Peonies generally bloom for about 7 weeks in the spring. In some cases they will bloom again, but not with the vigor of the initial show of color. A "tree peony" can get 2 blooming periods, one early and one a few weeks later; this means you have a grafted tree peony. According to the peony experts, "This is something that should be prevented as it could cause the herbaceous rootstock to flourish at the expense of the tree peony. In this case you should cut back the herbaceous stems emerging from the base and mulch the plant in deeper to promote the tree peony to form it's own roots."

I have heard this is as

I have heard this is as well.

I want to try this, how much should I cut them back to try to get them to bloom again? Where do I place the cuts?

I want to because I bought some itoh peonies that were blooming over the weekend and when they were delivered, all the flowers were done flowering. I deadheaded them but I don't see any other buds.

When/where would the shoots come out again if I cut it back to get it to flower again this season?

I bought 5 small bushes and 1

I bought 5 small bushes and 1 just wouldn't take but the one I need help with is, the leaves just look withered and I water it a bit more than the ones on each side that stand up good. What would be wrong w/it since leaves are just drooping? (I really wanna keep it cuz size matches other 2.

We would need more

We would need more information on the peony. Did the buds turn brown? Take a sample to a local nursery to find out what is going on. Is it possible that you planted this one more deeply? Make sure that the crown (where the "eyes" of the plant emerge from) is no more than 1.5 to 2 inches below the surrounding grade.

My husband is finally going

My husband is finally going to dig me a. new bed just for my peonies.
So I will be transplanting and possibly splitting them in the fall.
I can't tell from the posts if I am also supposed to cut them back or not when you are transplanting/ splitting.
Thanks for your help.

Good news! Make sure your new

Good news! Make sure your new beds get 6 to 8 hours of sunlight and have great drainage. Yes, transplant peonies in the fall to give the roots time to re-establish before winter. September is a good time. Cut the peony stems near ground level. Have the planting holes ready. They should be large enough to comfortably accommodate the plant’s root system.
When ready to transplant, gently dig around and under each plant. Get out as much of the rootball as you can and replant as soon as possible.
Position the peony plant in the hole so the buds are one to two inches below the soil surface. Fill the hole with soil, firming the soil around the plant as you backfill. Then water thoroughly. Space peonies three to four feet apart.
Keep in mind that the transplanted peonies may not bloom as well the first season, but that they will recover nicely.

My peony has had buds the

My peony has had buds the last 2 years jut never grows into a flower 3yrs ago we had flowers
Does it need to be dug up and divided.

My mom always said peonies

My mom always said peonies need ants to help them bloom, no idea if it's true or not but I know one of her neighbors dusted them to get rid of the ants and the buds never opened.

Be sure your pest control in

Be sure your pest control in the area avoids your peony plants by several feet - the plants need those ants!

After peonies bloom can they

After peonies bloom can they be cutback and if so how far.

Cut peonies back in late fall

Cut peonies back in late fall or early spring, before new growth emerges. Cut them as low as possible.

I have a Gertrude light pink

I have a Gertrude light pink peony. This is the second year that the bulbs turn black. Was told that it could be Bothrytis. Could someone help me with what to do..I am in Omaha and it has been a wet cold spring.

I have a plant that was

I have a plant that was bought for me on Mother's Day. And need advice how to plant the whole thing. I know in the full sun but how deep?

Dig a generous-sized hole,

Dig a generous-sized hole, about two feet deep and two feet across in well-drained soil in a sunny spot. If the soil is heavy or very sandy, enrich it with compost. Incorporate about one cup of bonemeal into the soil. Tamp it firmly.
Set the root so the eyes face upward on top of the firmed soil, placing the root just 2 inches below the ground surface. Cover with soil and water.

Good Morning. I live in South

Good Morning.

I live in South Devon. England..we have a fairly neutral soil, no clay but holds together well; we had ( past tense ) a yellow tree peopnie that flourished but got too big for our modest 1/3rd acre garden.
I am quite keen to start a bed of white Peonies - white and have seen one that had huge bloom 12 inches across - large paper-like petals, inclined to be floppy - not a tight bloom. I would be most grateful if any of your readers might know the name of such a large white Peonie? Thank you.

