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Almanac 2014 Gardening Calendar

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Order Your 2014 Gardening Calendar Today!

The Old Farmer's Almanac 2014 Gardening Calendar is beautiful to behold and full of humor and advice. You get green-thumb secrets...gardening wisdom and timely tips...a year-round table that identifies the best days to plant...gorgeous color illustrations and more!

Presented on quality paper and enjoyed by backyard naturalists for more than 30 years.

$9.99 10 7/8" x 16 3/4" (open) 


Item Number: 03OF14CGC
The Old Farmer's Almanac 2014 Gardening Calendar
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Reviews of this Product

Submitted by

Barnes & Nobles were able to order this item. I picked it up in about seven work days. Can't encourage the shipping cost.

Submitted by

For those complaining about the shipping charges, please keep in mind that the larger "stores" like Amazon, etc. are horribly abusive to employees, tax evaders, and all around terrible companies. I'm more than willing to pay a few more dollars to support a decent company like the Farmer's Almanac!

Submitted by

Larger companies are known to do the things you listed but that has nothing to do with making money off the shipping fees. Making the calendar a few bucks more instead of trying to recover money with shipping is the decent way to do it.

A lot of us have small online stores and we are well aware it would probably be about 2-3 dollars to ship this item. Factor in a 2 dollar handling fee and that's still only 4-5 dollars, not 7 or 8. USPS also has Media Mail and commercial rates through various 3rd party providers which is even cheaper. Also the automatic subscription thing for the collectors addition is confusing and made me opt out of purchasing.

Submitted by

I agree with several of the other comments. This shipping charge is too high. I love this calendar, but I searched for it locally before I ordered. Next year I'll try Amazon. This is the only company that I was charged for shipping of all my online orders.

Submitted by

I would be buying often, if it were not for the shipping charge. Most companies do not charge. We did all our shopping on line, without shipping charges, this holiday. WGL

Submitted by

I agree with the previous comment about high shipping cost. Right now you can buy this calendar on Amazon for $6.73 and you can get free shipping if you combine it with other order(s) totaling $35.

Submitted by

I received The Old Farmer's Almanac Gardening 2013 calendar compliment of Paralyzed Veterans of America and love it! I am ordering more a gifts for family and friends. Anyone interested in gardening will love this calendar

Submitted by

I love old farmers almanac and can't wait to get the new 2013's almanac.the moon phases are great for finding out when it's best tp plant or trasplant your plants.they are awesome.

Submitted by

So excited to see what 2013's almanac.

Submitted by

Have not seen it yet.want to but one or two of them.H

Submitted by

Get one every year for my daughter's birthday. She loves it as she has a big garden every year.A lot of helpful hints, well received

Submitted by

i love this almanac i go by what it says

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