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2014 U.S. Long-Range Weather Forecast by Regions

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Since 1792 when George Washington was President, The Old Farmer's Almanac has used a proprietary technique to forecast the general weather for an entire year ahead that is on average 80% accurate! Now you can purchase immediate access to our long-range weather forecasts for all 18 regions of the United States! 

Please note, our long-range weather predictions cover:

  • November 2013 to October 2014
  • Large multistate areas
  • Whether temperature and precipitation will be above or below normal

To find your U.S. long-range weather region, click here to see region map.

See a SAMPLE Long Range Weather Forecast.

All forecasts are delivered as a 3-page printable PDF file.

Farmers and water planning boards regularly use our Long Range Weather Forecasts for planning!

Item Number: 2014-LRWF-PARENT

Note: This digital product is delivered as a PDF file, which may be saved and printed, and requires the free version of Adobe Reader

2014 U.S. Long-Range Weather Forecast by Regions
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Reviews of this Product

Submitted by

I am trying to find out about weather in Florida in December this year - when will the next update be available.

Submitted by

The 2015 Old Farmer's Almanac should hit stores early September (if not before then for our subscribers). Stay tuned!

Submitted by

Am planning mega estate sale in May or June of this year and looking for the best weather weekends to have it. Can you help me?

Submitted by

Our long range weather predictions won't be specific enough for you, however our Customer Weather History tool will show you what has happened in the past for a certain date and zip code over the course of many years. It could help you to determine if rain is 30% or 70% likely and what the average temperature has been.

Submitted by

Going to visit Ohio from sunny Florida Feb 15 to Mar 5th. Still colder than normal? more snow?

Submitted by

You'll have to buy to find out :)

Submitted by

I would like to know what the weather in Las Vegas Nv will be like on March 1, 2014

Thank you!

Submitted by

This long-range forecast is not that specific. 

Submitted by

I am getting married June 13, 2014 in Sheridan Wy.and would like to know if it is going to rain that day.

Submitted by

This long range weather prediction won't give you the exact weather for a specific city on an exact date. What it does well is predict if the weather will be hotter/colder or wetter/drier than average for region of the country over several weeks or months. It is better for farmers and municipal water planning commissions than brides.
Our weather history product says that on June 13 in Sheridan WY from 1967 to 2013 there were 18 occurrances of rain out of 46 days, which means historically there is a 39% chance of rain on your day. There were 11 occurances of thunder on June 13, 1 occurance of hail, 3 occurances of fog, and 0 tornadoes. The average maxium daily temperature for June 13 over the same span of years is 77.3 degrees. 

Submitted by

I would like to know weather conditions to expect for Portland, ORegon area.

Submitted by

It's gonna rain!

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