We open our garden to visitors under the British charity .,. The National Garden Schem that can be viewed via their website - just type NGS in a google search. Thanks

'White Wings' is a beautiful,

'White Wings' is a beautiful, white, single peony. See photo at
Hidden Springs Flower Farm has a nice selection of white peonies at

I have healthy peonies in

I have healthy peonies in several locations and they have been glorious for more than 20 years. This spring is all about rain and cold weather over and over, and my peonies have not grown at all, the leaves and miserable buds are shriveled up, and puckered, they look like they have bugs, but there are no visible bugs. Help!

Gray mold or botrytis blight

Gray mold or botrytis blight is a common disease of garden peonies during rainy seasons. The leaves get brown spots and the buds dry up. Fungicides including copper or sulfur can be used. Check with your garden center.

Our peonies are seemingly

Our peonies are seemingly doing very well. My problem is that from one stem we often have 3 or 4 smaller buds branching off about 6" from the crowning bud. They do not all come into flower at the same time, but the weight of the crowning flower does pull it over. I do not remember from years past, whether these buds ultimately opened. I would think it would be better to remove these extra buds to give all the nourishment to the main bud. Will it harm the plant to cut the extra buds at the leaf joint? Or is there a better way to deal with it?

The side buds, if left on the

The side buds, if left on the stem, will eventually flower and extend the bloom time of the peony. Removing all but the terminal bud of each stem will increase the size of the remaining flower. Do this when the buds are still small.

I searched high and low for

I searched high and low for peony plants(love peonies)... Went to lowes one day and there they were (Shirley Temple), the plants were blooming and had buds on them. I brought them home and planted them into large pots, part sun, watered regularly... the existing blooms quickly died as well as the buds. Its been over two months now leaves are green but no signs of blooms to come. What should I do???

Peonies like full sun, rich

Peonies like full sun, rich soil and good drainage. The plants may have suffered transplant shock. If the foliage is fine the plants will be OK. In the fall plant the peonies in a permanent location for blooms next spring. Read our planting tips above.

Okay,thank you so much. Will

Okay,thank you so much. Will move them to an area with full sun and be patient.

We bought a home last year in

We bought a home last year in July and replaced some of the shrubs the previous owner had not knowing what every bush of leaves were we decided to leave this perticular one to see what would bloom this year.. I started to notice the buds forming I've never seen a peony bush before at first I was startled by what it was but could not believe how beautifully they bloom the peony is such a beautiful flower and I have always loved it I am so happy I have a bush growing in my front garden .. My question is can I cut a few stems to place indoor without causing any harm? I've notice that the already blossomed peony are being weighed down dropping down the ground what can I do

Peonies are lovely in a vase.

Peonies are lovely in a vase. It will not hurt the bush to cut some stems and this way you will be able to enjoy these beautiful blooms outside and also inside. It's a good idea to support the peony with stakes and string or a wire cage.

Please don't blast me for

Please don't blast me for this "problem". My peonies are about 5 years old and are outgrowing their bed. Not just width but height also. Consecutive-year pictures show that they are getting progressivly bigger and I'm out of room. Will dividing them stunt them a little height-wise? Or would cutting them back slow them down? Sorry, this really is an issue. They have taken over an entire bed that also is for annuals. Thanks!

You can divide the peonies in

You can divide the peonies in the fall and move them to a new location. It is also good to cut off the foliage in the fall after the leaves have started to turn brown. Cut the stems 3 to 4 inches above ground.

Does the crown looking tips

Does the crown looking tips of the Peonies have seeds in then? Or is this the inside of the flowers.

These are the seed pods and

These are the seed pods and they do have seeds in them. When dry they can be collected and planted. It normally takes 5 to 7 years to grow a flowering peony plant from seed.

