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2014 All-Seasons Garden Guide Digital Edition

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Now you can access online the complete contents of the Almanac's 2014 All-Seasons Garden Guide.

The Digital Edition offers enhanced features such as:

  • Fast page flipping
  • Zoom for easier reading
  • Search the entire text
  • A clickable Table of Contents that will take you where you want to go
  • Print option for all pages, selected pages, or parts of pages
  • Save an entire issue, or selected pages, to your computer as an Adobe PDF file

It’s back, it’s bigger, and you will agree, it is more beautiful than ever!

No longer in digest format, this beauty is now published in 8.5' x 11', allowing the images to show their true colors!

This useful publication offers a landscape of simple, affordable ideas and expert advice on garden design, ornamentals, edibles, herbs, and houseplants to keep gardeners (of all levels) inspired throughout the year. Vibrant color throughout!

Here's just a sampling of what the 2014 Edition has to offer


  • 2014 Trends: New Pot-and Palate-Pleasing Edibles
  • Do You Know the Mirliton Man? (Do you know what a mirliton is?)
  • Your Top 8 Questions About Edibles...with the 8 best answers


  • Carpet Your Earth
  • Prepare for "New" Pollinators


  • Expert Advice for Constant Color
  • For the Love of Orchids


  • Winner's recipes from the 2013 All-Seasons Garden Guide Zucchini Recipe Contest!

Plus, a reference section which includes a glossary, frosts and growing seasons, and much, much more!

Accessing the Digital All-Seasons Garden Guide
The Digital All-Seasons Garden Guide is only accessed online through a special website you can visit as much as you want. The address for this website and instructions will be sent in by email.  Please be sure to print or save this email and bookmark the website when you first visit.

Item Number: GARDEN
2014 All-Seasons Garden Guide Digital Edition
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Customer Reviews

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I would like to buy the digital version of this book, but in the billing information the country is only Canada or USA. I live in France does this mean that I cannot buy it?

Many thanks

Submitted by

I am trying to buy your garden book ?

Submitted by

The Old Farmer's Almanac Garden Guide magazine (the paper version) can be found at this online link above. This store page only had a link for the digital flip-book version online.

Submitted by

Love the Farmers Almanac .

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Your rating: None Average: 2.5 of 5 (2 votes)

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