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Award-Winning Fun!

Kids can’t put them down! Parents can’t wait to pick them up! Teachers give the Almanac for Kids high marks!

Almanac for Kids, Volume 6
ALL-NEW and packed with more fun than ever! Keep youngsters entertained for hours with fun facts, fascinating stories, and easy (and educational!) projects and activities! 192 Pages. Paperback.

Almanac for Kids, Volume 5
All of the activites and topics in the best-selling book are specially selected and developed for kids including: How to Tell Time by the Stars; Grow a Storybook Garden; Make an Oatmeal Sculpture; Tavel to the South Pole; Venus, Our Beautiful But Deadly Sister; Party with the Plants; Twisted Tales of the World's Oldest Snack; 192 Pages. Paperback.

Almanac for Kids, Volume 4
Honored with five International Book Awards—Best Children’s Book Series, Best Children’s Educational, Best Children’s Nonfiction, Best Young Adult Educational, and Best Young Adult Nonfiction. 192 Pages. Paperback.

Almanac for Kids, Volume 3
Wacky facts, quirky stories and fun activities make up this edition from the editors of The Old Farmer's Almanac. In these colorfully illustrated pages you will learn how to create paper snowflakes, match Moons with Moon names, and grow plants under glass. 192 Pages. Paperback.

Almanac for Kids, Volume 2
Full-color pages loaded with fun activities (assemble a time capsule, make a "dirt cake"), fun facts (Smokey Bear received so much mail he was given his own zip code), mind-manglers (what happens when it rains cats and dogs?), feature stories about farm animals and much, much more! 192 Pages. Paperback.

Volume 1 CD-ROM
Containing the complete 192-page book, linked by chapter title to the Activity Guide, which offers more than 130 ways to extend fun and learning beyond the page. Here's some of what's inside: how to hypnotize a frog, the human lightning rod, stories behind superstitions, hiccup cures, tongue twisters, and how to have birds eating out of your hand.

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The Almanac Kid's Collection
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