I'm just beginning to adorn

I'm just beginning to adorn my rented yard with foliage. I'd love to put some peonies along my garage facing south with full sun, but I'm not sure the dirt is good for growing. I usually dump ashes there from the fire pit.
How do I begin from a cutting? Cut just above the leaves? Then what?
I'm in northern Illinois near the Wisconsin border. Thank you so much!

My peonies are in a

My peonies are in a container, Huge buds that are not opening, why? Thanks

If the buds look healthy they

If the buds look healthy they should open when the time is right. You can cut a bud and bring it indoors to see if it will open quicker.

My one peonie has been in a

My one peonie has been in a full sun bed by our deck, planted around 8 years ago. In the past it has had several blooms each summer. Last year it only had one and this year there are no buds. Where we lived before the soil was somewhat different but I had lots of flowers each year. What am I doing wrong and what can I do to have flowers???? I would appreciate whatever advise you can give. All my other annual flowers, shasta daisies, bushes do well.

Add some compost and bonemeal

Add some compost and bonemeal to the soil if you haven't already. The soil around the peony may also have settled and buried the root too deep. The root should not be deeper than 2 inches below the surface. You can carefully lift the plant with a spade and add some soil and compost under the root ball to lift it up.

Someone stated earlier that

Someone stated earlier that they purchased bulbs during a spring sale. You recommended waiting until fall to plant. I must have been at the same sale! I live in Denver; is there any special care required to preserve the bulbs from now, May, until I can plant then in the fall?

Don't bother with storing the

Don't bother with storing the bulbs. Plant them now. You can plant them in pots and transplant them in the fall or you can plant them in their permanent location. They will not bloom this year. Good luck.

We have waited patiently

We have waited patiently (about 5 years) for our yellow peony to bloom. How do I share a picture of it?

At the end of the blooming

At the end of the blooming season the leaves on my peony plant look like they have a white residue on them. What is this and how can I get rid of it?

It's probably mildew from

It's probably mildew from humid conditions. It isn't pretty but it won't hurt the peony this late in the year. Cut it back and dispose of the leaves. Make sure your peony has good air circulation next year.

About 10 years ago, my wife

About 10 years ago, my wife transplanted a plant from her grandmothers house. In 10 years, we only get 1 flower per year and it hasn't gotten any bigger. Is there a way to grow starts or increase the size of this 1 plant?

The two most common reason

The two most common reason for lack of blooms: 1. Planting at the wrong depth. The buds should only be 1 to 2 inches below the surface of the soil. 2. Too much shade. The peony needs lots of sun (4 to 6 hours a day). Exhausted weak soil is another reason. Excess nitrogen fertilizer is another. Hope this helps!

Hi, can it be grown in the

Hi, can it be grown in the late spring/early summer? I just bought the "on-sale" peonies from Lowes (May). Should I store it for the fall to plan it?

The best time to plant

The best time to plant peonies is early fall. This gives the plant time to establish roots before the winter. You can also plant in spring though it may not bloom as well for the first year or two.

making roots

Can you make roots from the stem of a peony?

Peonies are best propagated

Peonies are best propagated by root divisions. Seeds can also be used but it will take many years before the peony will bloom.

What about the pods that are left after the blooms fall off

Can these be planted? If so what is the process. Thanks

I can't kill my peonies....

My mother had peonies when I was a child (I know they are at least 50 years old since that is when the original gardens were put in.) When my parents died, I moved to their house. To make a long story short, we tore it down and rebuilt on the same land, but in doing so, we needed to move the peonies. In the last 4 years, the original peonies were moved multiple times at all times during spring, summer and fall and all more than successfully. I now 10x the amount of plants. Some of these moves were not kind due to timing or my exhaustion (we moved 100s of other plants too.) In one case, a bulldozer plowed down one of my gardens where they said they were not going to dig. I have one area in the lawn of my yard that keeps on sprouting peonies (since obviously the tuber/crown got broken up.) I keep on thinking I get it all out of the lawn by digging it out and transplanting the tuber, and then the next month/year, up comes some more. Some of the roots have been 2 feet under the ground as I followed the stem. So peonies, from another perspective, can be tougher than you think. It seems I can't kill these things and now I have them in every garden I have, not just a peony bed. Also, some of the roots now they are planted in bigger spaces, are HUGE compared to the original plants I moved.

