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Farmer's Calendar for September 2014

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The Harvest Moon has been praised in literature, movies, and songs. Listen to learn what’s so special about this particular full Moon.

This segment of The Old Farmer’s Almanac Farmer’s Calendar podcast series was written by George Lohmiller and is read by Heidi Stonehill, an Almanac editor.


What is the best time to

By Tammy Reams

What is the best time to casterate a pig

Hi Tammy, The best days to

By Almanac Staff

Hi Tammy, The best days to castrate in October 2014 are: 3, 4, 30, 31. See our best days timetable for the current and next month:

You can find the coming full year in The 2015 Old Farmer's Almanac and we also offer an instant-access digital chart for a small fee here:

Where are the signs today?

By Stephanie Jude

Where are the signs today?

We list the signs for each

By Almanac Staff

We list the signs for each day on our Web site on our calendar page here:

To see when the Moon enters each Zodiac sign for the full year, we sell a complete Astrology Moon's Sign Calendar in our digital store:


By Ben Klebba


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