Another observation. Just by coincidence, I planted my peonies by some hostas I was saving also. The hostas keep the peonies from flopping over even with rain...I don't have to use those ring stakes that drive me crazy in that bed. I have old fashioned peonies, mostly doubles in white, pink and white, dark pink, and a light pink. The dark pinks are the only ones I don't have lots of multiples, but it may have just been which ones had to be moved more times than others. Just my experience.

Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your story! Great tip about planting hostas and peonies together.

Congratulations on being

Congratulations on being surrounded by peonies' fragrance. I also plant shrubs with ground covers and find it nice that your hostas support the flowering peonies. As hostas don't thrive in full sun and peonies prefer full sun, I expect you've obtained a perfect partial shade condition for both. I'll try this on the north side of my house where the northern position of the sun keeps it from getting too shady.

Our neighbor has cut down our

Our neighbor has cut down our peonies for the last 2 years...last year we got beautiful flowers...this year they didn't get a chance to bloom. These peonies are VERY WELL established...this is an older house...we would like to move them away from her driveway area...but are unsure if it would kill them. We live in the Tualatin Valley area of Oregon....Hillsboro.

Can you put up a small fence

Can you put up a small fence around your peonies to protect them? If not, you can transplant the peonies in the fall. Follow the planting suggestions above and make sure that the new spot is in a sunny area.

curling leaves

I split my peony in half this spring and both are growing well, look healthy and have lots of buds, but the leaves are curling toward the center. What should I do? Thanks

It may take the new plants

It may take the new plants some time to adjust to the new location. A sudden change in weather can also cause the leaf curl. Make sure they are in full sun and give the plants some extra water and fertilizer (if you haven't yet). Good luck!

black buds

I just bought a new peony from a local nursery and noticed it has black buds. The rest of the plant looks healthy. What is the problem if any?

The buds have dried up.

The buds have dried up. Sometimes when peonies sit in a container too long they start to suffer. You may not get any blooms this year but your plant should be OK if you planted it in a good spot in your garden.

pulled up great grandmas pionies

My son surprised me and started cleaning up the garden beds as I have been working 50 hours a week. He dug up all of my heirloom peonies and I do not know if I can save them. They had budded but not bloomed and I need advice please? Thank you

Plant them as soon as

Plant them as soon as possible. Hopefully they'll still have enough roots to survive.

stunted peony tree / bush

We have a small peony tree / bush which produces small sparse flowers which never open. I've always had a green thumb with indoor plants, but am lost as far as how to make my outdoor flowering plants thrive (roses too!). any help is appreciated, thanks!

Peony - moving

I have huge old peony I must move. Physically I can manage moving four pieces, with a struggle so I have decided to prepare four large fertilized holes and make the move quickly as soon as water has drained out. Then plant them and fertilize them. I will water the plants and cover them for a few days to retain moisture if it is hot and sunny, wish me luck. 27th April 13.

Already established plants

Planted our Peonies last fall, All have sprouted up nicely, We're in the process of beautifying the surrounding gardens. Is it ok to use landscapers cloth around the plants and bark. Would like all the gardens
to match but am worried about disturbing them very much and i don't want the bark to cause problems with the plants.

Oops...I accidentally cut my shoots

I was weed wacking near my spring shoots of peonies and accidentally cut some shoots off. Will this kill the plant or just stunt them for this season? I hope I have not killed it because it is my only pink plant. :-( Please help!!! I live in lower Michigan and the weather is beginning to change to spring. (Finally)

very old plants

I have some very old established peonies that i was lucky enough to inherit when we purchased our 95 year old house. The neighbor who grew up next door thinks they are at least 60 years old. They are still blooming beautifully but I have noticed the roots are lifting up out of the beds - the roots are black in appearance - should I re-cover with soil? I have 4 large clumps that produce litterally hundreds of flowers every year and I love them!

Cover the roots with soil

Cover the roots with soil mixed with compost. In the fall you may want to dig up the plant and replant it a few inches lower in the soil. Add some compost to the hole before replanting.

If you are going to re-plant

If you are going to re-plant it this fall. May I send you Fed/ex label if you would not mind sending me some roots.
Please let me know at Thank you!

How many blooms?

My plants have two blooms. After I cut off the dead heads, will I get more blooms on the plants until summer?

I don't think so. Peonies are

I don't think so. Peonies are a one-time flowers a year.

New growth, cold temps

We have had some warm weather and my peonies have new growth from 6' to 18" depending on the plant. We are suppose to have 33 degree temps for the next couple of nights. Do I need to cover the new growth to protect them from possible frost or can the new growth tolerate these temps?

peonies and cold snaps

Whether you need to cover your plants or not depends on several factors, such as plant health, location, etc. If the temperatures remain above freezing, it should probably not be a problem, especially if the actual flower buds are not forming yet. However, if you want to play it safe, some gardeners do cover their plants with a row cover, plastic pots, plastic garbage cans, or similar to help with brief cold snaps in spring (do not use clear plastic). With light cold snaps in spring, young leaves may show some cold damage, but they usually recover. If the cold snap is more severe, then the plant may suffer. Tree peonies are more sensitive to cold than herbaceous types. Those plants that have significant new growth may show more damage than plants just emerging.

Separating peonies

My peonies seem to be spreading in the ground in my flower bed. I am curious if they need to be separated at some point. They are planted far enough apart but I notice each year they grow up & bloom further out than the yer before. Not sure if I'm explaining this well enough. Thanks.

If your peonies are spaced

If your peonies are spaced correctly, they don't usually need to be divided for 10 to 15 years. You'll know if they are crowded because they won't bloom well. But if the clump becomes crowded, division of the clump is recommended. You'll have to dig up the plant and separate the tubers.

If the peony are in the bush

If the peony are in the bush form, you can easily cut the the peony clumps into two. In a sense, you have another clump to plant and spread the peony bush into two bushes. If you have a peony tree, don't separate the tree.

peony health

I planted my peonies last fall and they really started growing fast. Went thru the winter well and now a couple are turning purple and one looks wilted. Should I cut them back or leave them alone? I'm in 77856.

Water the peonies and wait to

Water the peonies and wait to see if they will perk up. Peonies need a cold period in the winter and usually die back and go dormant before new growth starts in the spring.


Can you grow them in containers?

Late March Care

I live in Oklahoma and moved into a new house last May. When I got here the flower bed was full of beautiful Peony. This year I've been concerned about what I need to do to get this kind of result again, it is my first time caring for Peony. It is now late March and I noticed when I cleaning out the beds that there are little pink tips poking out of the ground in several spots. I uncovered them of leaves and other debris, should I have? I just don't want to uncover them too early and for them to get too cold or something. Is there anything else I need to do at this point? It's hard for me to believe that these little pink tips will grow into those big beautiful blooming plants that were there last year within a couple of months. Just wondering if this sounds like a normal stage for them to be in at this point in the year. We've had a fairly cold Spring so far. Thanks!

It's normal for peonies to

It's normal for peonies to show some growth in early spring. Spread some organic, all-purpose fertilizer around your plants or top-dress with compost for continued blooms.

Digging up peonies

I am moving from my home and decided I would try to dig up my peonies to take with me. I live in Connecticut. I dug them up, and now wonder how I should store them until I move in a month. Should I just put them in a pot with potting soil or store them loose in a paperbag with peat moss? I know I am taking a chance that they may die.

Store the bulbs in a

Store the bulbs in a container of moist sawdust or sand in a cool dark location. Don't let the bulbs dry out.

Zone 8 California, planting times!

Hi, I bought some bare root Sarah bernhardts, that just recently came into my local store at the beginning of the month (its towards the end of March now!). I wanted to plant them early morning tomorrow, but is this a bad idea? Since they're supposed to be planted in fall! Why would a nursery sell bulbs after the planting season, and what do you suggest I do with them? Will they still be alive by this fall if I decide to plant them this year? Any advice on the best course of a tion would be wonderful! Thanks for your help, I'm still a novice gardener and I aspire towards a full garden of peonies!

Fall is the best time to

Fall is the best time to plant peonies but you can plant them now. Make sure to follow the advice above about planting.

cutting peonies in the sping

This is my first year in a house with peonies in the garden. I didn't know I was supposed to cut them to the ground in the fall. Now it's March. Should I cut now???


Typically, you would cut the peonies down to the ground after a frost. So do it now before the new growth starts for this year. Thanks for your interest in The Old Farmer's Almanac.

not blooming

We have had our peonies in for about 11 yrs. we only get 2-3 blooms on them every spring. There are 3 that never bloom. Is it true that there are male & female peonies and the male does not bloom?

they get lots of sunshine and plenty of water. Thanks for your help' We don't fertilize very often

Thanks for the helpful

Thanks for the helpful tips!
What should I do if I planted them too deep? They've been in the current location for 2 seasons.

You can try to very gently

You can try to very gently lift the tubers with a spade and fill the hole with soil and compost.

Conflicting info on planting time for Peonies

Hi, I just purchased 3 boxes(12 total bulbs) from Sams Club. They are Sarah Bernhardt and Karl rosenfeld, nursery supplier name Van Zyvenden. The instructions are clear and repetitive on the box that they should be planted in the spring after last frost, which is in mid April in my zone 6 (25801 Zip). However, not just the very reliable Almanac, but nearly all of the research I have done strongly suggests they should be planted in the fall. It says they are guaranteed to grow, although I would hate to know what is involved with executing that....was wondering if I should just try it in April, (if so, should i keep the bulbs in the refrigerator until then? its late feb now)or maybe store the bulbs until fall, or.. maybe try to start them now in some large pots and transplant them in the fall? Or should i just cut my losses and just return the unopened boxes for a refund now, and try again in the fall??? Thank you!

peony planting

Bare-root peonies are best planted in the fall because it allows some feeder roots to form, helping the plant to get a good start in spring. Planting bare-root peonies in spring will stress the plants more, and they will take longer to establish. You might try planting them in April, as directed, and pamper them as much as you can to help them get off to a good start. Keep in mind that peonies may take a year or two to start flowering; those that are stressed might take longer. Be sure to plant at the proper depth (so that the eyes are 1/2 to 2 inches deep, but no more)--too deep, and they will not flower. Container-grown peonies can be planted in spring with greater success than bare-root.

If you do want to store the peonies for a bit before planting, you can place them in a cool (around 40 to 45 F), dark, dry area, such as a root cellar. Be sure to keep them above freezing, but not so warm as to encourage sprouting.

Good luck!

Conflicting planting time.

I also bought the bulbs at SAMs Club and followed the directions and planted in the spring. I live in southeast Virginia. The first two years I was very upset they came up but no blooms. I worried I had planted them too deep. Last year they bloomed beautifully. Each plant had about 5 blooms each. I am so excited ....this year the buds are too numerous to count. I am looking forward to fresh cut flowers this Spring. My advise just be patient . Good luck!

My peony has never bloomed it's about 8 years old

My peony is around 8 years old it has never bloomed. I bought it as a bareroot plant and planted it in a shady area because I live in the Central Valley in California we get to 110 degrees in summer. I dug it up in the fall the first season. I planted the peony in a large pot and there it has remained.I have become curious to up-turn the pot to look at the roots. It's mid-January is it safe to examine the condition of my peony.

Success with peonies in

Success with peonies in containers will depend on how large your container is and what winter conditions are like (they need a freezing period).
Peonies have very large root systems and need good drainage. Peonies are also heavy feeders.
When you remove the roots from the pot shake off the soil to find the eyes (buds). If the roots seems to be crowded in the pot you may want to find a bigger container. When replanting the peony place the roots in the soil so that the eyes are 1 to 2 inches below the soil surface. If you plant them any deeper they will not bloom.